salad with caviar and shrimps On a holiday, whether it's a wedding, a birthday, orNew Year, you always think about what to put on the table, than to surprise your dear guests. Dishes, in the recipe of which include shrimp and caviar, will be here at the right time! After all, red caviar is rightly considered the food of aristocrats, a sign of luxury and richness of taste. Another plus is that red caviar is incredibly useful for a person: it in excess contains essential fatty acids, which hinder the development of heart diseases, protect against depression and strengthen the human immunity. Considering the commonplace of common sandwiches with red caviar, we offer you a selection of recipes, which include not only this product, but also the ingredients suitable for it.

Salad "Shrimp under a fur coat"

In fact, the recipe for this salad is created bymotifs of all known "herring under a fur coat", only this variant we consider more festive and refined. Instead of fish, royal prawns are used here. Salad on top is covered with a beautiful layer of red caviar. The dish turns out delicious and nutritious, looks very appetizing. Ingredients:

  • red caviar - 180 grams
  • 3 eggs
  • potatoes - 2 pieces
  • royal shrimps - 800 grams
  • greenery
  • salt
  • mayonnaise - 50 grams

Cooking method: Most likely, when buying royal prawns, you will already have boiled and frozen seafood in the store. In order to properly prepare them, you need to open the package, put the shrimp in boiling water, immediately reduce the heat and stoke a little, giving them a defrost. Turn off the fire after 5-10 minutes and drain. Allow the shrimp to cool and then clean from shells. Boil eggs and potatoes separately. Clean and, again, grate separately. Take a large salad bowl, better transparent, and in turn lay the prepared foods in layers, each soaking with mayonnaise. The first "floor" will be shrimps - lay out half of their number, cutting each into three parts. Next is a layer of boiled grated potatoes, then eggs, then again comes the "floor" of shrimp (leave a few whole molluscs to decorate the salad). Lubricate thickly with mayonnaise and finish your salad with a layer of red caviar. To ensure that the top of the dish is not worn out, the mayonnaise slip under it should be thicker than usual. Dress the salad with whole shrimps, greens. Give him the opportunity to brew for a while. And invite the guests to the table. salad with shrimps and caviar

Salad with caviar and squid "Neptune"

Insanely gentle salad, pleasure for trueconnoisseurs of seafood. If you like a combination of crab sticks, shrimp and squid, then we suggest you take note of this recipe. In some sources, this salad with shrimps and caviar is cooked without eggs. But, in case of a holiday in your house, we recommend you our recipe for salad "Neptune" - its taste will be more intense and softer than usual. If you have a romantic date, you can leave only seafood in the ingredients. Ingredients:

  • 180 grams of red caviar
  • Crab sticks - 200 grams
  • fillets of squid - 300 grams
  • 5 eggs
  • mayonnaise - 50 grams
  • 300 grams of shrimp

Cooking method: Depending on what kind of shrimp you have purchased in the store, choose the method of preparation. If the seafood has a pink color of the shell, then before the freezing they were boiled. They should only be thawed in hot or warm water, they do not have to be cooked any more. If the prawns of their natural gray color, then they need to boil in the brine. The recipe for this is: put spices, bay leaves, peppercorns, salt in the water, be sure to add fresh greens. In this brine, boil the shrimp until done. Water from seafood do not rush to pour, in this chic brine you have to boil and squid. Finished frozen fillets of the latter throw in boiling water and cook until 5 minutes. Remember that squid meat can not be digested, because it can become tight. Pull it out in time, let it drain, chill and cut into pieces. Crab sticks cut in circles. Eggs should be boiled, then remove the shell and carefully detach the squirrels, and then cut them with thin feathers. All ingredients are placed in a wide salad bowl, add mayonnaise, mix. Only then lay out the red caviar. Since it is fragile in itself, stir the salad only slightly so that the eggs do not splinter. Salt this dish is not necessary, because mayonnaise and caviar and so contain a sufficient amount of seasoning. salad with shrimps and caviar recipe

Sea miracle salad

Would you like to taste the food of aristocrats? Yes, maybe they add a spoonful of caviar to their salads, but much more. Nevertheless, ordinary people like red caviar no less than aristocrats. We are pleased to offer you a culinary recipe for an affordable salad with caviar. It is called "Sea miracle", in this case, juices of pineapples and Bulgarian pepper are added to seafood. Ingredients:

  • Red caviar - 100 grams
  • pineapple canned - 3 rings
  • 50 grams of mayonnaise
  • shrimp - 500 grams
  • salad leaves
  • 1 pepper Bulgarian

Cooking method: This salad is recommended to serve in kremankah, each serving is personal, so take care of the dishes beforehand. Start cooking this salad with the preparation of all ingredients: lettuce leaves cut into thin strips. Bulgarian pepper is washed, remove the tail and clean inside of the seeds and partitions and cut into thin strips. Defrost the shrimp, then boil them in a brine, which includes salt water, pepper and dill. Shrimp cooks quickly. Leave them for another 15 minutes soak with the taste and smell of spicy broth. Then remove and peel. If shrimps are small, leave them whole if you have caught bigger individuals, for convenience, cut each into several pieces. All the products that you prepared earlier, except for caviar, put in a large bowl and mix, filling with mayonnaise. Ready salad spread on kremankam, putting in each serving a spoonful of red caviar. To decorate a green or a small slice of lemon.

Salad with seafood in tartlets

If you want to please the guests not onlytasty dish, and its original appearance, we recommend you a recipe for salad in tartlets. The dish will become an expressive decoration of the festive table. Tartlets, filled with delicacies, have an attractive miniature shape, they are convenient to eat with a fork and hands. Plus, now they do not have to be baked on their own, but you can buy them in the store. Ingredients:

  • red caviar - 1 jar
  • 300 grams of shrimp
  • mushrooms - 300 grams
  • 4 eggs
  • 100 grams of cheese
  • mayonnaise - 50 grams
  • ready-made tartlets - 10-15 pieces
  • green onion

Cooking method:Boil the eggs, cool, separate the proteins. You won't need yolks for this salad. Cut the whites into thin strips. Boil the shrimp in a spicy brine, adding salt, bay leaves, spices, herbs. Remove from water and peel. The salad recipe includes mushrooms. We recommend taking fresh mushrooms, because they will need to be fried. So, wash the mushrooms, cut them, send them to the hot pan, and fry them with the addition of vegetable oil. Don't forget to salt and pepper the mushrooms. After searing, turn the heat on and simmer for another 15 minutes. Cool it down. Grate hard cheese on a coarse grater. Mix all the ingredients of the salad, not counting the caviar, in a deep bowl, season with mayonnaise. Fill each tartlet with salad, carefully put a teaspoon of caviar on top, make decorations from green onions. Bon appetit and good holiday! Salads with seafood and red caviar are undoubtedly an exquisite accent of the festive table. In addition to the usual celebrations, they can be prepared for all kinds of parties, corporate events, dinner parties or romantic dates. We hope that you will choose some original recipes based on these delicacies, bring them to life, and your holiday will be full of pleasant impressions.