The story of the "Secret Agent"

agenty The image of the "secret agent" is very attractive. Films about them made the image of a unique spy idol of millions of men and an "object of desire" of no fewer women around the world. Thanks to him, an image of a fearless and always victorious hero, struggling with evil and overcoming troubles, was formed. However, each generation has its own heroes and secret agents who can not only inspire new achievements, but also bring real benefits every day. For example, when in the morning you suddenly discovered herpes on your lips ... stop

"Secret Agent" Docosanol - a molecule-herpes interceptor

Your "secret agent", helping to cope with"Treacherously" jumped herpes on the lips - the molecule Dokozanol, came to us from the UK. Molecule Dokosanol acts as a "secret agent", that is, from within. It does not allow the virus to penetrate the shell of healthy cells of your body, thereby preventing the thousandfold reproduction of virus particles by each infected cell. Dokosanol is an active molecule - the "interceptor" of the herpes virus, which begins to fight it already at the earliest stages of herpes development. dokozanol

Erazaban - "secret" drug against herpes on the lips

A drug with a molecule - a modern tool that resolutely andboldly, like a secret agent, fights herpes on the lips. Erazaban helps the fast * removal of the symptoms of this disease - itching, burning and soreness. If you resort to his help on the first or second day after the onset of symptoms, Erazaban can help prevent the formation of vesicles and crusts. erasaban Erazaban with a molecule of Docosanol helps to keep the secret of herpes on lips unsolved by others! help you stay flawlessattractive, like a real "agent". * Compared with placebo, based on the study "Clinical efficacy of a topical cream containing 10% docosanol for the treatment of simple labial herpes: a multicenter, randomized, placebo-controlled study (compared to a non-therapeutic substance)." Sacks Stephen L ., Doctor of Medicine, a member of the Royal Therapeutic College of Canada, etc. Contra-indications are possible, it is necessary to read the instructions for use. Registration certificate number: LSR-007705/10