home manicure Manicure of any woman, whether she is a great actressor an ordinary housewife, should always be beautiful, well-groomed and neat. And it is not necessary for this to sit out all free time in the beauty salon, leaving there cosmic amounts for painting and filing nails. Create a masterpiece that will surpass the robots of professional masters, you are unlikely to succeed without special courses or training, but to make a neat French or Italian home manicure - easily. It is enough to show a little patience, buy all the necessary devices, follow the established rules and avoid the most common mistakes of amators. beautiful home manicure

Seven mistakes in manicure

Your nails are constantly loose, break and lookworse than before manicure? Improper handling of tools, neglect of personal hygiene products, use of low-quality products - every woman at least once in her life made one of these mistakes. And it's not laziness or greed that the ladies do because of ignorance of important rules, which, incidentally, are not known to all specialists in beauty salons.

  • Old manicure set

Use nail file, scissors for circumcisioncuticles, tweezers and other accessories that your mother or grandmother used - is strictly prohibited. The maximum service life of manicure sets is five years. During this time, most accessories have time to blunt and break, no matter how expensive and quality they were.

  • Dirty tools

Very rarely girls rub with alcohol or washa nail file after it filed nails. As a result of neglect of hygiene, bacteria appear on the surface and the fungus multiplies, which then falls into the hands. Therefore, do not forget to process the tools every time before and after use. It is recommended to purchase special solutions that do not damage iron and plastic.

  • Set for the whole family

How would you not love your kindred, neverDo a manicure to your sister or mother with your equipment. It's unlikely they will be happy if you take their toothbrush to brush your teeth. The same applies to kits - it's personal, and no one else, except you, should use them.

  • Excessive diligence

Doing manicures at home, someRepresentatives of the fair sex press on the nail file as much as possible to quickly shape the nails. Thus, the ladies only injure him. After a couple of days, it can begin to separate, crumble, or completely break. It is necessary to file the file gently, smoothly moving from the edge to the center.

  • Use of substandard products

Never buy cheap varnishes and solvents,otherwise you will spoil your nails. Pay attention, the liquid for removal in any case should not contain acetone. But the presence of vitamin supplements is strongly encouraged. By the way, there are also special solutions, which give a second life to the dried in flacon paint. Therefore, add perfume, deodorant and similar substances in the varnish is not worth it.

  • Wrong struggle with cuticles

Some ladies prefer to leave cuticles onhands, as they believe that without them the nail will not be full. Other members of the fair sex cut them to the root, so that a manicure made at home looked like a salon. And in the first, and in the second case, the girls make a serious mistake. The overgrown, thick and ugly cuticle interferes with the development of the nail. Removing it completely, you make your hands defenseless. From this point on, any bacteria and fungus can get inside, since there are no barriers to them anymore. Therefore, it is best to first soften the skin with the help of special means, and then with a stick (wooden, not iron) to push the excess aside.

  • The varnish does not last forever

Whatever super expensive and professional varnish is notwas, it should be washed off four or five days after the application. If you do this later, the manicure will be covered with small cracks, the paint will begin to fall off along with the upper layers of the nails. This not only looks not aesthetically pleasing, but also very dangerous for health. how to make a home manicure

Doing the manicure correctly

Preparation First, bring your hands into theorder. Wash them with soap (it is better to use bactericidal) and wipe off the remaining varnish from the nails. In the room where the procedure will be carried out, prepare everything you need to then not interrupt and do not run after water or cotton wool. Think about how long the manicure will be optimal for you, so that it looks beautiful, and it was convenient for you to work. The best option is three to four millimeters above the edge. Centimetric nails most often repel men, these ladies remind them of ordinary predators. Too short also look bad, because they visually expand the fingers and make them ugly. Trim or file - it depends on the expected length. If you need to slightly adjust the shape, it is better to use a nail file with a rubberized base or spraying. Iron is better to throw out, as they injure a nail. As for scissors, their use must be minimized. By the way, if you can not achieve the same result, so that on the right and left hand was the same shape and length, then you should contact the salon. An experienced craftsman will bring your manicure in order, and you will only need to gently cut back nails. Step-by-step instruction Please note, with softened skin it is much easier and safer to work. Therefore, after you have removed the old varnish, for five minutes, put your hands in the tray with herbal decoctions, then apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream to the base. Carefully shovel the edge of the cuticle. Take care not to scratch or scratch them. Barbs are removed with the help of special tweezers, then the wound is treated with antibacterial agents (can be wiped with hydrogen peroxide). Liquids containing alcohol are not suitable in this case. Now it is necessary to lighten the tip of the nail with a white manicure pencil. By the way, unevenness, roughness is recommended to be removed with a conventional nail file, intended for grinding. At the end of the procedure, a strengthening lacquer is applied, which serves as the basis for any manicure. fashionable home manicure

What every woman should remember

A home manicure does not have to be fanciful ortoo complex. It is necessary for your hands to be beautiful. This is the same important procedure as daily brushing of teeth, combing hair, washing, bathing or washing things. Do not run yourself to such an extent that without the help of a specialist you can not bring your nails in order. At least once a week, you need to do peeling and masks to remove the keratinized particles and moisten the dry skin. In winter (somewhere an hour before going out), hands are lubricated with a special protective cream. At minus temperature, walking without gloves is strictly prohibited. If you loose ends, it is not recommended to do a home manicure with ordinary varnishes. There are many folk ways how to strengthen the nails. Try to give unloading at least once a month. In this case, daily wipe the surface with lemon juice or olive oil. The main thing is not to be lazy and do everything regularly, and not from time to time. If the situation does not improve, and the spots appear on the surface, or the color changes, immediately contact the hospital. This may indicate the appearance of fungus, which is not treated with improvised means. You could get infected either in the cabin, if the master did not sterilize the tools after the previous client, who is the carrier, or in contact with the patient. In any case, do not self-medicate and do not make a diagnosis, without having passed the preliminary tests. Perhaps it's just an avitaminosis or lack of calcium in the body, and you will have enough to drink a course of tablets. But at the time of the manicures all have to be forgotten, so as not to injure and so weak nails. We advise you to read: