how to cure cystitis How to cure cystitis? Unfortunately, this question is being asked more and more people. And notice - not always only women. Contrary to the widely held belief that cystitis is a purely female disease, men also sometimes face this disease. Although, of course, much less often than women who, due to their anatomical features of the genitourinary system, suffer from cystitis much more often. Cystitis in women is a common disease, unfortunately. It's easier to say how many women have never had cystitis. There are a variety of ways to treat cystitis, but often the disease can be very, very difficult to cure. Explained such complexity is very simple - the development of cystitis can be triggered by dozens of various pathogens. And only having established, the penetration of precisely which pathogenic microorganisms into the organism caused the development of the disease, it is possible to accurately select the appropriate effective cystitis treatment, which will really facilitate the condition of the sick person. Incidentally, cystitis in women often occurs precisely for this reason. As a rule, bacteria enter the body through the urethra, through which they enter the bladder, where they begin to multiply actively. Especially often this occurs against the background of the weakening of the activity of the human immune system. For example, this very often happens in the event that a person is ill with viral diseases or with hypothermia. In the event that a person has cystitis, and treatment is not started in time, or, worse, not started at all, or if the drugs are not prescribed, the disease very quickly takes on a chronic form of the course. This form of the disease is quite unpleasant, since an attack of cystitis can provoke any, sometimes the most insignificant factor, for example, hypothermia or even with overwork. During these attacks, a sick person may have pain during urination, pain in the lower abdomen, and in especially neglected cases, even blood in the urine may appear. Very often people with cystitis, for whatever reasons, do not want to seek medical help from specialists, but prefer to be treated independently, at home. By the way, most often levomitsetinom. However, such a decision is far from always the best. If you knew how many people so earned the chronic form of the disease! As mentioned above, for successful treatment of cystitis, you need to know exactly which pathogenic microorganisms triggered the development of the disease.

How can I treat cystitis?

Before you talk about how to cure cystitisforever, say a few words about how to do this in any case impossible. As already mentioned above, very many people prefer to be treated independently, without seeking medical help from a doctor. As a rule, in such cases they apply for advice to relatives, friends and colleagues. And necessarily there are well-wishers who will give a lot of different advice on getting rid of cystitis, and even medications will be "prescribed". And the person starts to swallow with handfuls various pharmacological preparations. Sometimes, mind you, rarely enough, these medications get to the point and the disease really disappears. However, more often the disease does not disappear anywhere, or, worse, it will "go deep" - that is, external symptoms and diseases disappear, but the disease itself does not go away, but only waits for any favorable moment for itself, and then manifests itself with renewed vigor. No matter how many antibiotics a person drank. how to cure cystitis forever

Types of cystitis

In order to find the answer to the question of howquickly cure cystitis, a sick person should seek medical help from a specialist - a urologist. The doctor will listen attentively to all your complaints, examine you and appoint a number of necessary tests and examinations. Based on the findings, the doctor will determine not only the type of pathogen, but also the type of cystitis, as well as the kind of the most suitable antibiotics. Cystitis can be of various types:

  • Primary cystitis

As a rule, a characteristic feature of primaryCystitis is the development of the disease due to the penetration of an intact healthy bladder of a pathogenic microflora. As a rule, similar forms of cystitis proceed in a much more acute form than secondary forms. However, they are treated much more efficiently and faster than secondary cystitis. As a rule, primary cystitis is typical for women. Causes that trigger the penetration of various pathological bacteria into the body of the woman can be a huge amount - these are various viral respiratory diseases, gynecological instrumental studies, non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene. You can enumerate for a long time.

  • Secondary cystitis

Secondary cystitis, as a rule, develops onbackground of the patient's various diseases of the urinary system - the kidneys or the bladder. Similar cystitis proceeds less sharply than the primary, but they are characterized by a longer course. And they give in to treatment much worse, than primary. Secondary cystitis is more typical for men - their development can provoke such diseases as prostatitis and vesiculitis. However, a woman also has secondary cystitis. In women, this type of cystitis is often provoked by diseases such as vulvovaginitis, endometritis or andexitis. By the way, virtually any chronic cystitis is secondary.

  • Recurrent cystitis

Similar cystitis is repeated again and again, theyreceive the name of recidivists. As a rule, in such cases, the disease occurs more often than three times a year. In such cases, a sick person must undergo a very thorough examination of all body systems, not just the genitourinary system. The cause of permanent relapse can become such pathologies as disruption of the immune and endocrine systems, vegetative and hormonal systems, disruption of the genitourinary and reproductive system, abortion and other surgical interventions. In addition, the cause of the disease can be various parasites, fungal infections, chlamydia, viruses, intestinal and pseudomonas aeruginosa, gonococcus and staphylococcus. As a rule, if the focus of a chronic infection can be diagnosed and, consequently, eliminated, the recurrence of cystitis ceases. If a thorough examination has not been made, it is unlikely to get rid of boring seizures. In addition, quite often in the practice of doctors there are cases in which relapses of cystitis are a direct consequence of improper treatment of the very first case of the disease. Remember, at the very beginning it was already said about this? A person is treated with certain pharmacological drugs, signs of cystitis disappear. However, the disease only awaits an opportunity to re-assert itself with renewed vigor. Simply put - chronic cystitis is obvious.

Treatment of cystitis

So, if a person falls ill with cystitis, he experiences a number of certain characteristic symptoms. These include the following features:

  • Painful sensations in the area of ​​the bladder - in the lower part of the abdomen.
  • Violation of the normal frequency of urination - it becomes very frequent.
  • Soreness when urinating, and even blood or pus in the urine.

The course of treatment is selected by a doctor - the urologist strictlyindividually, in each case, taking into account all survey data. As a rule, the main way to treat cystitis is to take antibacterial drugs. However, pay special attention - not all antibacterial drugs equally well destroy various pathogenic microorganisms. In different cases and ways to cure cystitis are forever different. That is why it is very important to know which bacteria or other microorganisms caused the development of cystitis. None, even the most modern, medicine can not be guaranteed to help everyone without exception. In addition, the doctor necessarily selects drugs whose action is aimed at improving the performance of the immune system - this will greatly reduce the likelihood of developing relapses of cystitis. During the acute stage of the disease, doctors usually select drugs that help to reduce discomfort and normalize the process of urination. But everything is strictly individual - how many sick people, so many ways of treatment. cystitis in women

Recipes of traditional medicine

But the human craving for different methodsself-healing is ineradicable. Therefore, below are some folk recipes that can alleviate the condition of a sick person without causing any harm to health. However, I would like to draw your attention once again to the fact that all improvised drugs can serve only as an addition to the main treatment prescribed by a urologist, but not by any alternative. Complex treatment is much more effective.

  • Infusion of St. John's wort and corn stigmas

To prepare this infusion you need toone tablespoon of dry raw corn stigmas, St. John's wort and bear's ears. Crush the raw materials in such a way that you get a powder. For this you can use the most common coffee grinder. You can prepare the powder for future use - it is stored for a very long time. Put the herbs in a thermos and fill them with one liter of boiling water. Close the lid tightly and leave to infuse for at least one day. After this, the resulting infusion should be filtered with gauze cloth and poured into a glass container. Take a decoction every two hours, about two tablespoons, for a week, even if relief comes much earlier. Please note - this method of treatment is not suitable for pregnant women.

  • Sitting baths

A good effect with cystitis is sedentarybaths with infusion of herbs such as celandine, chamomile, dandelion root, birch leaves and corn stigmas. These baths effectively relieve pain and pain during urination in the acute stage of cystitis. Especially effective is the treatment of cystitis in women. As a rule, this way you can permanently get rid of cystitis. To prepare the solution, mix half the teaspoon of all the above mentioned herbs, place them in one liter of boiling water for 15 minutes. After that, the dishes should be covered with a lid and left for two hours. Before going to bed it is necessary to make sessile baths, adding a decoction at the rate of one liter for every ten liters of water. The duration of the bath should be at least 15 minutes. It is also not necessary during the treatment of cystitis to forget about the need to observe a special drinking regimen - the more a sick person drinks, the better. If you follow all the recommendations and appointments of a doctor to cure cystitis forever is not so difficult.

Prevention of disease

Not the last place is occupied by the prevention of cystitis. After all, any disease is much easier to prevent than cure. Especially since the prevention of cystitis is not so complicated. So:

  • Subcooling

The first thing you should pay attention to is clothes. Thin pantyhose, short skirt and frost are not the best friends of your bladder.

  • Strengthening immunity

Good immunity is the best preventioncystitis. In the event that you suspect that your immune system needs support, be sure to seek medical help from an immunologist or therapist. Only after this, you can try to get rid of the disease forever.

  • Treatment of infections

As we have already explained, the presence in the bodyvarious infections also greatly contributes to the development of cystitis. So, it is necessary to get rid of infections as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you can earn a chronic course of cystitis. As you can see, it was not difficult to understand the question of what cystitis is and how to treat it. So be healthy! We advise you to read: