causes of polyps in the uterus Polyps of the uterus are benignFormations on the surface of the endometrium, which is located on the inner cavity of the uterus. They are single and multiple. In some cases, the polyps are displaced to the cervix. The neoplasm has a body and a leg, with which it is attached to the endometrium. Numerous medical observations confirm that polyps most often can be found on the bottom of the uterus or its walls. The causes of this disease can be different, with neoplasms appearing in young girls and in older women. If the doctor has put such a diagnosis - despair is not necessary. There are not only medicamentous methods, it is still possible to treat polyps of the uterus with folk remedies. Both methods effectively destroy polyps and prevent the appearance of new ones. A woman can choose the most suitable treatment option, depending on the characteristics of her body.

Symptoms and signs of uterine polyps

Pronounced symptoms with uterine polypsalmost no, their presence is very easy to confuse with signs of other diseases. The main symptom, which should alert the woman - abundant vaginal discharge. At the beginning of the development of the disease, uterine bleeding and the failure of the menstrual cycle may occur. The polyp has a tendency to grow. This process leads to involuntary contractions of the uterus, as a result of which the cervix opens and the neoplasm is expelled into the vagina. A woman can feel cramps and pain while observing vaginal discharge in the form of a syphilis. The asymptomatic course of the disease contributes to the fact that patients at an early stage do not pay special attention to minor body signals, as a result of which they resort to medical care too late. Polyps are especially dangerous for pregnant women. In such cases, treatment is possible only with the use of homeopathy or traditional medicine. To get rid of polyps, one or another folk remedy can be used only after a histological analysis that will help determine the exact nature of the polyp. These tumors are glandular, glandular-fibrous, fibrous and adenomatous. Adenomatous polyps are the most dangerous, because irreversible serious changes take place at the cellular level. Such neoplasms are signs of a precancerous condition of the uterine mucosa. pumpkin seeds

Purity for treatment of uterine polyps

To achieve good results from treatment of polypsfolk remedies can be at the initial stage, when the disease is just beginning to develop. Also, folk remedies are often used as prophylaxis after or before drug treatment. But regardless of the chosen folk method, a woman should always consult a doctor beforehand. Most often, in order to get rid of the polyps of the uterus, the celandine is used. He is recognized as the most effective and popular means. It must be taken orally and used for syringing. For the preparation of medicinal infusion it is necessary to collect fresh sprouts of celandine and fill them with a glass jar, after which pour steep boiling water. Next, the can should be closed with a lid, covered with a blanket or a towel and left to insist in this form for 12 hours. Ready infusion should be taken three times a day. In this case, the initial dose should be equal to 1 tbsp. l., which gradually need to be increased to 100 ml at a time. In this way, treatment of the uterine polyps should be carried out within two weeks, after which a break is required - three weeks. Next, the course should be repeated.

Herbal and berry infusions for the control of polyps

Useful and effective infusions that are capable ofto win the disease, are usually prepared from the fruit of dog rose, cranberries, nettle. This type of treatment is considered one of the most sparing, which offers traditional medicine. For the preparation of a healing infusion it will be necessary:

  • cranberries - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • crushed nettle - 3 tbsp. l .;
  • hips - 3 tbsp. l.

All the ingredients must be mixed and the resultingmixture pour a glass of hot water. Keep the infusion in a closed container for 4 hours. The drug should be taken twice a day for 250 ml. No less effective tincture based on a golden mustache is recognized. To prepare this folk remedy, you will need:

  • 50 joints of a golden mustache;
  • 500 ml of vodka.

The plant should be crushed and poured with vodka,then leave to infuse for 10 days. Ready infusion should be taken twice a day in a diluted form: add a third of the glass of water to 20 drops of medicinal liquid. Use this medicine before eating. Treatment should be carried out for a month, then take a break for 10 days. Expect to get rid of the polyps of the uterus only after five courses of treatment. nettle infusion for the treatment of uterine polyps

Pumpkin seeds and garlic as a remedy for polyps

Garlic has been considered excellent since ancient timesa remedy for a wide variety of diseases. A list of folk methods that can defeat the polyps of the uterus also includes this healing plant. On its basis, you can independently make a medical tampon. To do this, you need a large slice of garlic to crush thoroughly and wrap all the resulting mass in a two-layer gauze, then tightly bandaged. The finished compress should be gently for the night to enter as deeply as possible into the vagina and remove it only in the morning. To cure polyps such manipulation should be repeated throughout the month every evening. For internal reception it is possible to prepare another useful folk medicine based on pumpkin seeds. Required:

  • 7 pieces of steeply cooked yolks;
  • fresh pumpkin seeds;
  • 2 cups of vegetable oil.

Seeds need to be well ground and added tohe carefully mashed yolks. Next, the resulting mixture should be mixed with vegetable oil, so that a uniform gruel is eventually formed. Then the mass should be placed for 30 minutes in a water bath. When the finished product cools down, it must be taken one teaspoon on an empty stomach for five days, then take a break for the same period of time. To repeat the course you need to complete recovery. The mixture should be stored in a refrigerator, hermetically packed.

Douching with herbal decoction

In the arsenal of folk funds, especially popularuse therapeutic syringing. To combat polyps of the uterus, this method is used quite often. Usually, douching should be used if the woman has vaginal leucorrhoea on the background of the disease. To prepare a douching solution, you will need:

  • herb yarrow - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • rosemary leaves - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • leaves of medicinal sage - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Oak bark - 4 tbsp. l ..

All the ingredients must be crushed and mixed inenameled container, then pour 2.5 liters of boiling water. Then the mixture should be put on fire and bring to a boil. Cook the broth over low heat for about half an hour. When it is ready, it is necessary to cool it at room temperature. Next, the infusion should be filtered using gauze or a fine sieve. A little warm solution is used for syringing twice a day every day until getting rid of the disease. celandine for treatment of uterine polyps

Healing decoction based on nettle and sporach

Prepare another healing decoction for syringing using these herbs:

  • nettle - 3 tbsp. l.
  • grass sporisha - 5 tbsp. l .;
  • chemist's chamomile - 1 tbsp. l ..

Grasses need to be ground and mixed together. Then the resulting mixture should be put in an enamel pot and pour boiling water in an amount of 1 liter. Boil the broth for 5 minutes on a small fire, then cool at room temperature. A ready filtered broth should be used for vaginal douching. For the treatment to be effective, it is desirable to conduct the procedure at least two times a day for 2 weeks. It should always be remembered that reproductive function is one of the most important for a woman, so when you have anxiety symptoms, you must always see a doctor. It is not out of place that there will be visits to the doctor and with a preventive purpose. If the disease is found and treatment is still required, it is not worthwhile to start independent unintended use of various folk remedies. It is necessary to consult with a gynecologist who will choose the most suitable and safe method.