baubles of thread Jewelery known to mankind since the foundationpeace, because people have always striven for the beautiful. Women and men dressed themselves as best they could at all times. Bijouterie and jewelry have always been indicators of human status, as well as fashionable additions to the apart. Ornaments give a zest to any image in clothes. It should be noted that all costume jewelry has a special symbolism. For example, in ancient Rome, the rings were worn on certain fingers for various purposes. The ringed little finger symbolized successful trading business, the thumb - the god of war of Mars, who comes to the aid in military affairs. Particular attention was attracted to wrist jewelry, such as bracelets and all sorts of baubles. They acted as amulets of our ancestors. Even now you can weave yourself not only beautiful stylish decoration, but also a strong guard for yourself and your loved ones. From this article you can learn how to weave braves with straight weaving. But first let's look at the symbols that we will need. So, let's start with the flowers, from which we will weave a fresco. scheme of direct braiding

What is the color of the weave?

  • red symbolizes passion, love and energy
  • orange color carries sexuality and affection
  • yellow - sun, summer, faith
  • green is a symbol of life, youth and nature
  • blue carries within itself friendship, harmony and tranquility
  • blue - purity, integrity
  • purple means wisdom, dreams.

Remember also about negative values. Weave from black means sadness, sorrow and loneliness. All the colors are pale and with a gray tint mean anguish. you have already decided on the value of the bracelet? If yes, then proceed to manufacture. Weaving can be of two types:

  • straight
  • oblique
  • In this article we will talk about the first variety. different schemes of weaving

    The process of direct braiding

    Figure 1 shows the general scheme of the directweave braiding. If you look closely, it's pretty simple. Even if you are new to this business, then with careful and attentive work you can make a beautiful fresco from the first time. In the diagram it is indicated by arrows, in which direction the longitudinal thread moves. Therefore, the green color shows the axial thread, which is stretched beforehand, and at the ends of the bracelet is tied to a knot. The longitudinal thread knots are tied and interlace the axial, forming a pattern. You can select a drawing using additional schemes. Any image will look attractive, but you can make a bauble simply from colorful threads. This decision is up to you. Threads on a broom braid with a knot. The background, or rather the thread for the background, we choose by the main color on the pattern of the pattern for weaving. This color will be the most in your baubles, therefore, it will be used as the main color symbol. The thread for the background is the main one. It should be long, because it will go all the way across your length. It is recommended to take a whole skein. Threads of other colors are important, but you can cut pieces of 40-50 cm in length and weave them according to the scheme of the chosen pattern in a bouquet. So, the threads of the background color are fixed on the axial, and let's go! Next, the bundle is wound on the next and so continue to move in the horizontal direction row after row.

    Choice of threads for baubles

    Thread for braiding the baubles is a great variety. But it's better to stop on a moulin or iris. These cotton threads are very convenient to use. They do not form a pile and consist of several filaments. There are six of them in a moulin. The manufacturer does not twist them together, so they are easily separated and do not get tangled. Mulinoe consists of cotton and shpatelnoy threads. Cotton provides durability, and fiber staining provides a large selection of colors and shades. The brilliance of the threads of the mulina is given special treatment - mercerization. This technology does not allow the yarn to fade and imparts additional strength. Now they make threads with a fluorescent and metallic effect. Therefore, the beauty and durability of a bouquet are assured to you. Have we understood what the direct weaving is? Get down to business! But first, use some tips:

    • The threads sit down strongly during weaving. For this, it is better to leave 10 cm of thread for stock.
    • To calculate the length of the thread, multiply the length of the wrist by a factor of 4.3 and add two string lengths.

    Schemes of direct weaving can be on different topics. So, we have considered the question of how to weave braces with straight weaving. Now we proceed to work on the scheme. Good luck in your endeavors!