Secrets of Beauty Youth and beauty are unshakablevalues ​​that every woman wants to preserve. For the sake of "eternal" youth and admiring views of men, the fair sex representatives are ready for a variety of tricks. But do not rush to use radical measures! In this article we will share with you the secrets of the beauty of a woman who, in her 78 years, still looks attractive, cheerful and worthy of admiration. Of course, we are talking about the famous Italian actress and the recognized beauty Sophia Loren. The value of its secrets of preserving youth lies in the fact that they are very simple, accessible and, as we could see, they really help. Thanks to her experience, travel and, of course, her work, she has collected a whole collection of such secrets, and she is always happy to share them with other women. According to the Italian, beauty is not only the ideal proportions, facial features, skin and hair, but something more.

Beauty rules Sophia Loren

The actress is sure that to become irresistible is not so muchit is difficult and possible for any woman. To achieve expressive, bright appearance, you must adhere to only two principles: first, beauty is definitely worth it to fight for it, and secondly, it's all in your hands.

  • Do not be influenced by fashion

Do not buy cosmetic novelties, changewardrobe, hair color or haircut just because it's fashionable. If a fashion innovation does not suit you, does not make you beautiful, then give it up. Remember, legislators of fashion trends care primarily about their financial gain, and not your appearance.

  • Be confident

Nothing so beautiful a woman, according to SophieLauren, as self-confidence and knowledge of their own merits. Try to always remain yourself, to behave naturally, but at the same time keep to the height. Even an ideal appearance will not attract the desired attention to you, if you do not have confidence in your irresistibility.

  • Develop self-discipline

It is the key to success in allareas of life, and beauty in particular. The difference between an ordinary and spectacular woman lies just in the absence or presence of self-discipline. Spare no time for yourself. This does not mean that you have to spend several hours a day on cosmetic procedures, hair styling and wardrobe selection. Just choose the most suitable care program for yourself and do it regularly. Sophia Loren knows a lot of simple tricks that do not take a lot of time. secrets of beauty

Secrets of beauty from a beautiful Italian woman

Because of her popularity, she is embarrassed to go tobeauty salons - excessive attention of other visitors does not allow you to relax and have fun. Therefore, the actress is accustomed to all the procedures for self-care to conduct independently - in the bathroom, where she created her own home "beauty salon." It is there that she cares for her hair, her skin, and makes procedures for preserving the beauty of her feet and hands. Tips for hair care The secret of beautiful actress hair is covered in regular care, properly selected means and olive oil. She used to pay a lot of attention to her hair, which is why her hair still deserves admiration. Try and you take advantage of her advice.

  • To maintain the beauty of your hair, it is importantcorrectly wash them. Regardless of the hairstyle, they should always be spotlessly clean. Determine their type and characteristics, and in accordance with this, choose the shampoo and frequency of washing your head. Sophia Loren's hair is normal, so she uses a mild shampoo for normal hair. The head washes in a day. The actress advises to test different shampoos until you pick up the one after which your hair will shine and fit well.
  • Wash your head gently, because wet hair is veryeasy to damage. Do not scrape the scalp with your fingernails, but gently massage it with fingertips for several minutes. This is how the head is washed in beauty salons. After all, use the balm so that the hair can be easily combed.
  • Every morning the actress carefully and accuratelycombs hair with a brush with wide smooth, rounded at the ends of teeth. After moistening the hands with water, moistens the ends of the strands, and then sprinkles them with your favorite toilet water and winds them on the curlers. Thanks to the alcohol contained in the spirits, hair is dried more quickly. After such a procedure, they will lie all day long with natural waves and smell nice.
  • Once a week, use a penetrating balmactions. The famous Italian advises for this purpose to use olive oil - it is the secret of the beauty of her hair. Rub it into the scalp and distribute with a comb on the entire length, after a few hours, rinse thoroughly with shampoo. Olive oil gives hair shine, nourishes them and protects them from sunlight.
  • The owner of dark hair, Sophia Loren advisesUse dyes of a reddish and light chestnut shade. They will lighten the hair a little and will thus revitalize the face. The actress considers a brutal mistake to transform a brunette into a blonde (and vice versa), as she was able to verify on her own experience. Also, the actress advises not to spare the time to find a good master. The effort will inevitably justify itself.

Skincare Tips for this luxurious skinItalians can only be envied. Despite her not young age, she looks very dignified. Of course, genetics plays an important role here, but nevertheless, its skin care tips should be taken into service. As the actress believes, even if the skin condition is far from ideal, it's easy to fix. The fact is that the skin reacts quickly enough to caring, so all your efforts will not go unnoticed. Taking care of her today, you are making a great contribution to her future state. Sophia Loren is lucky - she has a normal skin. Nevertheless, she regularly takes care of her.

  • To provide the skin with a magnificent view, itsit is necessary to regularly moisturize and nourish. Over time, the skin changes, so it is important to monitor these changes and adjust the care program accordingly. Supply the skin with water, the Italian advises both externally and from the inside. She recommends drinking enough water throughout the day and monitoring the humidity in the room. Too dry air adversely affects the skin, so in her home she always moistens it if necessary.
  • The actress likes to sunbathe, but notabuses sunbathing. She advises to consider the individual skin reaction to ultraviolet, and in accordance with this, calculate the length of stay in the sun. She also recommends not neglecting sunscreen.
  • Another secret of the beautiful Italian skin -goodwill and a positive attitude to life. She believes, and with this one can not but agree that the skin reflects the emotions emitted by a person. Irritation, anger, boredom over time will disfigure any person - and no care will not help.
  • To refresh the face, the actress fills the sinkwater, adds a few ice cubes and briefly drops the face into it. From cold water pores are tightened, the skin acquires a tone, and the sight becomes clearer. With delicate sensitive skin, very cold water is not recommended, as this contributes to the appearance of vascular retina.
  • The secret of beautiful skin around the eyes is a cream withthe content of vitamin A. From morning swelling relieve an uncomplicated compress - soak in cold milk, two wadded discs and attach to the eyes for 10-15 minutes. Wear sunglasses. Take care that they always were in your purse or car. Squinting in the sun, you thereby provoke the formation of small wrinkles ("rays") around the eyes. Get rid of them will not be easy, so it's better to prevent their appearance with sunglasses.
  • Sophia Loren uses her face to cleanse her faceWheat bran - it mixes bran with cream, applies the mixture to the contaminated areas of the skin and massages them for a few minutes. Such a composition not only cleans the skin, but also removes dead cells. A little later, to avoid irritation, imposes a nourishing mask. She uses both ready-made masks and prepared at home, for example, mixes oatmeal with water and applies a thin layer of the mixture on the skin. For dry skin, the actress recommends mixing dry milk and water.
  • The secret of beauty and radiance of the skin of the body is rubbingsoft brush. The bristles must be absolutely soft so that irritation does not appear on the skin. This massage not only removes dead cells, but also improves blood circulation, preventing the development of cellulite.
  • To remove excess body hair Sophia Lorenuses a razor. After the end of the procedure, it softens the skin with cream. She recommends shaving her hair in the evening, as the skin, as a rule, swells in the morning, and this can cause cuts. The hair on the hands of the Italian is discolored. Prepares a mixture of white powder and a 10% solution of hydrogen peroxide and stands on his hands for 10 minutes.
  • Disclosing the secrets of beauty actress, you can notsay about taking a bath, because it is the main means of caring for the body. The bath allows you to get rid of stress, soften the skin and prepare it for further procedures. In winter, a beautiful Italian woman recommends adding a mug of dry, soluble milk to the bath, and in summer - mint leaves. When sunburn in the water should be added a small amount of apple cider vinegar.
  • A good night's sleep. Sophia Loren sleeps for 9-10 hours, which allows her not only to look good, but also to feel rested. She recommends to go to bed whenever possible and get up at the same time. It is advisable that you have a certain ritual of going to sleep and awakening. The famous Italian, for example, likes to read a bit before going to bed, and in the morning walks in the garden.

Tips for the care of hands and feet The actress does notenough patience to sit for long in a manicure salon, so she takes care of herself and her hands and feet. To the skin of the hands always looked well-groomed, the Italian regularly lubricates them with a cream - she uses it immediately after contact with water, while her hands are still wet. Tubes with hand cream lie at her house near each sink, and she always carries it with her in her purse. Sophia Loren does not make an edging manicure. She filings her nails before taking a bath, and afterwards, when the skin around the holes becomes soft from contact with warm water, she pushes it off with a soft napkin and lubricates with a cream. Nail polish actress uses infrequently. In the cold season, she always wears gloves. And before you put them on, you must always lubricate your hands with cream. Watching TV or reading the famous beauty prefers to combine with a foot massage - she rolls an ordinary rolling pin with her feet. This procedure perfectly removes tension. In addition, she regularly treats the soles of her feet with pumice and lubricates them with cream. The finishing touch is the pedicure. The secret of beauty is sophy

Secrets of a slim figure by Sophia Loren

Secrets of beauty are not only external care, butalso a balanced diet and regular exercise. The actress is not a supporter of any diets and resorts to them extremely rarely. She recommends eating small meals 3 times a day. The main rule is to exclude canned, fried, salted and sweet food, reduce the consumption of red meat, eat more fish and chicken meat. Sophia Loren, as a true Italian, can not live without pasta. But how does she manage to have a fit figure? The fact is that pasta very well suppresses the feeling of hunger and quickly "burn" in the body. Of course, to make pasta products useful, not harm, they should be made from wheat wholemeal flour. Fatty sauces and gravies should also be excluded. For example, the actress prepares a sauce of fresh tomatoes, adds olive unrefined butter and finely chopped carrots. Such spaghetti is doubly useful. The guarantee of the beauty and slenderness of the Italian is regular physical activity. Her training program consists of three points: stretching, developing flexibility and grace, walking to improve blood circulation and working on problem areas to increase muscle tone. Each woman, if desired, can "turn" into a beautiful woman. Use the secrets of beauty of this amazing actress and just a beautiful, worthy woman, and soon you will see notable improvements in your appearance. Remember, beauty is certainly worth it to fight for it!