1 Many mothers simply do not imagine life withoutmoments, when they embrace their child, kiss him, caress. It's really great to have your baby, enjoy his smile, various movements. Raising a child is not an easy and responsible process. As a rule, most of the worries lie on the shoulders of the mother. According to statistics, it is she who spends much more time with the child, after all, more often the father is at work, earning money for the family. It is very important for the child to be educated properly, giving him proper attention. This applies to everything: to monitor the diet, skip the baby, choose the right mode of sleep and, of course, buy toys. Depending on the age of the child, he has various toys. The older he is, the more complex things for the games his parents buy him: minicomputers, , cars with remote control and much more. But here one should also be cautious: it is unnecessary to pamper a child too much. Otherwise, the child will become a lot of capricious. Toys should be chosen wisely. Those that will be useful to the child, who will not be able to harm him. Best of all, if through them the child will slowly learn the world. Unfortunately, not always the mother (or both parents together) has a lot of free time to give it to her child. Sometimes in such cases parents ask to sit with a child of relatives or hire a nurse. In such cases, the upbringing can take place not as parents themselves want. What to do when such situations arise? Modern technology allows you to monitor the child when the mother or father herself is in another room, or even on the street. It is about such inventions as helping parents completecontrol over everything that their baby does. The video monitor has more possibilities than the baby monitor, which is designed only to track the child's sounds with the help of a specially hidden microphone of great sensitivity. Parents will always hear all the movements and voice of their child, everything that is happening around him. The video monitor helps not only to hear, but also to see what the kid is doing. The device includes a camera that can change positions, as well as a portable monitor, through which you can observe all the actions of your little pet. Thus, it is not necessary to hire a nanny (by the way, there is a chance to run into an indecent and rude woman), constantly giving your child to relatives or friends. After all, there are now toys that can help parents in their upbringing. In the education that they themselves want to choose for their child.