scaly skin on the face Almost every one of us in our life has hadmoments when the skin on the face unpleasantly contracted and began to peel off. Itching, redness, dry skin - all these troubles are almost impossible to disguise. On such a skin is difficult to accurately apply cosmetics - the tonal funds literally roll down and "crack" on scales of flaky skin, giving the appearance of untidy, neglected appearance. Moreover, oily skin is also able to peel off and deliver a lot of trouble to its owner. There are many ways to combat this scourge, but first let's try to find out: where does the peeling of the skin on the face come from and how to prevent it?

Causes of skin peeling

All the causes of skin peeling can be attributed to twotypes - external and internal. Let's try to consider the reasons why our skin is so often flaky, it itches and gets a rather painful look. External causes External causes are those factors that influence our organism "from the outside". For example, direct sunlight or a strong frost in winter are quite capable of leading the skin to dryness and peeling, causing redness. Do not forget to use special cosmetics for skin care to minimize the negative effects of climatic factors to a minimum. And, by the way, about cosmetics. Quite often, women cause serious damage to the health of the skin, simply not being able to properly use decorative cosmetics. Someone does not observe the simplest hygiene requirements and does not purify the skin, but someone uses expired or unsuitable for their type of skin products. Sometimes it is enough to change the line of skin care products, so that the scaly skin gets a healthy, well-groomed look. To prevent skin peeling on the face due to improper use of cosmetics, let's recall the basic principles of skin care:

  • First of all, do not forget to clean regularlyskin from cosmetics and dust particles, do it at any time of the year, in winter and in summer. Do you remember how in childhood we were told that cleanliness is a guarantee of health? So why not apply this rule to our skin?
  • If you are accustomed to wash with the usualsoap, then try changing it to a special cleansing foam - so your skin will shrink less and peel off. This advice is especially relevant for those with skin that is dry and sensitive by nature. Modern foam for washing perfectly care for the skin of the face - moisturize and nourish it, making the skin smooth and silky.
  • After washing, do not wipe your face with a hard towel - so you can hurt sensitive skin. Use a soft cloth or napkin, do not rub your face - just lightly pat it.
  • For deeper cleansing, use lotions and tonics, they will help remove dirt from the deepest pores in your skin.
  • No matter how tired you are, never go to bed with cosmetics on your face. Daily cleansing of the face should be an obligatory ritual of your life.
  • Do not use cosmetic products containing alcohol - they dry your skin, causing itching and flaking. Buy natural cosmetics from proven manufacturers.

Do not forget that we live in an eratechnical progress, where bad ecology is the eternal companion of our time. Contaminated air, bad water, the effect of ultraviolet rays in the summer and severe frost in winter - all these factors have a very negative effect on our health in general, and peeling of the facial skin is a confirmation. And if everyone has the opportunity to move to a village and breathe clean air, then everyone can provide themselves with quality water. What to do if the skin is flaky on the face? Wash clean, filtered water. Believe me, you will soon feel the difference: the skin condition will improve dramatically. Internal causes It is much more difficult to eliminate another cause - internal, because here all the troubles with the skin are directly related to the state of your body. These can be diseases, hormonal disorders, or simply a lack of vitamins. Here, no matter how hard you try to bring your face in order with the help of cosmetics, it is difficult to achieve a serious effect: itching and flaking will appear again and again. In this case, be more serious about your health and start fighting with the problem "from within". If the scaling on the skin is caused by the usual lack of vitamins in the body (especially acute this problem arises in the winter), then why not make them up in a natural way? Just eat the food you need:

  • Vitamin A - egg yolk, liver, butter, apricots, carrots, pumpkin, parsley, spinach.
  • Vitamin B - fresh fish, dairy products, black grain bread, brown rice, green apples, cabbage, melon.
  • Vitamin E - nuts, seeds, broccoli, cucumbers, potatoes, radish.
  • Vitamin F - vegetable oils, fish, corn, black currant, cereals.

Regularly using all these products insufficient quantity, you will be able to quickly restore normal skin condition - redness, itching and flaking will remain in the past. Fill up the stores of useful substances can also special vitamin complexes, they can be found in any pharmacy. In order to choose the most suitable option for you, consult your doctor. Another internal cause causing skin peeling may be a lack of fluid in the body. There is nothing surprising in the fact that the face is peeling and cracking, if there are insufficient moisture in your body for the normal functioning of the body. Try not to tolerate dehydration and drink at least one and a half or two liters of liquid per day (avoid sweet and strong drinks - these are serious enemies of your skin's health). peeling of skin on the face

Home skin care

As we know, the skin is scaly due to the formationdead cells on its surface. To clean the top layer of deadened particles, you need to use soft scrubs. You can buy such a tool in the store, and you can make it yourself. The most affordable and easy to prepare are coffee and cucumber scrubs, they can make any mistress at home:

  • Coffee Scrub

In the coffee grounds left after drinking coffee,add a few drops of any flavor oil. Apply the mixture on your face and massage for five to ten minutes. Remove the rests of scrub with warm water.

  • Cucumber Scrub

Grate one cucumber in a small grater, add totwo tablespoons of crushed Herculean flakes. Infuse the mixture for half an hour. Then apply to the skin with light circular motions. Do the procedure for about five to ten minutes, then wash your face with warm water. Do not abuse scrubs, do not put them on a daily basis. Twice a week before bedtime - this is quite enough to prevent peeling on the skin. After scrub, apply a nourishing mask on the face, it will soothe and moisten the irritated skin. It is especially important to use such masks in winter, when the skin lacks nutrients and vitamins. In any cosmetic shop you can buy a ready-made mask, but there are several popular recipes that have been tested by time:

  • Carrot mask

One carrot, grated on a fine grater, mixwith one tablespoon of ground oat or Herculean flakes. Add one tablespoon of warm milk to the resulting mass and apply to the face. Leave the mask for twenty minutes, then rinse.

  • Banana mask

The flesh of one ripe banana is ground toget a gruel, add there one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply gruel to your face for fifteen to twenty minutes. Wash off with warm water. After the mask is washed off, apply a slightly moist face skin cream. You can enhance the effect of soft scrubs and masks, if you alternate their use with massage procedures. Believe me, it's not difficult to do massage at home - it's enough to carefully study the facial massage lines.

  • Honey massage

A tablespoon of honey mixed with a tablespoonwater. After cleansing the face, massage this mixture for five minutes. Then remove the remnants of the honey mixture with warm water, pat dry with a napkin and apply a moisturizing cream.

  • Oatmeal massage

Boil one tablespoon of oatmeal on milk,add a teaspoon of olive oil, honey and one egg yolk. The resulting mixture is applied an even thin layer on the face and in a circular motion massage. The mixture is held on the face for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed off with warm water. If you have dry, problematic skin, then olive oil is an excellent remedy in the fight against peeling. Daily, with a cotton swab impregnated with olive oil, wipe the problem areas of the facial skin. After a few minutes, when the bulk of the oil is absorbed, remove the residues with a dry swab. What to do if the skin on the face is peeling, itch and crack, despite all the procedures? Of course, it is urgent to see a doctor. Most likely, the causes of ecdysis in the disease. After a long and persistent skin peeling, sometimes accompanied by itching, can be the cause of the disease - eczema, psoriasis or seborrhea. The professional will help to quickly determine the cause of skin peeling and will advise effective methods and means of eliminating this problem. In any case, do not forget to take care of your face every day, moisturize and nourish it. With such care your skin will always be smooth, radiant and healthy. We advise you to read: