correct application of mascara It would seem that in make-up there is nothing easier thantint your eyelashes. What is difficult? She put mascara on cilia, and beauty! But this is not so, even in such a simple case there are secrets. And yet, how correctly to paint eyes with ink? We will talk about this, we will reveal all the secrets.

Choose mascara by function

First you need to decide on the choice of carcass. The market is now littered with a wide variety of offers, but you must choose the one that suits you best. Modern carcasses have long been performing far more than one function, there is a variant 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and even 5 in 1. We will analyze each function in order:

  • Waterproof mascara - for it is not afraid of rain or tears. Its secret is in a special waterproof film.
  • Water soluble - more gentle for the eyes, but with it in the rain will not go, and even if you decide to cry, it will not look very.
  • Extension - can lengthen eyelashes with the help ofpieces of fiber, synthetic or organic origin. But the villi can get into the eye, so these carcasses are less and less common. Modern lengthening carcasses fulfill their function at the expense of a special formula, and also with the help of a brush shape, but more about this later.
  • Volume - this is ink based on wax. It envelops every cilium, because the eyelashes look not glued, fluffy and dense.
  • Twirling - ink, which has a specialbrush. But there is also a chemical method of twisting - this is when the composition includes special resins and keratin, they dry up the eyelashes when they dry out and then twist them.
  • Nutritional or vitaminized - in its compositionincludes additional amounts of melanin, keratins, proteins, UV filter and other additional substances, and it provides cilia with nutrition, protection and care.
  • Mascara for sensitive eyes - everything is veryjust. This mascara, which contains a minimum of preservatives and chemically active substances, it does not irritate the eyes and is suitable for those who use contact lenses.
  • Transparent gel - this ink, which is calledtherapeutic, it has no colorants, but it includes castor oil, keratins, proteins and vitamins. This gel can be used as a basis or used to give accuracy and grooming eyelashes, but only if you are a happy owner of chic eyelashes by nature.

correct application of mascara to the eyelashes

Correct selection of a brush

As you can see, the functions of the carcass are many, and you need onlyonly decide which effect you want to achieve. But nevertheless it is necessary to notice, that huge value has not only structure of ink, but also its brush (bristle). Namely:

  • Solid bristles for fluffy volume.
  • Spiral bristles of different lengths - gives volume and lengthens literally for a couple of movements, when applying carcass such brush should be slightly scrolled.
  • Long bristles - perfectly combs the eyelashes, but it leaves a large amount of carcass that adds volume.
  • Short bristles are very convenient for staining cilia in the corners of the eyes.
  • Brushes, where the bristles are shorter along the edges - a brush that combines the advantages of two. It makes the eyelashes bulky, but neatly stains them in the corners of the eyes.
  • Brushes, where the bristles along the edges are longer or in the form of a figure-eight - gives a bend to the eyelashes.

Now you can safely choose the right mascara. Try not to save in choosing, often cheap "market" mascara is of very questionable quality. Proper carcasses never have a sharp odor. The smell, if any, is natural and light. The therapeutic mascara always smells like something. Be sure to look at the packaging. There should be not only a shelf life (not more than 6-8 months), but the country of the producer, and the type and composition of the carcass. different brushes for applying mascara

Application of mascara to eyelashes

When the choice is already made, it's time to startcoloration. To properly do this, you need to know the first rule - never dye your eyelashes, if there are traces of fat. If you used a cream - be sure to pat the cilia with a tissue. The correct procedure for applying mascara:

  • First, paint the lower eyelashes. Brush should be held vertically, and put ink on the tip itself.
  • We paint the upper lashes. In this case, the brush is held horizontally, and we start from the middle of the century, then you can go to the outer part, and only then to the inner part.
  • Correctly dye eyelashes in the direction from the roots to the tips.
  • Mascara should be applied in 2 divided doses. It is correct to first apply the first layer, and after 2-3 minutes, when it a little dry, - the second.

If after applying mascara your eyelashesglued together, they need to be combed with a special brush until they are dry. If stained with mildew - wipe the skin with a damp cotton swab. When painting very light cilia, you should always apply mascara along the entire length. There are a few more secrets that must be remembered when applying mascara:

  • In order to make the eyelashes look long, the brush should be pulled along the eyelashes, raising the head slightly.
  • If you apply mascara in zigzag movements, it will lie down in a thicker layer and make the eyelashes thicker. But do not overdo it.
  • To emphasize the amygdala shape of the eyes, make the movements slightly oblique and guide them to the temple from the center of the century.
  • The ink lies perfectly flat, if you first comb the eyelashes, and then paint.