how to lose weight after giving birth quickly Nine long months of bearing a child andmaternity home behind, and you finally come home with a precious bundle in your hands and a persistent feeling of happiness on your soul. You are a mother, and now your family has become more for one little man. But the addition did not end there. The mirror in the hallway and the old things that you wore before pregnancy will tell you about it indifferently. We are talking about extra pounds. They will force you to change your wardrobe and buy bigger things. And it is because of them that you are ashamed to undress on the beach. Who will like after 44 sizes and admiring men's looks wear a baggy 48th and faceless title "hey, woman"? Yes, no one! That's why young mothers are puzzled by the problem: how to lose weight after giving birth quickly and without harm to the baby? The situation is complicated by the fact that any change in diet can affect the quality of breast milk, so you will not be able to use the old proven method called "diet". So how to be? Really feeding mum is destined to hide extra pounds under spacious clothes? No and no again! We will teach you how to lose weight quickly after giving birth.

We move a lot and with pleasure

In the last months of pregnancy, many womenlimit themselves to physical exertion. They practically do not walk, climb to the apartment on the elevator and in every way try to automate the work around the house. It is understandable. Try to climb to the sixth floor with a huge belly or at least sweep the floor with a broom! Many people do not see a broom in their hands, but they can not even see the floor. As for walks, everything is also sad and predictable. A future mother might want to walk in the park, but swollen feet dictate her regime, forcing the woman to obediently sit on a bench. After childbirth (especially after cesarean section), the weakened organism also does not go for sports jogging. However, if you are determined to lose weight, you will have to move. Start with the fact that during a walk with the baby do not sit on the bench in the company of young mothers, and walk. You can choose a specific route on an uneven surface to roll a wheelchair was a little more difficult. As a result, your body will spend more energy than walking on a flat asphalt track. Day after day, extend the distance traveled. The next stage will be the purchase of a home simulator, or at least a hulaohupa. The hoop will help to return the waist to the slender, and the treadmill will reduce the indication on the floor scales. Of course, this will happen under the condition of daily training, so collect the will into a fist and deal with yourself. Moreover, 15-20 minutes a day for the return of harmony will be enough. how to quickly lose weight after giving birth

Eating right

Breastfeeding mother is constantly trying to impose the idea ofthat she should eat for two. And many women are intensively beginning to drink tea with condensed milk (even in breaks between feedings), there is fatty cottage cheese. And, they do it not at a certain time, but chaotically. It often happens that a young mother devotes herself all day to cares for a baby, and when he falls asleep, runs to the refrigerator and gorges for future use. Do you recognize yourself? So, your extra pounds are the result of a messy diet. So let's learn to eat right.

  • First, reduce the fat content of milk and cottage cheese, which you eat.
  • Do not drink tea with condensed milk around the clock. Half the cup before feeding is enough to strengthen lactation.
  • Stop eating at the baby's porridge. What is more important to you - the remains of delicious dairy nutrition or the preservation of your own waist?
  • Do not eat four hours before bedtime. If overpowering the hunger fails, beat the appetite with a glass of fat-free yogurt or an apple.
  • Drink vitamins, specially created for nursingmother. First, they will enrich the breast milk with all the useful trace elements. Secondly, they will help to recover after childbirth. For women after cesarean section, vitamins should be selected individually, and this should be done by the attending physician.
  • Try to eat more than three times a day. The less often you eat, the more you choose for your portion. And this is harmful for the stomach and for the figure. Forget that you need to eat twice as much. It is a myth.
  • Remember the wise proverb: "Eat breakfast, lunch with a friend, give the dinner to the enemy"? If you stick to this principle, soon the old clothes will fit you. And with her and the flattering title of "girl".
  • Do not deprive ourselves of rest

    What every woman dreams after pregnancy andchildbirth? Not only about how to lose weight quickly after birth. The young mother wants to sleep more than anything, because young children live according to their script and like to wake up several times a night. Add to this the stress after pregnancy and childbirth (or worse - after cesarean), and get a worn out and exhausted woman. She would have peace and quiet! In practice, it turns out that a young mother in those rare hours when the child finally falls asleep, rushes to cook dinner, clean and wash the diapers. A familiar picture? But for a lactating woman, rest is simply vital, because as she and her breastmilk give the child her psychological state. If the mother is nervous all day, then the child will almost certainly arrange a sleepless night for the parents. So do not forget about the rest. Did the baby fall asleep? Throw a household, sleep a little. Believe me, your family does not need clean plates, but a healthy and smiling mother. We do not encourage you to lie on your bed all day and completely abandon all business. Find the golden mean. For example, learn to entrust part of household duties to your household. They must understand that it is not easy for you now, and try to make your fate as easy as possible. Learn to relax properly? Then the weight will return to normal. Since very often we simply "seize" our fatigue with an extra pie or candy.


    Nature arranged so that the female body inthe period of pregnancy is prepared not only for childbirth, but also for the upcoming feeding. It follows that the extra centimeters at the waist is nothing more than a fat supply for future lactation. Plus, a diet for a nursing woman simply will not let you get better: nothing greasy, a minimum of sweet, fried is contraindicated, salty - too. Where can I talk about extra pounds? Therefore, do not rush to tighten the chest after childbirth or cesarean. Moreover, together with breastfeeding, an invisible connection is established between the mother and the child. And this, believe me, is much more important than the problem of "how fast to lose weight after childbirth." Finally, I would like to wish all young mothers not to dwell on their own weight. Focus on the child: his health, his mood. Catch the first smile of the baby, the first word. Radiate your love, plunge into the joy of motherhood, and a slim figure will not keep you waiting. We advise you to read: