Lip augmentation Attractive, plump, seductive womenlips do not leave indifferent any man. As statistics show, the lion's share of plastic surgery falls on the lips and chest, it is these parts of the body that women pay increased attention to. But even if nature has not endowed you with seductive forms, one should not despair.

Gymnastics for the lips

There are many non-operational ways, likevisually increase the lips, make them luxurious and charming. These methods are very simple and accessible to every woman. Selecting only a few minutes a day, you can create a chic image without exerting excessive effort. The first method is gymnastics. Do not be surprised, because you shake the press and do an exercise for the legs. Than the mouth is worse? Regular simple exercises increase the volume of the lips and increase their tone. The main condition here is constancy. Home gymnastics is focused on alternating relaxation and muscle tension. The following movements are suitable for this:

  • closed lips to stretch forward, mouth open slightly and close sharply. After this, the facial muscles need to be relaxed for a few seconds;
  • try closing your lips to draw a "figure eight", both vertical and horizontal;
  • whistle familiar melodies through the lips extended by a tube or simply blow in and blow out silently air.

Exercises are quite simple, they can be done bygo to work if you are traveling in your own car, or at lunch time. The complex should be repeated daily, 10-15 times each exercise. After 2 months, the load can be reduced to 3-4 lessons per week. Visually increase the volume of the lips and massage will help. It is performed by a soft toothbrush twice a day, it is possible in parallel with brushing your teeth. Such massage not only visually increases volume, but also improves blood circulation, and is also a light peeling exfoliating dead skin cells. The procedure can be supplemented with special means: natural honey, peppermint oil or balm with beeswax. All of these tools help increase the volume of your lips. For peeling, a special massage mix is ​​also suitable: sugar, honey, cosmetic petroleum jelly and lemon juice are mixed in equal proportions and applied by pads of fingers. Movements are soft, careful, massaging. Peeling takes 5-8 minutes. exercises to increase the lips

Cosmetic means for eye augmentation

A faithful assistant in the difficult women's battle forbeauty was and there are cosmetic means, the benefit of their assortment is huge. Such methods, although quick, but do not assume a lasting effect, so makeup should be constantly updated. The main thing here is to choose the type of cosmetics suitable for you, which does not cause irritation and allergies. So, the first weapon is brilliance. It includes an irritating component (most often red pepper, menthol or mint), which causes blood flow and makes the mouth brighter and more voluminous. More expensive samples contain light-reflecting particles that increase the lips due to glare and flicker. The advantage of glosses is an instant result with minimal effort. Weapon number 2 - special lipstick. It consists of special moisture-containing substances (like gilauronic acid), which swell and increase the volume. The effect of lipstick is more durable than on shine, but it costs lipstick, respectively, more expensive. To visually increase the volume of the lips, manufacturers offer a solid, liquid, light-reflecting and many other lipstick samples. Of great importance is not only the cosmetic itself, but also the way it is applied. Correctly made makeup helps visually increase the lips and adjust their shape. Remember, the contour should pass in accordance with the natural line of your mouth and nothing else. Significant retreats look unnatural and will not add to your attractiveness. Before using lipstick, apply a tonal cream on the lips, quite a bit. For the effect of voluminous lips, bright colors are better suited. If you still use dark shades, apply a small amount of light shine to the center of the mouth. Matte lipstick visually narrows the mouth. The gloss applied over the lipstick always increases the visual volume. different ways to increase the lips

A little bit about lip hygiene

Lips are an important part of feminine charm,so she should pay due attention and do not forget about hygiene. Remember, beautiful - it's necessarily healthy lips, without cracks, wounds and jaed. Make sure to remove makeup and clean the skin at night. Smeared with honey or petroleum jelly in the evening by the morning will be soft, rested and attractive. If you apply a lip compress from irritating components, its effect should not exceed 2-3 minutes, and the concentration is preferable to a weak one. Compressed lips are not applied to the lips. Remember that lipstick or shine looks good on perfectly smooth, smooth lips, so do not disdain scrubs. They can be purchased in shops or made independently. In pursuit of the volume should not forget about your color. For blondes to visually increase the volume of the lips it is better to use light and dark pink shades. Brunettes should opt for plum or dark red, redheads for coral or brick, and light brown or pink shades for brown-haired women. Remember the moderation and naturalness of makeup. All means are intended only to emphasize and, perhaps, slightly to correct your natural charm and female attractiveness.