which epilator to choose Good, high-quality equipment in our timethe default can not be cheap. It is unlikely that the manufacturer will work at a loss, selling a super powerful three-speed epilator for five hundred rubles. But what should girls do that they can not afford to spend three or four thousand on this miracle of technology? Do not give up and buy the first option, hoping for a happy coincidence. It is necessary to study the characteristics of inexpensive devices more attentively and to choose not a fashionable, powerful device with a bunch of nozzles, but an ordinary epilator. Most of the additions can be replaced with improvised tools (tweezers, cold compress, etc.), without overpaying for what you do not come in handy at all. By the way, an important role in pricing is played by a brand, that is, a brand. The more famous and demanded the company, the more expensive its products.

"Gadgets", from which you will immediately refuse

Going to the store to buy, think about whatyou really need. Do you plan on doing only epilation on your legs or want to remove vegetation in the bikini area, armpits, on your face? Based on this, you will be able to delete from the list of prospective expensive models, the functions of which you will practically not use.

  • Massaging nozzle

To reduce pain and calm down,the skin before the procedure can be treated, for example, with a special vibrating nozzle. Producers promise that after using this device you can remove vegetation even in the underarm area. But, as they say, for convenience it is necessary to pay. Such a depilator costs ten to fifteen percent more. But whether it will be as effective as advertised, it is in your case - no one knows.

  • Nozzle for peeling

It is necessary in order that after two or threeweeks after epilation on the treated area, ingrown hairs did not appear. However, you can do peeling yourself, using a cream prepared at home or using a scrub from a store. Do this procedure should be on the eve of the day of "X", to remove the cornified skin particles, which just prevent the rod from climbing through the barrier.

  • Cooling nozzle

A small container is filled with water andis placed for an hour and a half before the procedure in the refrigerator, then it is put on the epilator. Thus, you simultaneously and freeze the skin, and pull out the hairs. You need or do not need a similar attachment - it depends on what threshold you have for sensitivity.

  • Cooling glove

This is a small bag of liquid (gel)inside. It is pre-placed in the freezer so that the contents are frozen. Before the epilation, this device is pressed against the treated area, it is also cooled by the inflamed skin after the procedure. Replace the cooling gloves with ordinary ice wrapped in gauze or a piece of cloth.

  • Elegant handle design

Of course, a comfortable, smooth rubberized handle,which will not slide during work - it's good. But if you want to save up to thirty percent of your budget, it's better to choose a simpler model. Perhaps this depilator is not painted with flowers and hearts, but it will be pure white, but the beauty in your case is not the most important thing.

  • Waterproof case

Such devices can be used without leavingsoul. In this case, you can not be afraid that it will get wet and break down due to high humidity. Softened after hot water, the skin is less sensitive and the hairs are much faster, easier and painless to remove from the surface of the body. The only negative - it's very expensive. By buying an ordinary epilator, you can resort to one trick that modern girls use - before the procedure make hot compresses from herbal decoctions.

  • Trimmer

A very useful thing for those who are fond ofintimate haircuts. With the help of this device you can cut and not pull out the hairs. If you do not plan to use the epilator in the bikini area, there will be no benefit from the trimmer. They are also comfortable to cut their brows to give them the right shape, but this can be done with the help of conventional scissors.

  • Backlight

Its availability is certainly very important forrepresentatives of the fair sex who like to do hair removal in hard-to-reach places, and even in the evening. But for those who are limited in finance, such an addition is not so important, as, for example, the hind limiter.

  • Reduced noise level

Most of these devices are very loudbuzzes, which causes discomfort to some particularly suspicious girls. Sometimes, representatives of the fair sex because of this, even afraid to use the epilator, but the quality of the work loud no effect at all. By the way, you can choose an almost noiseless model even among medium-priced devices. what to choose a depilator

What to look for when buying

So, you are determined, without what you can witheasy to do, and which devices can be replaced with improvised tools. But the question of which epilator is worth choosing is still open. The next thing you should do is to study the technical characteristics, parameters and parameters of the unit.

  • Speed

The first is designed to remove weak, thinHairs on delicate areas of the skin (armpits, in the bikini zone, on ruts and hands). On the second you can only process more rigid vegetation on the body, otherwise the rod will break off, and not pluck out. Thus, no matter how cheap and simple the apparatus would be, there should be two speeds. But, of course, the more, the better. Nowadays, you can buy a depilator and with a triple power, but such innovations will not be affordable for everyone.

  • Brand manufacturer and build quality

Of course, no matter how wonderful the epilator iswas, do not take it, if this brand is not even written on the Internet. In the household equipment market, there are a lot of low-quality fakes that break down for a second or third time use. Read the reviews, ask the opinion of the sellers, be sure to find out for how long the warranty is given, etc.

  • Price

Do not buy an expensive epilator just because,that it was released by a well-known manufacturer. The more often a product is advertised, the more there is a surcharge on it - you should know about it before going to the store. By the way, in most commercial establishments, high-value goods are placed at the face of buyers and are decorated with a bright and beautiful price tag. Therefore, be sure to inspect all the shelves and compare the indicators. But you do not need to save too much by purchasing the same epilator in a discounted transfer. In most cases, such equipment will be either defective or imported illegally. In any case, it is not subject to repair and return. Choose a qualitative thing, having overpaid hundred-two hundred rubles, and it will serve not one year.

  • Cord

The length and thickness of the cord play an important role. The first indicator affects whether it will be convenient for you to use the device. Agree, thirty centimeters and a meter - a big difference. As for the second parameter, too thin wires can very quickly burn out. Therefore, it is better to choose the model that inspires more confidence. By the way, to find out what kind of epilator you got - Chinese or, say, made in Korea, it's enough to look at the plug. The latter easily connects to ordinary European sockets, and for the first one you need an adapter, which should be included.

  • Power supply

If you travel all the time and plantake the epilator on the road, then take care that he can work and battery. This is very convenient, since you do not have to carry around with charging. The only thing that needs to be clarified is the time of work. Cheap models in the offline mode for a long time do not function, they have to be constantly recharged. Therefore, it is better to choose the one that can be connected at any time to the outlet. For home use it is enough to get a device that works only from the network.

  • condition

When choosing a depilator, pay special attention to itappearance. Inspect the case for cracks, scratches and other defects. Such damage indicates either incorrect transportation and storage, or a low quality material that spoils almost from touch. Check if the seams are tightly seated, do not crunch when you press the appliance. which epilator to choose correctly

We take care of the technique correctly

To choose a depilator is not so bad, it needs moreto be able to properly take care of. To extend the life of your device, do not forget to clean it after each use. Before the procedure, the head with tweezers should be wiped with alcohol or antiseptic, so as not to infect the infection. Nozzles should be washed under running water, if, of course, they are removable. Otherwise, bacteria and fungus can multiply on them. Keep the epilator in a special bag or box, with the cord should not bend or tangle. It is better to choose a case from soft, dense and opaque matter. And never under any circumstances allow anyone to use the device. Remember once and for all, it is a personal hygiene item, like a comb or toothbrush. Thus, observing the above rules, you can buy high-quality equipment, which will be used for more than one year. And in the future, if there is a desire, order in a specialized store additional attachments or, when the time comes, buy a more expensive device. We advise you to read: