1 To date, during the holidays, especiallythe problem of protecting the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet is topical. Going to the sea, many are interested: how to choose the right sunscreen? Which of them should you prefer? As modern research shows, sunscreens containing natural ingredients have recently become very popular. According to physicians, such ingredients are very useful for the skin, as a mirror reflects harmful ultraviolet rays. When choosing sunscreen products, carefully study the composition. Well if it includes:

  • Green tea, which perfectly protects the skin from harmful sun rays and prevents the development of skin cancer
  • extract of edelweiss reliably protects the skin from radiation
  • aloe protects against ultraviolet rays
  • Hibiscus not only protects from harmful sunlight, but also contributes to the production of melanin
  • Vitamin E and betta-carotene neutralize the effect of free radicals

Sunscreen should be selected according to your skin type, only in this case it will provide your skin with reliable protection. We advise you to read: