early development of children under one year of age A newborn child is a small genius,which conceals in itself a whole world of unlimited possibilities. His future destiny and character entirely depend on his parents. Mom and Dad play the role of teachers, inspire the child to new achievements, through training and certain activities, "mold" the future personality. Full realization of the potential of the baby is possible only with proper care, as well as with the appropriate upbringing. Remember that the foundation of high intelligence and health is laid from birth, since it is at a young age that the brain of the child is most intensively formed. Therefore, early development of children under one year is a pledge that you will grow an exceptional person. correct early development of children under one year of age

Why do you have to deal with a child?

Communication with adults, parents, and later withother people, the impressions that the kid takes daily from himself from the outside world, contribute to the development of his mind, as well as adaptation to the social environment. The sooner you begin to deal with your child, the easier it will be for you and him in the future. And this is not a tribute to the fashion for small geniuses, but the necessary help in the successful development of the surrounding reality. Great importance in the age of up to one year is the adjustment with the baby of visual and speech contact, the early development of auditory perception and motor skills. In order for a child to learn to correctly recognize sounds, from early childhood begin to address him: tenderly tell tales, sing lullabies. Today musical discs with folk and classical melodies, sounds of nature, birds arranged for the kids are sold. From two to three months, play with your child with bright plastic toys and rattles. Developmental mats also have a positive impact on the early development of children under the age of one, which can be purchased in specialized stores or in large hypermarkets. Than in the first place are useful developing mats? They improve coordination of movements, fine motor skills of the fingers, and, of course, the child's imagination and his idea of ​​space. For example, the developing chicco mat is bright and attractive, it allows you to create not one but several spatial forms at once. This gives the kid the opportunity to maintain interest in the toy - it is always so different! According to experts, earlier development of children has never been as important as it is today. The fact is that before the kids were forced to fasten the jacket on the buttons, tie the shoelaces on the shoes, so there were no problems with fine motor skills. However, modern clothes for children are equipped with lightning, and shoes - Velcro. Such simplifications, combined with the constant employment of parents who do not pay proper attention to their children, have led to the fact that beginning to grow up boys and girls slowly and slowly master the letter, there is rapid fatigue and, as a result, loss of interest in learning. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to form certain skills in children in a timely manner. Previously, the development of toddlers is the basis for a full-fledged education, which should begin with the easy massage of the legs and hands of the newborn. From the first days, talk with the child - so he learns to catch sounds, understand human speech, which will somehow influence his development. As children grow up, they should be taught to move, develop a grasping reflex, and also motor skills. Put the baby in the hands of a pencil and show how the lines of paper appear on a piece of paper. Let's play toys-rattles, soft cubes, behind which the child will have to drag on, which will make his muscles work and will positively affect the physical and mental development. Approximately a year, and even a little earlier, ask the crumb to build a pyramid or purchase a designer. Be sure to praise for success and encourage strokes and warm words. Another great assistant in the education of a healthy child is the same special rug. Game development mats are very popular with children, because in order to start studying on it, the kid does not need any knowledge and skills. The child is attracted by multi-colored toys-pendants, and useful fun begins by itself. Your child will figure out all the toys and pendants himself, without the help of mom and dad - this is his first independent knowledge. And because it is so important to know and be sure that the developing mat is completely safe and created with all the needs of a little man. early childhood development

A few rules for parents

In the first weeks of life, children have a look at objectsstill not focused, so their movements are inconsistent. At first, the baby will try to grab toys, lying on his stomach, and the main task of parents is to teach him how to control his hands. To do this, you need to do a special exercise, which you should familiarize the pediatrician. To develop the child as it should, remember a few rules:

  • Accustom yourself and your baby to daily exercises (preferably two or three times a day).
  • The child should enjoy the process andrejoice - only in this case charging will be successful. Therefore, experts recommend not to be engaged on the bed, but to use developing mats for this. This is a wonderful toy that will become indispensable for a fun and comfortable pastime for your baby. With the help of this interesting design, the kid learns the world around him and develops his physical and mental abilities.

This toy is designed for children from 3 to 6months, but developing a rug is pleasant to children and more senior age. While the baby does not know how to sit, the classic variant of a rug with arcs and cheerful toys, colored and attracting attention, will suit him.

  • The items that you give into the hands of the child must be different in volume, so that one should be grabbed by the palm, while the other should be held with one fingers.
  • Make sure that everything in the field of view and reach of the crumbs is necessarily clean, because children tend to pull their "booty" in the mouth.
  • Try to provide the baby with various toys in a form that will help him in time to learn how to open the palm, turn the brush, and also group the fingers of his hands while holding the objects.
  • Not every parent can afford to regularlyto buy for crumbs new rattles, cubes, plastic animals, because they are quite expensive. In this case, there is an alternative - all the same developing mats. It's not just a collection of toys collected in one place, it's a fascinating fairy-tale world, with its adventures and inhabitants, and the most important hero of this magical land is your baby. While the child is busy with a developing mat, the mother may well have time to cook food or take some time to clean the apartment. This is also a significant plus of this useful toy. Such a rug is not only a wonderful world for the child, but also help to parents: while the kid plays for fun, you can do household chores or just relax.

From the moment the baby learned to sit, the matcan be transformed. And now before the child "children's park". This modification is designed to stimulate crawling, as well as for the first independent conscious studies. Well, from year to year this rug is used as an active gaming center, with which you can create different game spaces in several planes at once.

  • To early development of thinking, as well as speech incrumbs was successful, it is important to train motor skills. This can be done with toys - mosaics, puzzles - they improve coordination of movements well and help shape the perception of the shape of objects in children. If the child does not show interest in such activities, suggest another option: "draw" it with your fingers on cereals (buckwheat, rice), sort the bright buttons. However, make sure that the baby does not "regale" with them.
  • Painting stimulates tactile perception,develops creative thinking, and also helps in the formation of color standards. Buy special non-toxic paints for small children for up to a year and work with the child. Surely he will like to leave his prints on paper, giving birth to unusual pictures.

About ten months the child should knowall members of his family by name, be able to show on the main parts of the face and body. It is also very important to teach him to accept requests and prohibitions, for example: "Give", "Do not", "Bring". At first, the baby will most likely give you the item that is in his hand or is the closest. Do not scold him, but try to expand the passive vocabulary of crumbs, suggesting remembering the name of the things that he gives to you. Remember that the development of thinking stimulates reading well, so store your books. Engage with the child from birth, pay attention, talk with him, and in the future it will be easier for him to communicate with people, and there will be no problems with training. We advise you to read: