Backache Trying to quickly pick up or move somethingsevere - this is the first cause of problems with the back. The result is usually back pain. If you are trying to pick up a thing that does not lend itself, you can take some measures later to prevent a sharp pain in your back.

How to ease the sharp pain in the back?

There are two types of back pain: chronic and acute. Acute pain sets in unexpectedly. It comes when you did something wrong. Pain can be caused by stretching the back muscles or deforming the joints. You can feel severe pain for a few days, but in any case, you can help yourself and .

  • Try not to stand on your feet

Back for that you will thank. In acute pain, you must immediately go to bed. Most likely, you and so will want to do it. Another attack of pain can cause any movement, so you need to forget about intense physical activity for a few days.

  • Do not lie in bed for long

If after two days of bed rest pain is allhas not yet passed, an extra day will not hurt. But we must try to get out of bed as soon as possible. The longer the bed rest lasts, the longer the back will come into the working form after it.

  • Apply ice to the sore spot

A flash of pain should be immediately extinguished by attaching ice. It will help to reduce the stretching of the muscles and weaken the swelling. Also, to improve the result, you can do an ice massage. Pack the ice pack on a sore spot and massage for 10 minutes. Do this for a few days.

  • Relieve pain with heat

After two days of ice massage, switch toheat. Place the towel in a basin with not very hot water and squeeze. Lie on your chest and spread a towel in a sore spot. Put a plastic bag on top and an object to increase pressure. This will create a moist heat and will reduce spasms.

  • Try and cold and warm

If you change the mode of heat and cold, then you will feel better. Try 20 minutes of warmth, 20 ice. Strip.

  • Stretch out

Do not get out of bed, pull your knees to your chest. Press down on them, then pull out. Repeat this exercise. Stretching the patient back will speed recovery.

How to relieve chronic pain?

  • Sleep on an even bed

The bed should not sag during sleep. Use the plywood between the mattresses.

  • Take aspirin

Back pain is always accompanied by inflammation around the sore spot. Therefore, it is necessary to take once a day anti-inflammatory drugs.

  • Do gymnastics

Do slow, safe exercises forback. Just be careful. Do not give a heavy load. Gradually from day to day, increase the speed as far as possible. Over time, pain in the back will not worry you so much. Be healthy! We advise you to read: