eye make-up A look is one of the main weapons of a woman. A mysterious look from under the eyelashes can drive any man crazy. Makeup for the eyes is a time-tested way of creating just such a fascinating look. And you need very little for this - something that is always found in your cosmetic bag. To make a beautiful and fashionable eye makeup, it does not have to be a professional make-up artist. It is enough to know just a few simple rules for its application.

Preparation of eyelids

First of all, it is necessary to prepare skin for eyelidscausing the makeup. Before starting make-up, wash your face with your usual cleanser. Then apply a moisturizer for the eyelids. In doing so, make a small massage of the eyelids, gently driving the cream into the skin, so you prevent swelling. Remove excess cream with a soft cloth.

Eyebrow Correction

Next, pay attention to the eyebrows. Almost all professional make-up artists start make-up with eyebrows, and some even argue that to make a fashionable eye makeup, enough to make up and comb your eyebrows and lightly touch the eyelashes with mascara. If there are a few extra hairs, remove them with tweezers. In this season the actual eyebrows are natural and broad, but nevertheless, neat and feminine. Eyebrows must be emphasized. Use a special eye shadow or eyebrow pencil for this. Choose a color based on the natural color of the hair. But remember that makeup artists categorically do not recommend black eye shadow and eyebrow pencil, even if you have black resin eyebrows. In their opinion, you will look like the hero of silent movies. Therefore, choosing the color of the eye shadow or eyebrow pencil, you can use this trick: the eyebrow color should be darker by one or two tones for blonde women, and one tone lighter for dark-haired women. Using a brush or pencil, apply light, neat strokes between the hairs. Then comb the eyebrows with a special brush and apply with a fixing gel. To date, many cosmetic companies offer special fixing gels with a coloring pigment, with which you can easily and quickly immediately make up your eyebrows, and give them the right shape. make-up for the eyes

Paint application

So that the eyeliner does not flow, and the shadows do not fall off,it is necessary to use the base or foundation for the eyelids. Thanks to the foundation, the eye makeup turns out to be persistent and even at the end of the day looks still bright, as if it had just been applied. The base under the shadows perfectly aligns the skin tone of the eyelids due to the light toning effect. The base under the shade should be applied approximately 10 minutes after you have applied the eye cream, because the base dries the skin quite strongly. Apply the base under the shadows with a brush. Take a little base on the brush and gently apply it on the upper eyelid, shading the eyebrows and lower eyelid, directing the brush from the bridge of the nose to the temple. If the layer turned out to be too thick, remove the excess base, gently wetting the eyelid with a sponge.

Applying Shadows

The next step is applying eye shadow. To date, produce compact shadows, gel, and also in the form of a pencil. Dry compact shadows are better to apply not attached to them applicator, and a natural brush with a rounded end. Gel, cream shadows and pencil shadows are better to apply and shade with your fingers. Compact shadows often consist of several shades that make up one color palette for eye makeup. Light a shade of a palette put on a blepharon, having grasped a little podbrovnogo spaces. Medium shade cover the central part of the century and shade towards the temple. Take a brush with a bevelled edge and apply the darkest shade along the line of eyelash growth. And the lightest shade of the palette will reveal the inner corners of the eyes and the superciliary arches. So you make the look fresh and open. If there is no such shade in the palette, make light accents with the help of a highlighter. Another classic version of make-up with the use of two shades of the shadow palette: the darkest shade of shadows is applied to the mobile eyelid, raising the line slightly upward, a light shade should be placed under the eyebrow. In any case, when applying shadows, do not forget to carefully shade them. The boundaries between the shades should be smooth, otherwise, the makeup will look gross and vulgar.

Application of mascara

The final touch of eye makeup is applying mascara toeyelashes. Moreover, no fashionable make-up of this season can not do without the carcass. Before you dye your eyelashes, you can twist them with curling irons. Twirled eyelashes will make the eyes more expressive and more. Clamp eyelashes forceps follows the base of their growth. Many makeup artists advise using simultaneously two carcasses, for example, voluminous and twirling. When dyeing eyelashes with mascara, keep the brush parallel to the eyelashes. Movements should be zigzag (so you avoid the formation of lumps) and in the direction from the roots to the tips. After that, slightly cover your eyes and paint the tips, paying special attention to the outer corners of the eyes. fashionable eye makeup

Fashion Trends

The above rules will help you lookflawlessly always and everywhere. But if you are a fan of fashion and strictly follow its trends, take note of small tricks that will help you create not just a beautiful and neat, but also fashionable make-up.

  • Shadows

By the way, fashionable eye makeup this season is simpleIt is inconceivable without shadows of brown, pearl gray (especially smoky, ashy and silvery) and light green shades. With such shades of shade, makeup "smokey-ayz" will be especially advantageous. Another no less relevant trend - bright shades of eye shadow (blue, green, black), deposited on the lower eyelid. Very fashionable this season and make-up in the style of nude. To do this, apply a brush with a wide brush on the eyelids and powder the eyelashes with mascara.

  • Pencil, eyeliner

Line along the eyelashes can also be emphasizedpencil or eyeliner. Pencil you can apply a thin neat line, cat hands, or, for example, shade it. Fatal hands - a fashion hit of 2013! Especially relevant are clear arrows in retro style, made with liquid eyeliner. Also in fashion and neat black pencil arrows. To emphasize the inner eyelid, use a special soft pencil - kayal. This pencil is created specifically for the inner surface of the eyelid, does not dry its mucous and does not cause irritation.

  • Mascara

Fashionable eye makeup this season is either almostnot painted, or vice versa, very stressed and reminiscent of false eyelashes. Do you want to achieve this effect? Use a special base for mascara. The base for mascara lengthens eyelashes and adds volume to them. By the way, some carcasses are provided with a base, and represent a double-sided tube (on the one hand the base, on the other - ink). Apply the base on the eyelashes, let it dry. After that you can dye eyelashes with mascara. Two layers will be enough. Make effective and fashionable make-up is not difficult. The main thing is to do everything neatly and in moderation. And then it's your view that will be the most bottomless and fascinating. We advise you to read: