how to keep a tan for a long time When summer is in full swing, and thatmore, if many of you have already gone on vacation in hot countries or just plan your vacation in exotic resorts, it is worth considering how to keep a tan for a long time. After all, a beautiful female body with a skin of pleasant golden hue, regardless of fashion trends, is still considered especially attractive and sexy. Therefore, many representatives of the fair sex so diligently sunbathe almost all year round: in the summer - at the sea, and then - in the solarium. And no matter how much doctors convince us of the harmful effects of sunlight, we do not retreat. It should be noted that ultraviolet is even useful for the skin, but in moderate amounts, but lovers of aggressive sun tanning risk health and prematurely grow old. Therefore, it is better and more correct to preserve the already obtained dark tint by more gentle methods. Moreover, they are very simple and useful for the whole organism. Experts say that there are many ways to enjoy chocolate for a long time. However, the most effective are five of them. This article is devoted to them. how to keep tan longer

Gentle Cleansing

This does not mean that you need to deny yourselfthe adoption of full-fledged water procedures, and scrubs and scouring is now generally not needed. Simply if earlier you liked to luxuriate in a hot bath, then, in order to keep the swarthy shade as long as possible, this habit should be postponed until winter. After all, high temperature water can cause irritation on the skin, and this, in turn, will lead to undesirable peeling. It is better to confine yourself for a time to accepting a warm shower. But the sauna really has to say a clear "no", as frequent visits to it or baths can quickly "wash off" the tan. As for the means and methods of skin cleansing, then it is better not to use a rigid washcloth and a scrub with abrasive particles. Instead, take a soft sponge made from natural fibers and a gentle cream-gel with the addition of oils. This way you can perfectly clean the skin, but at the same time you will be able to avoid damage and do not overdry it. Not bad support for sunburn and products such as tea and coffee. This is due to the fact that they contain natural colorants. It is useful to wipe the skin from time to time with frozen tea or coffee ice cubes, and take a bath with the addition of strong brewing of these drinks (just a few teaspoons). Only water should be moderately warm. The face, neck and décolleté area can be further cleaned with a natural blueberry mask. This berry contains a large number of antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals, which are guilty of oncological processes on the skin and in its aging. To make such a magic mask, you need three to four tablespoons of natural yogurt and ten blueberries. Ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, after which the resulting composition should be applied to the face, neck and décolleté area in a thin uniform layer for about twenty minutes. Before using, pay attention to the color of the mask - it should not be lilac, otherwise you risk getting a bluish tinge. As a result, you not only delicately remove dead cells due to the mild action of lactic acid contained in yogurt, but also nourish the skin with vitamins E and C, which are in excess in the blueberry.

Tanned skin - regular nutrition and hydration

Everyone knows that the skin under the influence ofThe sun's rays become drier, so it needs to provide extra food. For this purpose it is recommended to use both lotions and body sprays, which include vitamin A. It is not superfluous to take vitamin complexes inside. And after sunbathing, make it a rule to apply any moisturizing cream to the skin. This must be done while the body remains a little wet. In this way you can not only maintain the right moisture balance, but also provide your skin with protection from the aggressive influence of the environment, and therefore long will rejoice in its golden hue. Regarding the choice of means for this purpose, first of all pay attention to those of them, which include oils, glycerin and vitamin E. They will help your skin to remain moisturized and shine with a beautiful tan. It is best if you get two compositions at once, one of which, more light, will be applied in the morning, and the second, increased concentration, before going to bed. By the way, you are quite able and at home to prepare yourself an excellent tool, which is no worse than the branded will cope with the task. You need to mix a few oils (they are in the shops of natural cosmetics): cocoa, jojoba, olive and almond. These components are sold in a solid form, so they need to be pre-melt in a water bath, mix well and apply a warm massage to the body with gentle massage movements. How to keep a tan longer

Particular attention - face and décolleté zone

It is at these places that your skin is the most tender andvulnerable. It quickly burns and is more intensively renewed, losing its swarthy color. In addition, you subject one more daily additional load in the form of make-up. So, just a moisturizer will not allow you to keep tan on these parts of the body for a long time. It will require a special night nourishing cream with a regeneration function, which will have to be applied to the face, neck and décolleté area. Correctly pick it in accordance with your skin type and degree of tanning is best assisted by a beautician, but you can also cope with this task yourself, if you use several different probes before the final choice. They will help to preserve tan and home masks for a long time. Here is one of the most effective recipes. Mask of avocado. This compound perfectly rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. You will need: half a very ripe avocado, one teaspoon of wheat germ oil and as much carrot. Do not worry if you do not find all the components. Replace them with olive oil and freshly squeezed carrot juice. Avocados need to be mashed, add the rest of the ingredients to it and heat it in a water bath. The resulting mass should be applied to the pre-cleaned skin, leave for fifteen minutes and remove with a cotton swab. As a result, your skin will shine with freshness due to the saturated omega-3 acids contained in the avocado, the oil from the sprouts of wheat or olive will saturate it with vitamin E, and the carrot juice will give a tan that is characteristic of the tan, thereby preserving it for a longer period.

Proper nutrition

It's no secret that most nutrientsour skin gets out of those foods that we get with food. Therefore, the beauty and durability of sunburn directly depend on the correct biochemical processes in the human body. And it helps to acquire a beautiful golden shade and keep it as long as possible the production of a special pigment - melanin. To stimulate it, you need to eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. A vivid example of this southerner is that they have all the conditions to use these products all year round and drink a variety of useful juices from them. But we also should not neglect the possibility of at least arrange a kind of a tanning diet at least in the summer. So, what products contribute to the achievement of a golden hue of the skin and its preservation for a long time? First, vegetables and fruits containing beta-carotene. It is not only in carrots, but also in watermelons, apricots, melons and peaches. They need to be consumed daily in fresh form. But from carrots, it is better to prepare juice, because it, in contrast to root crops, is absorbed by the body more fully, gives the skin a golden hue and retains it longer. Excellent protects us from free radicals and tomato juice, as it is rich in antioxidants. In order not to break the pigmentation and the skin does not appear ugly spots, you should regularly eat citrus, drink a drink from the dog rose and pamper yourself with strawberries. Very few people in our country know such spiciness, as turmeric. It is a pity that we are not used to using it for cooking. This Indian seasoning promotes an even, firm and beautiful tan. Olive oil, as well as oily sea fish must be present on the table of those women who want to have a dark complexion of the skin and keep it as long as possible. After all, they are rich in such an important amino acid as tyrosine. It is she who is responsible for the dark pigment. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the golden or chocolate shades of your skin in the summer and deep in the fall, include the following foods rich in vitamins in your daily diet: eggs, milk, beef liver, apricots, carrots, spinach, fresh vegetables and fruits. how to keep a tan for a long time beautiful

Tanning resistance depends on the way it is produced

It should be noted that the resilience of the summerPigmentation also depends on where and how you tanned. So, for example, the "southern" tan comes off much faster than the "northern" tan, which is considered more stable and lasts longer. You have a better chance to save a golden shade, if you reached it gradually and more often were in the shade, going out in the sun or in the morning hours, or closer to the evening. But in any case it is necessary to use means for protection against ultraviolet rays. Especially if you plan to sunbathe in hot countries, where the sun and the wind just scorch the skin. After all, what is tan? This is a kind of damage to the upper layer of the epidermis. And the sooner and more ruthlessly this process takes place, the faster the skin tries to regenerate and regenerate. Therefore, an intensive shade is washed off earlier than light and golden, which just manages to remain for a rather long time. But you can achieve it if you do not neglect quality protective moisturizers before and after your stay in the sun. What else should you pay attention to those women who want to keep their tan longer? It is not superfluous to find a visit to the solarium during the preparation for the holiday, especially for those of the fair sex who have a Nordic type of appearance. But to run after the "artificial sun" immediately after returning from vacation is not worth it. After all the skin and so, most likely, will be dry enough, therefore the additional ultraviolet will damage it even more. It is better to make a mild peeling and apply a light moisturizer with a toning effect. Observing these recommendations, you can please yourself and others with a beautiful and radiant skin tone for a long time! We advise you to read: