basal temperature during pregnancy Method for measuring and tracking the level of BT withdrawing up a schedule allows you to follow fertile days, favorable for conception. This method is quite common, they are successfully used by many women in planning pregnancy, to track the overall health. The basal temperature during conception and before it is different. Due to a convenient and understandable schedule, it is easy to determine when menstruation should start, if there are problems with the hormonal level, whether there is a threat to the embryo. Measurements are made according to a certain, clearly drawn up plan, all data are recorded in a special observation sheet.

Basal temperature - what is it?

What is BT, or basal temperature? These are thermometer readings, which are obtained rectally, vaginally or orally after sleep. The temperature level is constantly changing. With the help of the graph, it is easy to understand when the egg ripens, which days are most favorable for conception. The first phase is called follicular, it lasts from the end of menstruation and to ovulation. At this time, the body is dominated by estrogens. The level of BT is kept at 36-36.5 degrees. The duration of the phase is different - from 10 to 20 days. The most favorable time for conception is 3-4 days before ovulation. At this time, the egg can merge with the sperm, after which the formation and development of the embryo will begin. The second phase is called lutein, during this period progesterones predominate. At the place of the bursted follicle, a yellow body forms. Duration - 12-16 days, the temperature keeps at a level of 37 degrees. The third phase develops, if conception has occurred, it can be monitored for 14 days, after which the data become less reliable. basal temperature measurement rules

Baseline temperature measurement rules

In order for the basal temperature chart to be correctly drawn up, it is necessary to ensure that the BT measurements are properly performed. For this, there are special recommendations that will help to make everything right:

  • To measure BT is necessary daily, including the days of menstruation;
  • to measure the level of BT can be not only in the rectum, but also in the vagina, in the mouth. Under the mouse, do not measure, because the testimony will be incorrect. The measurement time is 3-5 minutes;
  • to begin to measure BT it is necessary right after awakening, before meal, it is not necessary to rise;
  • to get the result you need to choose a certain time, clearly follow this condition. It must be remembered that every hour after sleep increases the level by 0.1 degrees;
  • before the measurements, the duration of sleep should be at least 3-4 hours. Before this, you can not get up, go to the toilet;
  • a thermometer for measurements should be used the same, since significant discrepancies are possible;
  • In the procedure it is necessary to lie, it is not recommended to sit down, turn over, as this raises the level of BT;
  • readings should be recorded immediately after measurement;
  • should record in the monitoring schedule all changes relating to poor health, increase or decrease blood pressure;
  • display the level of BT during infectious diseases accompanied by temperature, should not, they do not carry useful information.

Pregnancy pressure

What should be the basal temperature during pregnancy?

Basal temperature during pregnancy changes immediately. It's quite easy to determine without a specialist. Among the characteristic features it should be noted:

  • 5-7 days after ovulation, a decrease is observedtemperature by 0.3-0.5 degrees. This is the so-called implantation of Westernization, when the embryo makes attempts to infiltrate the endometrial tissue of the uterus. That is, he is looking for a suitable place for himself, where he will develop further. During this period, for a period of 1-2 days, there may be a slight bleeding, which is also called implantation. The color of such a bleeding is not bright red, but rather of a light brown, creamy shade;
  • in the second phase, the temperature rises, its level is 37 degrees;
  • before the expected date of the onset of menstruation, there is no characteristic temperature drop, on the contrary, its level rises by 0.2-0.3. On the graph, this is allocated by the third phase;
  • menstruation does not occur, there is an elevated temperature held at the same level for about 16 days. At this time, the first pregnancy test should be done;
  • The schedule may not necessarily be similar toclassical, each organism has an individual, so pregnancy manifestations can also be very different. If there is a possibility of pregnancy, it is best to contact a gynecologist right away.

There are some points that are necessaryto observe at the very beginning of pregnancy, measuring basal temperature. The first couple of weeks should continue to measure BT, as this data can be very important. Indicators that need to be addressed are:

  • the level of BT should be above 37 degrees,if the temperature dropped in the first 2 weeks, it means that the embryo is under threat. Most often it is progesterone insufficiency, it is necessary to see a doctor, do ultrasound;
  • If BT rises higher than 38 degrees, then thisis also a rather formidable sign, indicating the presence of infection, inflammatory process. If such a raise was a one-time and does not happen again, then you should not worry. If the temperature does not decrease, then you should not wait, you just need to make an appointment with a gynecologist;
  • after 14 days the level of BT can no longer be measured, since the indications become implausible, which is promoted by the constantly changing hormonal background.

basal temperature chart during pregnancy

Lowering and raising the temperature level

Basal temperature charts should contain the following lines:

  • month, day of the month;
  • day of the cycle;
  • BT;
  • notes (abnormalities, abundant or poor allocation, fever, stress, taking sleeping pills and other medications, late sleep, etc.).

Only proper management of such a schedule will allowmake appropriate conclusions about the health of the doctor. The ideal BT schedule should contain a line similar to a flying bird, whose wings are spread out to the sides. The difference is from 0.4 degrees, the line should not be flat or chaotic. Increases and decreases in temperature indicate the processes taking place in the body. Rapid changes may suggest possible abnormalities in the body. The high temperature in the first phase of the schedule may indicate such violations:

  • a lack of estrogens. The temperature at this time should fluctuate at a level of 36.2-36.5 degrees. If it rises higher, it signals that the permissible level of estrogens has decreased. With an average temperature of 36.5-36.8 degrees, hormonal drugs are prescribed;
  • increase in the second phase from 37.1 degrees, which lasts more than three days. This is a sign of a hormonal disorder, a doctor's consultation is required;
  • inflammation of the appendages. The symptom of the disease is a rise in temperature in the first phase to 37 degrees, usually it lasts for several days. Gradually it decreases, but ovulation is difficult to calculate.

Lowering the temperature indicates thatthere is a hormonal disorder, the formation of the yellow body is difficult. In case of any violations of the temperature schedule, which are repeated, it is necessary to contact a specialist. This is especially important at the very beginning of pregnancy, when the slightest failures can cause deterioration and affect the fetus negatively. exercise affects the basal temperature

What can be learned from basal temperature readings?

When measuring basal temperature, you canget a lot of data, including hormonal imbalance, the presence of certain diseases, disorders, and also how well the general cycle proceeds. The normal graph between the first and second phase shows the average data difference from 0.4 degrees. If it is lower, then this is a sign of hormonal problems. It is recommended to donate blood to check the level of estrogen, progesterone, go to a gynecologist. An increase in basal temperature is observed if the level of progesterone content is from 2.4-4 ng / ml. All the classical guidelines for decoding the basal temperature charts describe several basic positions of the curve on the graph, each of which determines the overall state.

  • A normal two-phase cyclethe second phase at a value of 0.4 degrees, there is a decrease in the indicator before menstruation. After ovulation, the duration of the enhancement is no longer than 12-14 days.
  • Hormonal insufficiency is shown weaklya pronounced temperature rise of 0.2-0.3 degrees. If such graphs are repeated from cycle to cycle, you should immediately call your doctor, as this is a sign of infertility provoked by hormone deficiency. The increase can be observed only before menstruation, and the necessary decrease before this is absent. The second phase lasts up to 10 days. Pregnancy may occur in some cases, but it is under threat from the very beginning. Sometimes doctors give out a verdict not of infertility, but of miscarriage. If a similar schedule is repeated more than three times in a row, then a doctor's consultation is necessary, since with the beginning of pregnancy there are already problems.
  • Anovulatory cycle occurs about once a yearany woman. If it does not repeat often, then there is no cause for concern. In the cycle there is no ovulation point, if the schedule is constantly repeated, then this indicates infertility, a specialist consultation is necessary.
  • Estrogen deficiency is indicated in the forman irregular chaotic curve that has no signs of any of the listed types. It is most often observed with hormonal disorders, but other factors may have an effect.
  • What affects the changes in basal temperature?

    When measuring basal temperature during pregnancy, it must be remembered that some factors have some influence on it. Among such factors it should be noted:

    • physical exertion, even the most insignificant. Therefore, it is recommended to measure the temperature in the morning immediately after awakening. Lying should be quiet until the process of measurement is completed;
    • when measuring it is necessary to take a horizontal position. You can not sit down, because in this position, the blood supply increases to the organs of the small pelvis, and this will make the testimony incorrect;
    • sleep should be a continuous minimum of 4 hours. If the dream was shorter, then the testimony will be false;
    • you can not have sex just beforeby measurement. If a basal temperature chart is drawn up, you must completely stop the sexual activity for a while, only then you can be sure that all the data is correct. In the last resort, a break of at least 12 hours is required before measuring basal temperature;
    • After waking up, you should not eat, as this has a negative effect on the data. Even for pregnant women, who suffer greatly from toxicosis, one must suffer a little;
    • taking medications can causeincrease or decrease in temperature. At the time of scheduling, we must refuse to take even drugs for headaches, as they will distort the picture, the doctor can not correctly decipher the schedule;
    • colds, infectious diseases. To create a schedule under such conditions does not make sense. For a pregnant woman, even a small cold is a serious reason to see a doctor, you should not postpone such a visit.

    It must be remembered that the basal temperature inthe time of pregnancy is not reliable all the time, but only the first two weeks. As early as the third week, the hormonal background changes greatly, the readings are distorted and become completely useless. Basal temperature allows you to learn a lot about the state of the body, but when drawing up a schedule, you must clearly adhere to the rules for obtaining such data. Small deviations from the instructions will only turn your work into a waste of time.