beautiful eye makeup On how the girl can make make-up, independs on its image. A sloppy or too provocative makeup can significantly spoil not only the appearance, but also cause dislike of the surrounding people. Therefore, it is so important from early childhood to tell a young fashionista how to properly dye your eyes, teach her both day and evening makeup.

Daytime Eye Makeup

Everyday make-up should look maximallynaturally. Therefore, the color required to select the appropriate. It's best if it's a bodily-brown scale. Also, gentle shades of pastel tones are welcome. Make-up begins with a face cleaning in any familiar way. Before you dye your eyes, you need to apply a base cream. It can be any day cream or eyeliner that does not leave any greasy marks. Remains of the cream should be removed with a napkin. In order to make the eyes expressive, it is necessary to apply a contour along the upper eyelid (water line) along the growth of the eyelashes. Do it best with a special pencil or antimony. For daytime make-up paint only the water line of the upper eyelid, and do it only between the eyelashes. Such a line should, as it were, merge with the eyelashes, this makes the makeup expressive and at the same time natural. In order to keep the make-up all day, nothing was not rolled anywhere and not printed, it is advisable to use a special base under the shade. It is a creamy product, which, most often, has a flesh tinge and thanks to which the shadows and eyeliner look perfect all day. Many girls do not always know how to properly dye their eyes with everyday make-up, whether you need to use shadows. Of course, you can do without them, but with shades of natural shades, the eyes look most natural. Light beige shades without a shimmer (sequins), which are applied to the upper eyelid of the eyes, make the makeup natural and more accurate. Then draw a contour along the growth of the eyelashes with a pencil or liquid eyeliner. And the closer to the eyelashes, the better. eye shadow

How to apply shadows for everyday make-up

How to properly dye your eyes using shadowspastel shades, almost every woman knows. For everyday make-up, they should be applied to the eyes only in a dry manner (without dipping the applicator into the water). At first it is required to make up light shadows on the upper eyelid above the eyelashes, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one. It can be light gray, beige, tender green shadows. Before you paint your eyes with a darker shade, you need to carefully shade a light shade, this will ensure a smooth transition between colors. Then it takes a shade to tone darker, it can be a dark gray or brown color. They need to paint very carefully, just to shade the eye. Dark shade is applied only to the outer corner of the eye, carefully all are shaded using a brush or an applicator. If the upper eyelid hangs over the eyes, it is necessary to dye the dark shadows crease, which is located where the eyeball ends. This slightly lifts the upper eyelid visually.

Completion of makeup

Now it remains only to dye the eyelashes. Mascara for natural make-up should take natural shades. For brunettes - it's black shades, for brownies and blondes - brown colors. To paint mascara it is desirable in one, a maximum in two layers, differently the make up will look unnaturally. Lower eyelashes do not need to be painted, it always makes the eyes puppet. Most girls know how to properly dye their eyes, but not all are able to beautifully emphasize eyebrows. Now there is a lot of money for this purpose. For day-time make-up, powder for eyebrows or a pencil is perfect. If the eyebrows have a beautiful natural shape and color, then you can limit yourself to colorless gel, which will give them a well-groomed appearance. Pencil or powder should be painted with strokes, then a little shade. It should be dyed neatly, without going beyond the natural shape of the eyebrows. eye make-up

evening make-up

Not all girls know how toTo paint eyes for an evening make-up, it seems to them, that the more brightly will be, the more beautifully. In fact, this is not quite true, too bright coloring often looks quite vulgar. Therefore, it is important not to cross this line, do not paint too defiantly. For evening make-up, you can use the same shades of shadows as for daytime. Only apply them in a moist way, using a wet brush or an applicator. This will make the colors more saturated. Also, pearlescent cream shades are appropriate, they are applied to the place where the eyeballs end and the fold begins. This application is especially suitable for almond-shaped eyes. Similar shadows of light shades will look beautiful if you make up the entire upper eyelid. Shadows are supplemented by arrows, which can be wide.

Makeup "Smokey ayz"

Recently, more and morepopularity gets a make-up called "smokey ayz". But not everyone knows how to properly dye the eyes in this way. In fact, it's not so difficult. First of all, you need to paint the water line, both on the upper eyelid and on the lower one. And you need to paint with a special pencil kayal or antimony, ordinary pencils for this purpose will not work. Then the arrow is placed over the upper eyelid. First they lead a line from the inner corner of the eye to the outer one, gradually widening it. Then carefully all shade to create a haze around the eyes. At the next stage, paint dark gray or black shadows, thereby further emphasizing the eyes. Shadows are also applied to the lower eyelid. Under the eyebrow dyed white shadows. For the make-up "smokey ayz" in blue tones, you can dye your eyelashes in the same blue tint. If such make-up was performed in gray-black colors, then it's better to choose the appropriate ink. To be painted correctly is a rather complex science. Therefore, the sooner the girl learns the skill of make-up, the better. It should be remembered that the natural image is pleasing to the eye, it is always a win-win option for all occasions. The less paint on the face, the easier it is to find a common language with others, without causing any conviction. It's easy to be beautiful, but to make an invisible make-up is a real skill.