green tea in pregnancy With the advent of a new life in the body of a womanLife and habits are turned upside down. Immediately there are innumerable questions that can be done and what can not be done. The doctors, friends, mothers, friends are interrogated, the Internet is being monitored. All this is done to create a new map of the world, a new understanding. The rhythm and quality of a woman's life changes completely. Until recently, the beauty ran on thin stiletto heels and smoked the most expensive cigarettes, and today she wears soft slippers and drinks only milk. Revision and reassessment lends itself to daily meals. So much you have to eat, despite your dislike for many dishes. And so much before you can not be loved. There are products, the number of which must be increased while preparing food, and some generally need to be uniquely removed from the diet. Something doctors unanimously advise to consume in unlimited quantities, but something unanimously forbid. To listen to doctors or not - the choice is for a woman who is in anticipation of the baby. But what about the products, the attitude to which is ambiguous? After all, there is a separate category, which is taken for a panacea, then they consider the number one enemy for the female body. So, for example, during pregnancy, green tea enters the category of ambiguous products. Despite the fact that this drink, it would seem, is not the most important dish in the menu, but it depends on what the woman drinks, her health and the condition of the fetus. After all, the baby's body consists of 90% water. There is already a question of the quality and quantity of the liquid. Therefore, many representatives of the fair sex are often asked whether it is possible to drink green tea if you are in a position.

How useful is green tea?

Green tea has long been considered an absolutemedicine. As part of this drink you can find amino acids, vitamins (A, C, K, B1, B2, B9, B12, PP), protein substances and essential oils. By right, it is considered a treasure trove and a storehouse of useful trace elements. For a woman, green tea is a unique drink that gives eternal youth and beauty. And many ladies hearts he conquered with his invigorating and healing properties. So why during pregnancy this miracle drink gets in a zone of doubtful products? What is the other side of the coin? And most importantly, drink or not drink green tea during pregnancy? What does this drink bring more: benefit or harm? What are the advantages, and what are the drawbacks of its use? Let's look at all aspects in detail in order to make the final decision and act for the benefit of the growing baby. can green tea be given to pregnant women

Why do not doctors recommend drinking green tea for pregnant women?

Recently in newspapers and magazines wrote that the greentea during pregnancy can not drink. The noisy studies of the Spanish University of Murcia, during which the negative consequences and the negative impact of this drink on the woman's body were revealed, cast doubt on any healing properties. It turns out that green tea during pregnancy can be harmful. So what's wrong with the boiling water? It's all about caffeine. This is known to be a potent stimulant, which can negatively affect the general condition of the future mother. It provokes heart palpitations and increases blood pressure. Yes, caffeine in green tea is not so much as in the coffee itself. But a small number does not prevent to create a risk zone, especially during the end of the first and second trimesters. It should be remembered that caffeine increases the risk of slowing the formation of fetal development and causes it to miscarry. If the representative of the fair sex - a passionate lover of green tea, then it is during pregnancy to take its amount under control. The dose recommended by doctors is 200 mg per day. But here it is worth considering all the caffeine that enters the body. This is chocolate, and black tea, and cocoa, and, of course, coffee. Therefore, the daily dose of green tea should not exceed two glasses. But you need to limit yourself not only during pregnancy, but also some time after. During lactation it is also necessary to observe the norm, because its violation will lead to an excess of caffeine in the milk, which, in turn. can greatly affect health and affect the peace of the baby.

Green tea is the enemy of folic acid

Everyone knows that folic acid is very importantat the first stages of fetal formation. Its deficiency can lead to dangerous consequences. And it was after the studies of the Spanish University all over the world that they doubted whether it is possible to drink green tea during pregnancy. Scientists, analyzing these studies, said that green tea interferes with the absorption of folic acid during pregnancy. This applies to the assimilation of the drugs in which it is contained. Violation and suppression of the functioning of this acid in the body can provoke defects in the spinal cord. But there are specialists and scientists who disprove these statements, accusing the Spanish doctors of inaccuracy of research and not particularly in-depth analysis. Therefore, in terms of security, still it is worth keeping the amount of tea (green and black) drunk under control. can pregnant women drink green tea

Green tea provokes a lack of iron

Among the opponents of drinking green tea intime of pregnancy, as it turns out, there are doctors and specialists who warn about the difficulties of assimilating iron from food. And this, as you know, can lead to anemia. Therefore, experts recommend not to drink tea immediately after a meal or during, and wait only twenty to thirty minutes after. The ideal time between eating and drinking tea is 40 minutes. But who will tolerate 40 minutes before and 40 minutes after? Although this time interval allows you to save all the vitamins and acids that came with food. Summarizing all that has been said, it is important to note that there are no definitive prohibitions on the use of green tea during pregnancy. As always, it's important to follow the golden mean and know everything in moderation, and most importantly, consult with your doctor who can individually assess your condition and give you the exact advice.

What is the use of green tea?

In fairness, it is worth noting and usefulthe properties of green tea, for which the fair sex is so loved by him. And this, of course, and its taste, and the ability to make stunning drinks (both refreshing and warming). Green tea can be mixed and combined with honey, ginger, milk, mint and lemon. And enjoy the pleasant moments of bliss of taste. Green tea is the enemy of thirst number one. It can be drunk during the day (but by no means during or after a meal), a snack with a teaspoon of honey. It's a snap, because you can not dissolve honey in boiling water. In this state, it becomes a poison. And do not spoil the drink with sugar.

Vitamin and healing green tea

Green tea contains incredibly many usefulsubstances so necessary for pregnant women. This is zinc, and magnesium, and calcium, and iron, as well as many other important elements. He has truly magical properties. Drink improves the condition of pregnant women of the fair sex in toxicoses. During the gestation period, antibiotics should not be used. And in this situation, green tea is a friend of the immune system of a pregnant woman. Due to its properties, it fights against infections, inflammatory processes and strengthens the general condition of the body. Green tea is a source of calcium. And bones and teeth are the weakest place of all pregnant women. Many of the fair sex complain that after giving birth, you have to visit the dentist regularly. The drink strengthens the bones, and also solves many dental problems. Thanks to the tannins that make up tea, the risk of developing periodontal disease decreases. This drink also improves the functioning of the brain. Tea invigorates, drives drowsiness, improves memory and mindfulness. Green tea is under the power and control blood pressure, as well as strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reducing their permeability. Tea protects the fruit from free radicals and other harmful substances.

How to control your health

During pregnancy, women try more abundantlyand more to eat, which in turn leads to increased cholesterol in the body. And this fact affects the increase in blood pressure and causes a risk of obesity in the child. Green tea is known for its properties of controlling cholesterol and pressure. It allows you to maintain all the indicators in the state of the norm. Women during pregnancy can raise blood sugar levels. This can trigger the development of diabetes in a child. Control and lower blood sugar - this task is also possible by green tea. This property (stabilization of sugar) has already been proved. And the drink is advised to be taken to all women who are at risk. Unfortunately, edema accompanies many women during pregnancy. Green tea is able to combat intoxication and is a strong diuretic. The use of this drink helps to remove excess water from the body and facilitate the overall condition. The benefits of green tea can be said endlessly. How many centuries ago, and many centuries in the future, it will be extolled and worshiped. About his harm, and now continue to argue and conduct scientific research, making speeches on this topic. But you, in the first place, should listen to yourself. And then you can answer your question: is it possible for pregnant women to have green tea. After all, each person's body reacts differently to the same substance. And, of course, it's always worth keeping to the norm.