how quickly to reduce a bruise under the eye The bruise under the eye is not a fatal phenomenon, but allvery unpleasant. And familiar to the vast majority of people - it would be foolish to think that the bruises under the eyes are the lot of alcoholics and fighters. Around us is a huge number of the most diverse mechanisms, the collision with which is fraught with the appearance of these very bruises, including under the eyes. And hardly any of us will be pleased with the appearance of such a "surprise" on the face. That's why they are trying to get rid of them in the shortest possible time. And if you get a bruise is not difficult, then get rid of it is not so simple. But it is still possible - and this is exactly what we will tell you today. What is a bruise caused by a stroke or a fall? This is a mechanical damage to soft tissue, which leads to a hemorrhage under the skin. That is why the skin appears bruised, which first has a cyanotic-purple color, which then changes first to green, and then to yellow.

First aid after trauma

So, the trouble still happened, and youwere injured in the eye area. In no case can not waste time - immediately attach to the damaged tissues of any cold object. Ideally, of course, it should be ice. But a cold spoon, and a bag of ravioli or ice cream, which happened to be in the freezer, will come at the right time. And the earlier you apply ice, the better. Keep it necessary for at least 20 minutes - during this time, blood vessels in the affected area will narrow to the maximum. So, the amount of blood that gets under the skin will not be so significant. So, both the area and intensity of the bruise will be several times smaller. Among other things, the cold very effectively removes pain, since it blocks nerve receptors for a while. Well, in case you have a copper coin or any other item at hand, consider that you are lucky. Of course, immediately after the injury, attach any cold to the bruised tissues. But immediately place the copper object in the freezer. Copper cools very quickly, so in just three to five minutes the copper object will be very cold. Apply it for 10 minutes to the place of impact - copper very well prevents the appearance of bruises. This property was noticed by people many hundreds of years ago. how quickly to reduce a bruise

Drug treatment for hematoma

So, did you take the ice? Keep it longer than 30 minutes does not make any sense. Now it's time to go to the pharmacy. Although it is unlikely in this "presentable" form you want to leave the house, so it's more reasonable to ask someone from the household. Well, or order the delivery of drugs at home, at the most ... Most often for the treatment of hematomas used by an old good friend "Troxevasin", which has a powerful dissolving effect. It is recommended to apply it on clean, dry skin at least once per hour. In the event that treatment is started in a timely manner, the bruise disappears in just two or three days. For comparison - without treatment, the bruise disappears no less than a week later. As a rule, this drug does not cause allergic reactions, therefore it can be used without any fear. On the second day of treatment, you can connect ointments, which include heparin, chestnut extract or saliva leech. The easiest way is to find a heparin ointment or a gel "heparoid" for sale. Alternate it with troxevasin - through time. In addition to external means, it is worth taking pills based on rutin or vitamin R. They improve blood circulation and have a resorptive effect on the hematoma. Do not forget about homeopathy. In the pharmacy you can buy any drug based on arnica. These drugs have several positive effects: anti-inflammatory, analgesic. Moreover - they at times improve blood microcirculation and, accordingly, promote the resorption of the most powerful bruises. These drugs can be used either inward or outwardly - rub into the place of injury. How fast can you reduce the bruise under the eye?

Popular ways to treat bruises

In addition to drug treatment of bruises,use the recipes of traditional medicine. There are many ways that you can get rid of the strongest bruises in the shortest possible time. However, pay attention - it is necessary to ensure that a person does not have allergic reactions to a particular component. We offer you the most effective of them:

  • Bodyguard

Bodygang is a freshwater plant resemblingsponge. It has been used for a long time in the people to fight all sorts of hematomas. It is not difficult to do this - in any non-metallic container mix two teaspoons of powder and one teaspoon of boiled water. The resulting gruel is applied to the area of ​​bruise and leave until the mass is completely dry. After this, thoroughly wash the skin with plenty of running water. Be very careful - getting a body spray on the mucous membrane of the eyes can lead to a strong inflammatory process. In a day you need to do at least 4 similar masks - otherwise the desired effect is unlikely to be achieved. Typically, to completely disappear the bruise, you will need 3 - 4 hours.

  • Gadgets from the mother-and-stepmother

No less useful lotions from herbal decoctionmother-and-stepmother and ledum. To prepare the broth, grind one tablespoon of Ledum and coltsfoot, place in an enameled container, pour one glass of water and bring to a boil over low heat. 5 minutes after the broth boils, turn off the heat and leave to infuse for two hours. After this, drain the broth with gauze cloth and pour into a glass container. Use the decoction as follows - abundantly moisten it with a cotton disc or gauze, then attach to the place of impact. The duration of the lotion is 10 minutes. In the first day after the injury, it is recommended to make lotions at least once every two hours, and on the second and subsequent days - once every three hours. As a rule, the bruise passes on the third day.

  • Honey pack

In the event that the bruise is very extensive, you cantry the following remedy. For its preparation you will need one tablespoon of any vegetable oil and natural honey, half a teaspoon of flour and one egg yolk. In a glass container, carefully mix all listed ingredients, apply to the affected area and cover with a plastic wrap. Leave the compress for at least three hours, then rinse thoroughly with running water. Such compresses should be done twice a day, for three days.

  • Fresh cabbage

Juice of fresh cabbage promotes resorptionhematomas are no worse than many medications. For the treatment of a bruise, you only need one cabbage leaf. Pass it through the meat grinder and apply to the area of ​​the hematoma. Leave cabbage gruel for about 20 minutes, then rinse. This procedure should be carried out at least three times a day. The bruise will disappear after about 3 to 4 days.

  • Absorbent compress

To prepare the next remedy for youYou will need one teaspoon of dry herb celandine and one tablespoon fresh aloe gruel. Mix them in a glass container and add one tablespoon of pure boiled water. This mixture should be infused for half an hour. After this, apply it to the area of ​​bruise and leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with cold water. This compress promotes resorption of the hematoma and removes the inflammatory process.

  • Beetroot compress

In order to quickly reduce the bruise under the eye,grate half a beet of medium size on a small grater, add one tablespoon of aloe vera and celandine juice. Leave the resulting mixture for two hours, then squeeze the resulting juice with a gauze cloth. Pour it into a glass container and make a lotion - soak cotton pads and apply for 20 minutes every two hours. The bruise will disappear after three days.

  • Sagebrush

Another good way to quickly eliminate the bruiseunder the eye - fresh grass wormwood. Place 100 grams of wormwood in a glass container and carefully rub until the juice appears. In this juice, moisten the gauze cloth and attach for an hour to the damaged tissues. Do this at least three times a day. As you can see, there are not so few ways to quickly eliminate the bruise under the eye. But it's better to be careful from now on! We advise you to read: