crafts from salted dough All children love molding plasticine from plasticine withoutexceptions. But, unfortunately, plasticine crafts have a very short life. How to be, if you want to keep your memory for many years? In this case, pay attention to the beautiful crafts made from salted dough. Surely everyone has heard that from a specially prepared test, very beautiful and, most importantly, long-lasting products are obtained. And now, on the eve of March 8, modeling of salted dough can become very relevant and in demand. Some mothers mistakenly believe that this kind of children's creativity is designed exclusively for small children of two to three years. However, this error is fundamentally wrong. In fact, older children, and even teenagers, are also happy to mold out salted dough. And the child can create unique gifts from a salty dough for mom, grandmother or sister. Although, of course, not without the help of adults. As a rule, joint lessons of molding from salted dough bring a whole lot of pleasure to both the child and the adult, and is an excellent way to strengthen the emotional connection and to establish contact with the child. Before acquainting the reader with the technique of modeling salted dough, I would like to tell you a little about the history of the salted dough. Such a dough is very plastic, that's why it is ideal for creating various figures of various shapes and various compositions from salted dough. If you know how to make a salty dough correctly, it will not crack or crumble for many years. These features of the salty text were well known to our ancestors. Women from salty dough sculpted figures of birds and animals, children made real toys from salted dough. In addition, products from salted dough in ancient pagan Russia were used for various ceremonies and ceremonies. Such figures also served as symbolic gifts for the wedding, for the birth of a child. The recipe for the preparation of a salted dough was passed from mother to daughter, and thus reached our days. Many people turned modeling into real craftsmanship, creating true masterpieces of salted dough. Of course, in the event that you have never previously made a salted dough, the first time to create a masterpiece of salty dough is unrealistic. However, just a few lessons of modeling of salted dough, and you and your child will be able to make a sufficient number of wonderful gifts from salted dough. Interested? If you decide to try to make figurines from a salted dough, the photo can be a wonderful source of inspiration for you at first. And gradually you will learn how to come up with whole compositions from salted dough. However, in order for the work to bring real pleasure, and the products were durable, you need to know how to prepare a salty dough. It only seems at first glance that cooking a salted dough for modeling does not require any special knowledge and skills. However, in fact, the composition of the salted dough is of great importance. If you take an ordinary dough that is cooked constantly, and just add salt to it, working with it will not be comfortable, and children's crafts made of salted dough very quickly lose their presentable appearance. That's why, before you start working, you need to figure out how to make a salted dough. Over time, you can even invent a recipe for salted dough for crafts, changing the number of components to suit your needs, but at the beginning of your creative path you will have to learn how to make a salted dough based on the experience of other people. Salted dough for modeling, the first recipe. As mentioned earlier, the composition of the salt test is very important, so strictly observe all proportions. Before preparing a salt dough for modeling, make sure that you have:

  • Wheat flour, preferably of the highest grade - 500 grams.
  • Table salt, always finely ground - 200 grams.
  • The water is cold - 200 grams.

Talking about how to properly make salteddough, you can not help but talk about how to knead a salty dough. But the kneading test plays almost the same important role as its composition. Pour the required amount of salt into the test batch, then pour it with water and mix until completely dissolved in water. After this, stirring constantly, pour the flour into the water. Thoroughly knead the dough until it stops sticking to the hands and becomes steep and elastic. If you prepare the dough in advance, and not immediately before styling, store the dough in a plastic bag to avoid drying it. This recipe for salted dough for handicrafts is optimal for classes with the youngest children who can decide to try the finished product for a tooth. All components are absolutely harmless to the child's body and will not do any harm. And the consistency of the dough is very convenient for work. Salty dough for modeling crafts can be prepared as follows. For its preparation, you will need components such as:

  • Wheat flour of the highest grade is 200 grams.
  • Cooking salt, strictly ground - 200 grams
  • Ordinary glue for paper wallpapers - two tablespoons.
  • About 200 ml. water.

By the way, instead of wallpaper paste, you can useany nourishing hand cream or ordinary children's cream. Also, you need to consider how to properly knead the salted dough, to achieve the best result. Mix in a suitable container of salt, glue and flour, then, continuously stirring, pour a thin stream of water. After this, the dough should be properly mixed until it stops sticking to the hands. Also, the dough must never be crumbled. The following recipe for making a salted dough is ideal for modeling complex compositions with lots of details. To prepare it, prepare the following ingredients:

  • Wheat flour of the highest grade is 200 grams.
  • Sunflower or any other vegetable oil - 50 ml.

In the dishes it is necessary to pour out salt and flour,to stir thoroughly. After that, add butter and half a glass of water. Mix until the required density is obtained. Experienced masters use a special secret of how to make a salty dough. Instead of water, they use a specially prepared kissel. In this case, the dough is surprisingly plastic. To make a kissel you will need potato starch. Starch (one tablespoon) must be dissolved in 100 ml. water at room temperature. Leave on for 5 - 10 minutes for swelling, stirring occasionally. At this time, you need to boil a glass of water. After the water boils, gradually pour into it a prepared solution of starches, without forgetting to stir constantly, to avoid the formation of lumps. After the kissel thickens, remove the pan from the fire. The cooled kissel is used to make a salty dough for modeling crafts. If the dough is too soft, just add a little flour and mix it to the desired density. You will very soon learn how to make a salted dough, the work with which is best suited for you. However, to obtain a finished product, one information on how to make salty dough correctly is not enough. Masters share some more secrets and techniques for working with a salt test. salted dough for modeling

How to color and dry the salted dough?

In order for the resulting article to be bright,colorful and the most realistic, it must be painted. The second secret of the masters is how to color the salted dough. Some masters prefer to dye the finished dough with a brush. This method of dyeing a salted dough is good for older children, who already confidently hold a brush in their hands and always get it to the place that is necessary. For the creativity of younger children, you can recommend the following method of coloring. Buy gouache or acrylic paints. Please note that the paint should have a pasty consistency - if necessary, dilute the paint with water. Pick up a small piece of dough and roll it into a ball-shaped state. After that, make a small groove in the center of the ball, and place the paint. Then knead the dough until it has an even color. Similarly, prepare the color test set you need. It is desirable to leave a little test unpainted, in case, if suddenly the test of any color is not enough. For products - gifts on March 8 useful dough of gold and silver. For its preparation you will need a gouache of gold or silver shade. And if you add a special gel with a splash in it, designed specifically for gouache, you will get a stunningly beautiful hand-made articles. In order for you not to be distracted during the modeling process, it is worthwhile to prepare the workplace in advance. Cover the table with oilcloth or just a plastic film. Be sure to prepare the board for modeling. For these purposes, you can buy a cutting board or just a cardboard of a suitable size, which must be wrapped in ordinary foil for baking. This is very convenient, because you can put ready-made products for annealing in the oven right on the working surface, which reduces the risk of damage to the figure. Put on the table glasses with sunflower and vegetable oil, and also prepare clean cloths, a paintbrush, a pencil, a knife, an awl or a gypsy needle. All this is useful to you in the process of creating beautiful crafts from salted dough. After you have prepared everything you need, you can start working directly. Each master has his own techniques of molding from salted dough. However, there are several generally accepted techniques, which will be discussed below. The most important thing to remember is that even the most complex masterpieces from a salted dough consist of very simple elements. That is why it is so important to learn how to make elementary figures - sausages, balls, spheres. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. For example, in order to make a ball, it is necessary to take a piece of dough of the necessary size and in circular movements of the palms to form a ball out of neg. If the ball is squeezed between the palms, you will get a cake, and if you flatten the ball on the one hand and pull it out slightly on the other side, you will get a droplet. Sausage is even easier to make - even the smallest children will cope with this task. To do this, simply roll out a piece of dough between the palms. If you roll this sausage with a pencil, lightly pressing on it, you will get a ribbon. By the way, modeling is a wonderful way to develop fine motor skills in children. To get a plate, roll the dough with a rolling pin or a simple bottle. From this plate you can cut with the knife the elements you need. Note that you need to cut out shapes immediately after the dough is rolled out. Otherwise, the dough will dry, and on the edges of the figures will be formed ugly cracks. In order that the dough does not stick to the hands and surfaces, it must be greased with vegetable oil. You can use beads, buttons and fabrics for decoration. However, if you are planning a subsequent firing of products from salted dough, pay attention to that the beads were made of glass, and the fabrics were not synthetic. Otherwise, you risk getting a melted product. If simple crafts made from salted dough for you have already passed the stage, you will want to do something more complicated. Do not be afraid of it, because all the complicated crafts are made by the same analogy. However, their creation will take much longer. And, of course, you will want to keep them. In this case, you can not do without roasting. Masters are often asked how to dry a salted dough. The best option for drying the puff pastry is roasting in the oven. The ideal temperature for firing is 100 - 120 degrees. If the temperature is higher, your products may become black and cracked. The firing time should be about 30 minutes. In the event that you have an electric oven, set the temperature is easy. But the owners of gas stoves will have to be more difficult, they will have to set the temperature by experience. In order not to spoil the finished product, it is worth choosing the temperature, burning a piece of an unnecessary test. Some advise to dry the dough in a microwave oven. However, this should also not be done, because the finished product must be cracked. Of course, you can dry the product in the sun or the radiator, however, how much dry the salted dough in such conditions is difficult to say. This process can take two to three days, and a week. It depends on many factors, including the size of the product. In order to prevent cracking and burnout of hand-made articles, they can be covered with ordinary acrylic lacquer. The varnish dries in a few hours, it is non-toxic and can be used safely for children's creativity. So, you and your child decided: "We make presents from the salted dough for March 8th." First of all, you need to decide what kind of craftsmanship you will create. Salted dough allows you not to limit your imagination. First of all, you and your baby should decide for whom you are making a gift. Children probably enjoy the smeshariki from salted dough. Smeshariki are the heroes of a very popular and beloved children's cartoon. And, of course, any child will be happy to receive as a gift of his own smesharika. In order to make a smesharika of salted dough, you will need the image of the chosen hero, in order not to miss the small details of appearance. The basis of the toy, as you guessed it, is the ball, to which the rest of the toy parts must be attached. To ensure that the joints of the products are strong, moisten the joints with ordinary water beforehand. After the smesharik is ready and burned, it is necessary to draw all small details - a mouth, a nose, with a brush. And in the end, cover the finished toy with lacquer. For older girls, who already have pocket money, a beautiful gift for March 8 will be a piggy bank of salted dough. To make a piggy bank of puff pastry, you will need to use a wire frame. Form the wire from the necessary "skeleton" for the piglet, then roll the dough to the plates. Plates, in turn, tighten the frame, like skin. After that, you can proceed directly to the piggy bank. You can decorate it with beads or ribbons, colorize, or give it the shape of a little beast. In the end, do not forget to cover the coin box with lacquer. Photo frames from salted dough will also be an excellent gift. Making such a framework is not at all complicated. You can, for example, decorate a simple, simple wooden picture frame. To do this, very thinly roll the salted dough and wrap it with a wooden base. After that, you can start decorating the frame with various elements of the decor - the choice is limited only by your imagination and nothing else. You can go even further and make a very beautiful frame of unusual shape. To do this you will need thick cardboard, a sharp clerical knife is your fantasy. The frame can have the form of a fish or a kitten, and maybe a fairy-tale castle or a flower pot. Cut out the base of cardboard, then roll the salted dough very thinly and wrap it in a cardboard base. After that, start decorating the frame itself. In addition to the frames, you can make various souvenirs from salted dough. Very much loved by almost all women magnets on the refrigerator. Simple magnetic balls you can buy at almost any hardware store. Well and further business of technics. You can create absolutely any figure and just press a magnet into it, and then send it to the oven for firing. Be sure to cover the ready souvenir from the salted dough with acrylic lacquer. Paintings from salted dough can decorate any interior. They are appreciated by every woman. Of course, creating pictures is more difficult than creating simple children's crafts from salted dough, but the result is worth the effort. The production of paintings from salted dough has its own specifics and features. The dough for making paintings should be a little softer than for conventional crafts. In addition, the basis for the picture is very important. Of course, you can use plain paper, but because of the smooth texture, you may have difficulty with fixing the elements of the picture. The most optimal for making pictures of salt dough suitable common sacking. Thanks to the rough structure, the parts are firmly fixed to the surface. Be sure to cover the picture with the same acrylic lacquer. Making souvenirs from a salted dough is a very fascinating activity, which not only catches children, but also their mothers. The best crafts made from salted dough will replenish your collection. In addition, will be an excellent gift for family and friends. Carrying for their creation for a long time together with children, the mother has a wonderful opportunity to develop in the child such qualities as perseverance, attention, fine motor skills and imagination. But a happy, harmoniously developed child is the best gift for any mom. We advise you to read: