how to shape eyebrows The time when beautiful were considered thin,almost completely plucked eyebrows, long gone. In fashion, come back thick and natural, like Jessica Alba, Keira Knightley, Madonna or Natalia Vodyanova. But this does not mean that you should throw out tweezers and forget about his appointment. After all, without it, you can hardly eliminate even such small defects as rare hairs on the bridge of the nose or eyelids, not to mention more serious problems. Unfortunately, not all representatives of the fair sex nature endowed with perfect eyebrows, the shape of which would be suitable for a particular type of face. The saddest thing is that if a girl admits at least one slightest error while putting herself in order, she can dramatically turn from a nice beauty into a formidable lady. Therefore, those who have not previously dealt with this matter, it is recommended at least once to visit the beauty salon, so that the master did everything as needed. In the future, they will either have to go for correction, or trim their eyebrows themselves. But not everyone has the opportunity to give a thousand rubles for a similar service, plus, not every specialist will be able to do what the client needs. In that case, you should sit in front of the mirror, carefully study the face and think about what you ultimately want to get. And only after that you can safely take on the tweezers. how to shape eyebrows correctly

Bends of the eyebrows: what form will you face?

  • Slightly rounded, like Megan Fox

The main difference between round eyebrows isthat they practically do not affect the image of the girl. This option is considered universal, it is suitable for all the fair sex. Therefore, if you do not want to risk and experiment with the style, you should stop on it.

  • Triangular, like that of Hayden Panettiere

Eyebrows "house" - this form should be chosengirls with a round face. This will make it a little longer and longer. But do not get too involved and do too sharp corners, otherwise you'll be like a constantly surprised girl or, worse yet, look like a comedian.

  • Bow-shaped round, as in Bionce

Only girls with a slightly elongated oval face andrough features can afford to give this shape to the eyebrows. Otherwise, your image will be incomplete, as if you forgot to finish something or remove it. Pay attention that too thin lines look terrible on any beauty.

  • Crack, like Natalie Kelly

If nature originally gave you this kind ofbeauty, then you are incredibly lucky. In this case, you only have to remove unnecessary hairs to give a clearer shape to the eyebrows. The rest of the ladies will need incredible perseverance and dexterity to achieve the desired result. By the way, this option is ideal for girls with a square face, but it looks awful on the oval.

  • Direct, as in Liv Tyler

To give the eyebrows the shape of a perfectly flat line cangirls with a narrow face, big lips, with a huge nose, and also with a heavy chin. Preferring this option, girls are at serious risk. It's enough not to guess a bit with a slope to spoil your image and become like either an eternally sullen person or a whiny woman. how to shape your eyebrows yourself

The rule of three straight lines

It's one thing that I would like to see on my face,another - that will go to you. Therefore, to make it easier for girls to shape their eyebrows, beauticians have developed a rule of three straight lines. For such manipulations, you will need a ruler (or any other thin and long object) and a pencil with which you will mark the points for modeling. So, the first line should pass from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. It is necessary for you to understand the distance between the eyebrows. If you act at random, you can find that the left, for example, is located closer to the nose, and the right - much further. The second arrow goes from the wing of the girl's nose to her pupil. Putting a point, do not forget that you need to sit straight and look just in front of you, not somewhere in the direction. This will help you quickly decide on where the top should be. Such manipulations are necessary, even if you want to give the eyebrows a straight or slightly rounded shape. The last step is the line from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. It is here, and not somewhere above or below the eyebrow should end (this, of course, ideally). Of course, if a fair sex woman lengthens or shortens her a little, then such a departure from the rules will not be so critical.

How to pluck your eyebrows correctly

Before starting the procedure, you should thoroughly washface and hands, so as not to infect the infection. Next, wipe the skin with a tonic or lotion, which does not include alcohol and other aggressive substances. If you have not previously plucked eyebrows, first model the shape using a pencil, otherwise you risk getting two completely different lines. It is necessary to pull out one hair each time, grabbing it well at the very base. If you take the tip, just rip the bar, and you have to walk a minimum of a week with black dots. If you clamp the bundle and pull it with all your might, then a wound forms on the skin. To avoid pain during the procedure, apply ice to the eyebrows or make warm compresses. After you give a suitable shape, remove the vegetation on the bridge of the nose, the eyelid and the area at the temple. Be sure to apply a slightly moisturizing cream on the treated area. In the beginning, the skin will turn a little red, but after ten or fifteen minutes the swelling and inflammation will pass. But still it is not recommended to pluck out eyebrows before going out.