concept of bronchial asthma There is nothing better than breathing in full,enjoying every breath. After all, our whole life consists of these simple actions - breathing in and out. But there are those who are deprived of the joy of free breathing, for them every breath is worth its weight in gold. These are people suffering from bronchial asthma.

The concept of asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic allergicDiseases of a recurring type, which consists in the defeat of the respiratory tract as a result of their constriction under the action of various allergens. Asthma in some people is expressed in the form of a cough, others - a whistle, sometimes a person feels a complete lack of air, which, circulating in the alveoli, turns out to be closed in a narrow space. Respiratory movements are shorter, frequent, irregular. The concept is not new, but so far scientists can not agree on a single opinion on its classification. The most common classification by severity: intermittent (light) and persistent bronchial asthma (chronic). diagnosis of the disease

Types of asthma

Intermittent. This type is caused by episodic symptoms, manifested not more than once a week, with a total duration of not more than 3 days. With it, there are also night attacks of suffocation, but no more than twice a month. The respiratory function decreases within 20% and is easily restored by remission. Persistent. This species is divided into light, medium and heavy. The lung can appear just once a week, and once a day. Seizures can also appear at night, which breaks sleep and makes a person passive during the day. With persistent asthma of moderate severity, attacks occur daily, often at night. The activity of a person practically fades away. Constant choking, including the night, is characteristic of severe persistent asthma, as a result of which all actions and movements of a person become difficult. As statistics show, the development of this disease mainly occurs at an early age. However, despite this, the number of cases in the world is constantly increasing. The blame for this is poor ecology, abuse of drugs, alcohol and smoking, stressful situations. Thus, the person himself becomes guilty of his disease, which is subsequently completely cured completely impossible. The only way out is comprehensive prevention of the disease or early care of one's health.