beautiful earrings Decorating with your own hands is a nice gift to yourself andgirlfriends. In favor of making such jewelry says not only their small price. It's always nice to wear something truly exclusive. And how much it is pleasant to make such beauty itself, and it is not worth talking about! Earrings themselves make much easier than rings or necklaces. Nothing is impossible! We include a flight of fantasy, and forward ... How to make earrings yourself? For the manufacture of earrings, we will need shvenzy (zippers on earrings). They can be bought at any store where accessories for jewelry are sold. If desired, a simple clasp - "hook" - you can make yourself. To do this, we take the usual thin steel wire and round pliers (these are pliers with round "wire cutters"). We also need scissors for metal (you can replace them with nippers). We measure the length of about 3 cm and "bite". Then bend on kruglogubtsy about 2 cm, respectively, 1 cm will go behind the earlobe. To make it more convenient to wear, bend the tip of the wire back, as it is done in factories. Twist the other end of the wire with the thin end of the rounds. Do not clamp firmly, wait. Pinch when you attach the body of the earring to the hook.

What will it take to make earrings?

  • schwenzy
  • wire
  • scissors
  • thread
  • round pliers
  • material for earrings
  • carcass

The role of the framework can be the basis of the chosenforms: wire, cardboard, wooden. What materials can be earrings? Yes, almost any! The modern market offers all sorts of materials: starting with pieces of fabric and ending with any kind of stones. You just need to decide what you want. beautiful earrings yourself

Earrings from soft materials

Knit earrings look creative and can do muchtell about his mistress. If you decide to wear such earrings, you probably have a subtle romantic nature. In this case, you can not refuse courage. You can connect beautiful earrings in 20 minutes. Just pick the threads harder. They will well "keep the shape", save it in any weather. You can connect anything you like: flowers, snowflakes, birds of paradise. It would be nice to decorate knitted earrings with beads, rhinestones or even ordinary buttons. As a basis (frame), you can take a regular clip. We will pull it down, "thread" the thread and tie it. We will need: svens, a thread for knitting, a crochet hook, a frame. Earrings of drape, wool, leather wonderfully complement the suitable wardrobe. To create such beautiful ornaments, you need to first make a sketch on paper. For this sketch, prepare a pattern with a drawing. Skin and hard tissue will keep the shape well, but the soft tissue should be treated with glue diluted in water. For this, mica glue, decorative glue, and also any epoxy polyesters are suitable. After the decoration is ready, it needs to be treated with a special lacquer. It is not cheap, but your earrings will be hard and will not crumple. Suitable for any decorative varnish for decoupage. You can make earrings of fur, felted wool, feathers and any other improvised materials. Of course, they should not be varnished, so as not to spoil the presentation. We need: fabric, glue for decoupage, pattern, schwenzy. Earrings made of paper are not imagination at all! They can be very beautiful ... and pretty strong with the right processing! Choose glossy paper for decorations. Old glossy magazines will do. Cut the color page with narrow stripes. Roll the paper into the roller. Secure with glue. Allow to dry. The resulting beads can be strung on a string or put on a wire. To prevent paper from getting wet and burnt out, cover them in several layers with a special vitreous lacquer. Give a variety of shapes to the details of earrings made of paper: a cone, a rose, a ball. earrings in the form of plates with their own hands

Earrings from hard materials

You can make earrings yourself withusing wooden, metal parts, polymer materials, as well as natural and artificial stones. Of course, for this you should have blanks. If you already have beads made of stones, it will not be difficult to make from them earring-balls. Simply thread the wire and fasten it to the end with a small eyelet. If you combine several beads and put them on one loop, you get a "beaded" technique. By the way, earrings from beads are very elegant! What do you need to make earrings with your own hands from stones that do not have a through hole? Here it is necessary to show imagination. So, you can "tie" the stones with threads using the principle of fashionable jewelry "Shamballa". A large stone can be immersed in a specially knitted mesh (knitted with special "knot" technique). The end of the thread should be fixed and attached to the lock. Sometimes, if you saw a large stone "surrounded" with a spiral of wire. Natural stones look very nice inside such a mysterious "cocoon". It is rather difficult to make a spiral. Although some "untwist" for this ... the usual springs from ballpoint pens! However, now on the hardware market and so there is enough "good", including spring spirals and decorative elements. Earrings made of polymer materials - for real needlewomen. Clay, artistic plastic or gypsum "will play" only in skillful hands. In order to become a sculptor of small details, you will have to take a few lessons. Here you will need not only an inexhaustible fantasy, but also special tools, including a kiln for roasting. In addition, the products will then need to be elegantly painted with a fine brush. To do this, you will need special paints for glass and ceramics. They are recommended to be covered with varnish from above. If appropriate, you can use the effect of "crackle", that is, cracks. As you can see, it's not difficult to create an expensive piece of jewelry for yourself. The main thing is the desire to create! Now you can tell your friends how to make earrings yourself.