fruit salad What can be tastier and more pleasant than refreshingsalads from fruit? You can eat them in the summer at the cottage or replace the high-calorie dessert, and for children the fruit salad is heavenly bliss! Especially good are the original fruit salads for breakfast - this is an excellent and invigorating start to the day. It is worth mentioning how many calories it contains such a breakfast - usually from two hundred to four hundred; and the benefits of it are simply invaluable. How many fruits in the world, there are so many options how to make a fruit salad, and they are all fairly simple, and the pleasure delivers a lot.

Fruit salad elemental

This is a very simple fruit salad that canTo serve you both for breakfast and for a snack, and as a dessert. However, unlike other sweet dishes, the benefits of this fruit salad is undeniable. The recipe includes elementary fruits that can be found in almost any refrigerator:

  • two bananas
  • two apples
  • three slices of pineapple
  • bunch of grapes
  • half a glass of condensed milk

Take bananas, apples and pineapple and slice them.small cubes. Add grapes to these cubes. Season a delicious salad with condensed milk, mix thoroughly and put in a refrigerator - this should be done for better cooling. Despite the fact that the recipe for this salad is simple enough, you can give it an attraction if you use additional decoration - for example, cut out apples from roses or try to decorate the fruit with green lettuce leaves (do not panic, it's a very "delicious" move!).

Fruit salad with honey and oranges

But what if you want to do something moreInteresting? In this case, you will be interested in this spicy and incredibly delicious recipe for oriental dessert. The rose water that enters it is an essence of rose petals dissolved in distilled water (pink water used for cosmetic purposes is not suitable for salad). You can replace it with something else, but it is the aroma of roses that gives this recipe the distinctiveness and spirit of the east. Calorie content is two hundred and fifty calories. In order to make this salad, you will need:

  • four pitted oranges
  • one grenade
  • two tablespoons of rose water
  • two tablespoons of honey
  • handful of pistachios
  • pinch of cinnamon

Peel the citrus from white flesh and peel. Remove the bones, cut them into circles. Take a pre-cooked dish and lay on it oranges, sprinkling them with the juice left after cutting on the board. Take the pink water and pour it into the citrus, add honey and cinnamon to them. The beautiful design of this salad includes the sprinkling of fruits with nuts and pomegranate seeds. Superfluous will not be and the decoration of fruit salad - mint; put it on top, and you can serve to the table.

Tropical fruit salad

Do you think how many options there arecooking fruit salad for breakfast? This is one of them, and very tasty - a combination of strawberries and tropical fruits can not help decorating your day! The cooking time is five to ten minutes. Calorie content is two hundred and ten calories. To prepare one portion of this delicacy you will need:

  • one orange
  • one kiwi
  • one banana
  • four strawberries
  • spoon of natural yogurt

Cut the orange into cubes the size of about onecentimeter. Kiwi and banana is better cut into mugs - so the dish will look more beautiful and appetizing. Cut each strawberry into four pieces. Put it all in a small bowl and pour with yogurt. Slightly mix the yogurt with the fruit.

Mint-grapefruit variation

This salad is also called a vitamin bomb, after allthe fruits in its composition are very useful, and pineapple is generally a natural calorie burner. This delicious recipe will be an excellent option for what you can eat for breakfast. The cooking time is fifteen minutes. Calorie content is two hundred calories. So, for fruit salad preparation you will need:

  • one big orange
  • one pink grapefruit
  • half grenade
  • fifty grams of sugar
  • a few mint leaves
  • vanilla

Prepare a flat dish with bumpers in advanceheight about one centimeter. Cut the peel of citrus with a thin knife and cut them across a thickness of about half a centimeter, put them on a dish through one. Cook the sugar to taste in fifty milliliters of water, add the vanilla and cool. In order to level the bitterness of fruit, you can take a little more sugar. Garnet pomegranates sprinkle oranges, pour them with cooled syrup and decorate with mint leaves. By the way, instead of vanilla, you can add mint tea to the syrup - it's very refreshing! fruit salad

Fruit salad in French

This recipe is an illustration of what isCooking is often a very original and unusual combination of products. The time of salad preparation is thirty minutes. Calorie content is three hundred and fifty calories. Four servings you will need:

  • two small sweet melons with yellow flesh
  • two hundred and fifty grams of semi-dry wine
  • two tablespoons of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • two tablespoons of cognac

Cut the melons across in half, taking them out of them.seeds and liquid flesh. With a small circular notch, cut the balls out of the hard melon pulp. Put the balls in a bowl and pour wine. Close the lid and put it in the refrigerator for about six hours. Place two halves of melon for serving in the refrigerator. With the melon balls, drain the juice with the wine. Mix two tablespoons of wine with orange juice and cognac. Put the balls in halves of melon and pour orange juice. Once again for half an hour put the infusion in the refrigerator, then serve to the table. With salad, serve freshly baked unsweetened buns. How long do you think you can eat fruit salads? Very, very long, because it's easy and simple: cut the fruit, mix and add "sauce" (yogurt or syrup). So you yourself can become the creator of your own recipes: it's enough to come up with an original decoration - and your fruit extravaganza is ready! We advise you to read: