cash tree of beads If you like to make all kinds of craftswith your own hands, if beadwork is familiar to you not by hearsay, if you believe in the wonderful power of Feng Shui talismans, then a money tree made of beads is what you need! In fact, under the name of "money tree", several domestic plants are known, including pomegranate and tolstyanka. However, such living talismans require attention and care, but money trees from beads do not need any special care. In doing so, they completely retain the magical properties of the talisman and become not only a feng shui instrument, but also an excellent element of interior decoration. And even if beadwork is still your hobby, then making a money tree is an excellent reason to master this craft. In addition, such a tree is made simple enough. So let's get started.

Technique, materials and tools

Weave the money tree from beads institch technique. This way, you can make other crafts, but to make money or any other souvenir of beads, this technique suits as well as possible. To make money from wood, you need to prepare the following materials and tools:

  • thin copper wire, the cross section of which allows you to put on it beads;
  • thick copper wire for twisting the carcass of a tree;
  • thread of a brown mulberry;
  • beads chopped and round green;
  • brown beads for decorating the base of the money tree;
  • the glue "Moment" is transparent;
  • painting tape;
  • brown paint (acrylic or gouache);
  • scissors;
  • brush;
  • gypsum (dry powder).

Making leaves

Cut off a piece of thin wire aboutfifty centimeters. We put eight beads on it, move them to the middle of the wire and make a noose. That is, simply twist the free ends of the wire directly under the first and eighth beads, making three turns. On one free edge of the wire, we put on sixteen beads, raise it and wrap the arc over an already finished loop of beads. We twist the free ends of the wire into twelve or fifteen turns. The length of a twisted piece of wire should be about three to five centimeters. Similarly we twist the second leaf, and behind it the third one. As a result, we should have a twig with three leaves - one in the middle and two on the sides. The remaining free ends of the wire are also twisted, forming the base of the branch. In the same way we make sixty or seventy trefoils. By the way, on some branches it is possible to replace one leaf with coins one by one. To do this, simply fold the wire with a loop and glue a coin to the loop.

Making branches

The next stage of manufacturing our crafts -the transformation of individual leaves (trefoils) into green twigs from beads. First, we collect all trefoils in bundles of about fourteen to fifteen pieces. Straighten the ends of each trefoil and connect the wires in one branch. We insert thick copper wire in the middle and wrap it with thin copper wires of trefoils. In this case, you can collect all the leaves at the bottom level like a bouquet. And you can raise and lower a few shamrocks, then the bundle and the twig itself will turn out to be a multilevel one. Thus, we make several branches, which will make up the crown of our crafts - money tree from beads. At each resulting branch we wind the trunk with threads of a floss. There is another way of making twigs - pair weaving of trefoils. In this case, we first collect and twist all trefoils in two pieces. Then, from each three to five such twigs, we collect another, also twisting the free ends of the wire. And the ready stem of each such branch is wound with threads of a mulina, masking a wire. handmade bead money tree

Barrel manufacturing

For a full-fledged craft in the form of a money treeit is necessary to make a barrel. We will need already collected twigs, thick copper wire under the base, paint tape to strengthen the trunk and thread for its masking. So, take a thick wire and begin to fasten to it in turn all the branches. What form to give a trunk and in what order to fix branches, depends only on your imagination. The trunk can be made straight or curved, meek or long. The crown can be collected in the form of a lush mash, and it is possible to distribute branches along the entire length of the trunk. Whatever form of craft you choose, the principle of making the trunk will be the same. Simply screw the branches to the trunk, while forming the crown and adjusting the bends, the height and width of the trunk. You can wrap the barrel with a paint ribbon while you work, or you can do this after all the twigs are attached to the main wire. On top of the painting tape we make a winding of threads of a floss, and a few centimeters of the wire trunk are left free of the painting tape and thread.

Binding the money tree

Usually all crafts of this kind (artificiala tree of beads, ribbons and paper) are fastened in small containers, pouring them with gypsum. You can, of course, instead of gypsum use a conventional clay or strengthen the trunk with a floristic sponge. But gypsum is much more reliable. Therefore, we take our tree and those ends of the wire that are left naked, unbend in different directions, making of them a kind of spacer that will hold the tree in the container until the gypsum solidifies. Gypsum is diluted with water to the consistency of thick sour cream and pour this mixture into a container. We leave it to freeze, and when the solution seizes, we cover the gypsum surface with brown paint. After this, it is necessary to decorate the "ground" with beads. To do this, squeeze a thin layer of transparent glue on the surface and pour out brown beads on top. Springs of the crown straighten. That's all - our money tree is ready. beadwork money tree

Helpful Tips

Weaving of leaves for a money tree canbe any. You can collect not trefoils, but branches with a large number of leaves, as, for example, in acacia. You can form the main branches not from three, but from four or five leaves, and then bend them upward. You can use any other weave that you find more appropriate for making leaves. When you start making a money tree, then consider some rules of feng shui. For example, the number of coins you place on the tree must necessarily be divided into four. It is advisable to use special Chinese coins, but you can take ordinary penny coins. The tree trunk can be decorated with plaster mass or a mixture of dry gypsum and PVA glue. Then you can make the barrel embossed, imitate the texture of the tree bark. Above such a plastered tree is covered with brown or gold paint. To put the ready money tree is necessary in the area of ​​Wealth and decorate it with red ribbons. Under the pot with a tree you need to put a red napkin and a money bill. And for an artificial money tree you need to look after - wipe it off from dust and watch that there are not old things and rubbish nearby. In short, if you follow all the rules, your money tree from beads will necessarily act as a talisman of wealth. And beadwork can become your hobby. Good luck and creative success!