armchair bag yourself Nowadays decorators and designers adviseuse in the interior frameless chairs. They are very comfortable, soft and bright, help to save space in the house and come in a variety of types and sizes. From giant pears and colorful balls to comfortable armchairs-bags and small chairs in the form of padded stools. The price of such chairs is quite high, so it will not be superfluous for anyone to learn how to make a chair-bag with your own hands. People who prefer furniture of this kind, like a bag chair, often wonder how to do it yourself at home. In fact, this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance, but on the contrary, it is very entertaining and interesting. If among your talents there are the smallest sewing skills, then you will succeed. It is likely that for the first time everything will not be perfect, as much as you would like, but in any case you will create with your own hands the most unique chair-bag, the design of which will be exactly the one that you want to see in your house.

Structural features of a bag seat

The design of the bag chair is quite simple. It consists of two covers: external and internal. In the inner case there is a filler - small balls of expanded polystyrene. The inner case with polystyrene is tightly sewn, and the external one is equipped with a snake so that it can be easily removed for washing. Polystyrene, which is filled with an inner cover, is completely harmless, waterproof, durable, and also does not cause allergies. how to make a chair bag yourself

What material to choose

The armchair-bag is frameless furniture, and the fabricfor him it is necessary to choose one that will be strong and pleasant to the body. Such fabrics as silk, satin and coarse calico do not fit, due to low wear resistance and loss of their kind earlier than desired. You can take velor. It is velvety to the touch, a bit like an artificial fur, a pile, soft fabric. If you have small children in your house, a velvet-like fabric - flock. It has water repellent properties, it is easy to clean and clean, does not burn out in the sun. Very good strength is possessed by Chenille. A mixture of natural and synthetic fibers allows the surface of the fabric not to slip. Also, jacquard is a strong and easy-to-clean cloth. In the composition of this fabric there are also synthetic fibers. For the manufacture of the seat of the bag, artificial leather or suede, as well as a tapestry - a natural fabric with a visible interlacing of threads of different colors. So, choosing the fabric that suits you best, you can start working.

Armchair-pear with applique

In order to make such an armchair, you will need:

  • 3-3,5 m calico or satin;
  • 3-3,5 m of fabric for the outer sheath;
  • Lightning 80-100 cm long;
  • Cloth for application;
  • Chain;
  • Filler;
  • Needles, threads, scissors, pins.

Draw a pattern of the size you want. It should consist of one small upper and a large lower bottom, as well as six side wedges. After the pattern is ready, transfer it to the fabric, cut out the details with scissors. You should have two bottoms, small and large, six wedges of fabric for the outer cover and as many details of fabric for the inner cover. The next step is the sewing of the seat-bag. First, you need to sew all the wedges, but at the same time leave a small area unshielded. After that, sew to the wedges the bottom, small and large. Do the same with the outer cover, but here it is necessary to leave the non-sewn distance between the wedges slightly larger. In it sew a zipper, so that you can remove the cover for washing. Draw a pattern for the application. For example, a funny dog ​​in the booth. From the application material, cut out the details and sew on an outer cover. Eyes and a nose can be made from beautiful buttons or beads. From the dog to the booth, attach a chain. Now it remains only to fill the seat-bag. The inner cover must be filled with two thirds of its volume. After that, sew the wedges completely, with all internal seams to be strong, so that the filler under the pressure of the body does not wake up. On the inner cover put on the outer and zip. Now you have a pear chair with an appliqué made by yourself. how to make a chair bag with your own hands correctly

Other variants of frameless chairs

If your hands are not afraid of work, then in your homeyou can make a great variety of different seat-bags with your own hands. It all depends on your imagination. You can make a seat-bag of rectangular shape. Here the procedure is exactly the same as with the pear chair, only the patterns of the details are different, and you need to add an extra line with a fold in order for the chair to hold the shape of a rectangle. In order to make a chair-bag, you need precise patterns of pentagonal and hexagonal shape. The pentagons must be twelve, and the hexagons twenty. It is easier to make an armchair for children, because it will be small, and consequently, it will take less time to work. The coloring of the fabric for such chairs can be chosen more vivid and colorful. And that the child is not scratched about the snake of the outer cover, it can be replaced with Velcro. The armchair-bag will become your favorite furniture in your home, both for children and adults. This version of furniture is now very popular and convenient. The arm-bag takes the shape of your body, which makes it very comfortable to sit on it. This chair is very easy to transfer from room to room, and also comfortably spend time with your favorite book and a cup of fragrant coffee. In addition, a piece of furniture made by yourself, will make your interior stylish and exclusive. And what can I say, if you present such a gift to your friends and relatives!