folk remedies for bruises under the eyes Bruises under the eyes - this is one of those annoyingtroubles that plague many women. And everyone solves this problem in their own way - often quite wrong. Corrective pencils and foundation can only mask the bruises under the eyes, but not eliminate them. And this is not an option, because almost always bruises under the eyes are a direct evidence of problems with either the skin itself or with health. That is why it is very important to determine the cause of bruising under the eyes as soon as possible. And it is enough to eliminate this very reason that the bruises disappear by themselves. Otherwise, it is possible to conduct an unequal struggle with bruises for a very long time, and the desired results can not be achieved.

Causes of bruising under the eyes

So, what can lead to bruising? Doctors distinguish several main reasons:

  • Features of the location of blood vessels

In the event that the bruises under the eyes are notappear from time to time, but are women's satraps almost all of her life, most likely a problem in particular the location of blood vessels. In the event that they are located too close to the surface of the skin - or even in its upper layer - those very bruises appear. It would seem that the situation is hopeless. However, it is possible to get rid of bruises under the eyes even in this hopeless case at first glance. You can do this either with laser correction, or with a special lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Problems with pigmentation

Often the cause of bruiseseyes is a violation of skin pigmentation under the eyes. In such cases, you can get rid of bruises under the eyes with various bleaching procedures. Bleaching can be done in a cosmetology salon or at home, with the help of special bleaching creams or masks. It is not necessary to hope for an instant result - for the skin to brighten, it will take at least two to three months.

  • Health problems

In the event that the above described methodsyou can not get rid of bruises, you can suspect problems with such internal organs as the kidneys and heart. Of course, you will not be able to independently determine such a cause. And if timely not to pay attention to the problem, serious complications may develop. And the treatment of a neglected disease will require much more time and effort. Therefore, seek medical advice as soon as possible.

  • Age changes

In the elderly, very often the condition of the skinis changing significantly and, alas, far from the best - unfortunately, the age-related changes are making themselves felt. The skin around the eyelids is very thin, with age it becomes thinner even more, while it goes down. Formed a kind of bluish "bags", which the doctors called the hernia of the eyelids. This case - one of the most difficult, radically to get rid of them is possible only with the help of plastic surgery - braces.

  • Sharp weight loss

And sometimes the cause of bruising under the eyesbecomes nothing more than a fight with extra pounds. Especially often this occurs in women over 35 years of age, because the skin under their eyes is especially thin and sensitive. And with a sharp weight loss, she can pretty much sag. And as a result - under the eyes bluish bags.

  • Wrong way of life

And in the vast majority of cases, the reasonthe appearance of dark circles under the eyes is the most banal - the wrong way of life. Smoking, a lot of coffee, lack of sleep - all this can cause bruising under the eyes. In order to get rid of dark circles under the eyes in this case, you need to reconsider your way of life. In addition, in the cosmetic bag it is desirable to have a means to improve the blood supply in the skin around the eyes. folk remedy for bruises under the eyes

Elimination of bruises around the eyes

Let's talk about how to get rid ofbruises at home. There is a huge number of various means of traditional medicine. However, we will tell you only about the most effective of them. Pay attention - treatment with folk remedies can be started only after preliminary consultation with your attending physician. You should completely exclude the possibility of any disease that could cause bruising under the eyes.

  • Cucumbers

Probably, for you will not be news that fact,that fresh cucumbers have a strong bleaching effect. And cucumbers can be successfully used to eliminate bruises under the eyes. Some women act simply - cut the cucumber into rings and apply to the skin around the eyes. However, the most effective cucumber. It is made very simply - peel the cucumber from the peel and grate it on a fine grater. Thoroughly clean the skin and apply a cucumber mass to the skin around the eyes. Leave it for about 30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with running water. Apply your usual moisturizer. Such a procedure must be performed every day, for several months. The cucumbers will not bring any harm. Moreover - they not only eliminate bruises, but also significantly tighten the skin of the face.

  • Black tea

Another no less effective folk remedyto eliminate bruises under the eyes - it compresses from ordinary black tea. It is made as follows - three tablespoons of black tea put in a glass and pour 100 grams of boiling water, insist for one hour. After this infusion, strain with gauze cloth, place in the refrigerator. Compresses must be done daily, before bedtime. Moisten wadded disks in the tea leaves and apply to the skin around the eyes, for about 40 minutes. As far as drying, tampons need to be changed. After this, rinse the skin with cool water, pat yourself with a towel and apply your usual nourishing cream. Such procedures can be carried out for as long as necessary. But, as a rule, with the help of such compresses it is possible to get rid of bruises under the eyes after one or two weeks.

  • Potato mask

In the event that the bruises under the eyes protrude into thepaired with swelling, you can try to get rid of them with the help of ordinary potatoes. For this you will need one small potato. Wash it thoroughly and cook directly into the peel. After that, peel and mash with a fork until smooth. After the potatoes cool, apply it to the skin under the eyes and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water and use a nutritious cream. As a rule, the effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

  • Root of parsley

Parsley is also a wonderful folkmeans for removing bruises under the eyes. There are two very effective prescriptions. The first is a lotion of parsley broth. Prepare the broth as follows: chop two tablespoons of fresh parsley, place in an enameled pot and pour a glass of water. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cover. Brew parsley for half an hour, then insist another hour. Decoction of parsley must be filtered with gauze cloth and poured into a glass container. Before going to bed, after cleansing the skin, moisten two parsley in a decoction of parsley and attach to the eyes. The duration of the compress is 10 minutes. A course of treatment should consist of 10 - 14 procedures. The second national recipe for getting rid of bruises is the root of parsley. 50 grams of parsley root should be crushed to a gruel-like condition, cooled in a freezer. When the gruel practically freezes, lightly mash it with a fork and apply on the area around the eyes. Leave the gruel for 15 minutes, then rinse with water and apply to the area around the eyes the usual moisturizing cream. The bruises in most cases disappear after one or two procedures. Do not do more than five procedures in a row.

  • Cottage cheese masks

Very effective in dealing with bruised masks fromcottage cheese. By the way, the cottage cheese is effective even at a hematoma - it considerably improves blood circulation, so - and resorption of bruises. This popular way is very simple - any fat-free curd wrap in gauze, for a minute put it in the milk, then attach it to the skin around the eyes. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with water. Masks must be done every day, for three weeks.

  • Mask of honey and yogurt

Another very good folk remedy forbruises under the eyes are masks of cottage cheese and honey. Moreover - these masks improve the general condition of the skin, make it velvety and tender, so they can be applied not only to the area around the eyes, but also to the entire face. Preparing the mask is very simple - mix in a glass container for one tablespoon of skimmed yogurt and any natural honey. Stir until you get a uniform mass, reminiscent of the consistency of the gel. Before going to bed, thoroughly cleanse the skin, apply a thick layer of the mask and leave for 20 minutes. After this, rinse thoroughly with running water, soak with a towel. No cream is not necessary to apply. It will take about 10 similar procedures to make the bruises under the eyes disappear. After this, a similar mask can be done once a week, in preventive care - this will help to avoid new bruises under the eyes.

  • White bread with milk

"Drink, children, milk - you will be healthy!"Do you remember this line from a very popular children's song? So - milk is useful not only for a growing child's body. Milk has the most positive effect on the skin - moisturizes it, tones it, bleaches it. And vitamin B, contained in yeast, is simply necessary to maintain healthy skin. As you know, yeast is found in large quantities in bread. That's why this tool so effectively fights with bruises under the eyes. Preparing the mask is very simple - mix in a glass container one slice of white bread and a small amount of milk. You should get a homogeneous mass, semi-liquid consistency. Pre-clean the skin and apply the resulting mixture around the eyes, leave for about 20 minutes. bruises under the eyes of folk remedies

Emergency Measures

All of the above facilities are very good. However, they take a certain amount of time, the stock of which is not always available. Therefore, if you need to get rid of bruises in the shortest possible time - for example, an evening visit - you can use emergency therapy. However, remember that such measures can only be used in the most extreme cases. And the effect of them will be very short.

  • Water

If you do not have time, get rid ofbruises under the eyes can help the most common drinking water. About an hour before the momentous event, drink a half liter of clean, still carbonated drinking water. The bruises will disappear about a day.

  • Ice

Another no less effective tool,allowing to eliminate bruises under the eyes in the shortest possible time - this is ice, which perfectly tones up the skin. Most often folk recipes assume the use of ordinary ice. However, cosmetologists believe that it is reasonable to use cosmetic ice. And you can make it at home. For example, you can freeze a decoction of chamomile. Chamomile has a strong anti-inflammatory, soothing and toning properties, so it successfully fights bruises under the eyes. Approximately three hours before the "X" hour, start wiping the skin around the eyes with daisy ice cubes, every 30 minutes. As a rule, bruises around the eyes disappear for about a week. Preparing the chamomile broth is quite simple - you will need three tablespoons of dried inflorescences of chamomile, 0.5 liters of water and enamelware. Pour chamomile water, bring to a boil over a small fire, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. After this, cool the broth, strain with gauze cloth and pour into ice molds, place in the freezer. Try, experiment - and you will surely find a tool that is perfect for you. Be healthy and beautiful! We advise you to read: