How to remove fat from the back Sedentary lifestyle, love for fast food and harmfulfood in general, constant stress - all this leads to obesity. You can gain weight in a month, but to ask him, sometimes go away for more than a decade. Especially difficult to get rid of fat deposits on the back. After all, in fact, very few exercises aimed at combating folds on this part of the body. In addition, some physical stress is not enough. The girl will need to learn to control herself and her desires. And from the moment she decided to lose weight, the beauty once and for all should forget about many pleasures. And the very first thing is food. How to remove fat from the back correctly

How to eat to get rid of wrinkles

Three-day express dietmethods of weight loss should be resorted only in cases where excess weight is not more than three to four kilograms. You can not sit on the express diet more than once or twice a year. It is advisable to do this after the holidays, when in a few days the monthly rate was eaten. Menu

  • The first day

Breakfast: oatmeal, boiled on the water. Green tea without sugar. For taste, you can add a teaspoon of honey. Lunch: lean soup, boiled chicken leg. Salad of vegetables, seasoned with low-fat yogurt. Water. Dinner: Two hundred grams of baked in the oven fish.

  • Second day

Breakfast: soft-boiled egg. Lunch: low-fat cottage cheese. Green tea. Dinner: salad of carrots, beets and apples. We fill with olive oil.

  • Day Three

Breakfast: beetroot salad. Lunch: a thin soup. Dinner: kefir or yoghurt. Contra-indications As you have noticed, the main task of the express diet is cleaning the body and removing toxins. In this case, the fair sex will have to for three whole days to abandon the normal full nutrition. Usually a couple of hours after such a meager breakfast, lunch and dinner, unfortunately, again want to eat. Therefore, this option is not suitable for people who have problems with the stomach, kidneys, cardiovascular system. You can not combine a three-day diet with serious physical or psychological stress. And, of course, such a diet can harm girls in a situation breastfeeding mothers and people who have recently suffered serious diseases. In such cases, it is better to choose a more loyal menu. Healthy nutrition First, you need to understand what is meant by a healthy diet. So, it is the use of products that ensure the normal functioning of the human body. In other words, you must choose food that positively affects your health and does not cause weight problems (bulimia, anorexia, obesity, etc.). Therefore, if you are not an adherent of fast or strict diets, you definitely will approach this method of losing weight. Six Basic Rules for Healthy Eating

  • Count calories

To get rid of fat deposits on the back,start cooking low-calorie meals. Download a special table for yourself and count on it, how much and what you can eat today. Of course, at first it will be difficult for you to eat this way, but in the future you will unconsciously learn to choose the right foods.

  • Reduce the amount of fat

Try to limit yourself in usefatty foods. However, of course, do not be too zealous! Otherwise, you simply will not have anywhere to take energy to keep the body in good shape. Drink milk, eat cottage cheese, fish, but in moderation. Refuse only from trans fatty acids.

  • Eat as much as possible vegetables, fruits and cereals

In the day you must eat at least one freshfruit, preferably grown in the homeland or brought in a season because of abroad. It can be an apple, a banana, a kiwi, an orange. Try to introduce into your diet cereals, legumes and, of course, greens. Onion, parsley, dill, lettuce leaves - it's not only incredibly useful, but also delicious. So, morning should not start with coffee, but with porridge. Forget sandwiches, spaghetti, fast food, etc. dishes that cause obesity. You can cook buckwheat, oatmeal, rice on milk. If desired, add dried fruit, honey. But sugar will have to be abandoned.

  • Choose macaroni and bread from bread

From this day, buns, pizzas, white loaves andPasta should be dreamed only in nightmares. The maximum that you can afford is the production of wholemeal flour. But if you really want to eat forbidden food, do it. From a small piece of bread you will not get anything. Just do not eat everything in one sitting.

  • Say solid no to carbohydrates

So, once and for all forget about sugar, sweetcarbonated drinks, bars, sweets, condensed milk. But, in order not to leave your brain without glucose, which is necessary for savvy, eat more useful foods. So, it's honey, dried fruits, marshmallows, pastilles. But here there are limitations. The number of delicacies should not exceed forty grams per day. Therefore, if you madly want halva or jam, try not to eat more than it should.

  • Give up salt

At once to exclude from life this ingredient you are unlikelywhether it will be possible, because you will not like the fresh dishes in the first two or three months. Try to gradually reduce the daily dose to one pinch. At the same time for salads use only iodized salt. It does not make sense to add it to borshch, as it loses all useful properties during heat treatment. How to remove fat from the back exercises

Doing sports: exercises for the back

The second stage of weight loss is sport. Start to gradually give a load on the muscles. The easiest way is to start going to the gym. There, an experienced instructor will tell you how to remove fat from the back, without harming your health. One wrong move - and you will have to visit a surgeon or traumatologist. But there are a number of simple and completely safe exercises that can be performed at home. You can start them without even warming up. The time of day (morning and evening), venue and clothes for most of them does not really matter. But still it is recommended to do such charging at home, when there are no strangers.

  • Exercise one: shoving the shoulder blades

Become straight, legs shoulder-width apart, arms claspedon the back to the castle. Slowly, caving in the back and bulging chest, raise and lower your palms up and down. In doing so, you should feel how your shoulder blades are closing. Perform in two sets of three minutes.

  • Exercise two: turns

The body is straight, legs are shoulder width apart, armsraised to the level of the chin and bent at the elbows. Turn right and left, then sway up and down. Pay attention, the movements should be fast, but not very sharp. Otherwise, you pull the muscles. By the way, this exercise is especially so that it not only helps to drive fat from the back. Thanks to him, you also get rid of the folds on the sides.

  • Exercise three: body deflection

Stand on all fours, pull your arms out in front of you.and try to roll forward with a wave. Imagine that you are stretched over a rope, through which you must climb: first the head, under the shoulders, chest, waist and buttocks. In this case, bend your back as deep as your flexibility allows.

  • Exercise four: swing the press

Option one. Lie down on the floor, bend your knees, heels near the buttocks, put your hands behind your head. At a rapid rate, raise and lower the case forty times. Pay attention, the palms should not be locked in the lock at all. Otherwise, there will be no benefit from the lessons. Option two. Place the foot of one foot on the knee of the second. In this position, press the press twenty times, then change the posture. This exercise is useful for removing fat from the sides, abdomen and lower back. But if there are problems with the spine or you have a hernia, doing such physical exertion is fraught with consequences for you.

Straighten your back

Sometimes folds on the back appear due toincorrect posture, especially when the girl is constantly stooping. If your figure on the side resembles a question mark, then it's time to get an orthopedic belt. You can buy it in almost any pharmacy, and its cost will be affordable for everyone. Wear it should be from five to fifteen minutes a day, depending on your condition. It is attached under the chest, on the shoulders and lower back. Choose this device should be the size. It will be fine if you are allowed to try on the belt on the spot. How to remove fat from the back for a long time

We do massage

Proper rehabilitation massage will helpget rid of fat, make your back more smooth and elegant, eliminate pain in the lower back and neck. To do this, you will have to go through a ten-day course, which is repeated every year. However, going to the salon for a session, be sure to check the availability of diplomas and certificates of a specialist. He must have a certificate confirming the qualification. It is better not to trust your back to a person who has passed a week's courses, and now considers himself a master of his craft.

Observed by a specialist

In any case, before removing fat fromback, be sure to consult with a specialist. Perhaps the problem of excess weight is the result of a hormonal failure, the consequences of improper functioning of the kidneys, etc. And the faster you go to the clinic and hand over all the necessary tests, the easier it will be to find and eliminate the cause. We advise you to read: