rice diet for 3 days Have you ever wondered whyrice diet is so popular? It is difficult to find at least one girl who watches her weight and has never tried to "lose weight on rice." There is a rice diet for 3 days, a five-volume diet, a mild weekly diet - and these are only those that are heard by almost everyone. And all the reviews about these diets, as a rule, are always the same: first we are excitedly told about the lost kilograms, then they show the tightened sides, and in the end brag about fashionable jeans, in which it was unrealistic to get to the diet. Common situation? In the vastness of the Internet, there are so many tips for those who want to lose weight, that it is not difficult to get lost in them. Whatever it was, a rice diet is always the most popular among women of all ages and habitats. There is almost no forum on women's portals where the following theme is not discussed: rice is a magician who will help lose weight and help the digestive organs in order. That's why more and more women around the world are solving their problems with the help of a rice diet. Is not it time to learn more about how to become more harmonious and healthy with the help of this cereal?

What is the secret of "Saracen millet"?

So what is so magical in a rice diet thatmakes people lose weight by leaps and bounds? Why is rice cereal considered the most valuable and useful for the human body? We are accustomed to treating this cereal quite calmly: think, rice! And for many other nations, rice is a practically sacred cereal culture, which has been treated with respect. So, what do we know about rice? The fact that it is loved by the Chinese, that children from it are brewed delicious milk porridge, and adults - flavored pilaf. The fact that it has few calories and it is a part of very many diets. All? Let's try to look at a product so familiar to us a bit wider and understand why it is the whole eastern continent of our planet that is the main source of rice. Here are some interesting facts about rice that can shed light on the situation:

  • The first information about rice refers to a very ancientperiod - about fifteen thousand years ago. Grow it learned where South Korea is now located. In Russia, rice appeared only under Peter the Great, people called it "Saracen pine".
  • About five hundred million tons of rice is produced on the Earth every year. Grow and process it about one billion people, consume - three billion.
  • In order to grow only one kilogram of rice, it takes about five thousand liters of water.
  • According to scientists, there are about seven thousand varieties of rice.
  • In Japanese, the words "rice" and "eat" mean the same thing, and in China there is a saying "to break a cup of rice" - it means "losing your job."
  • The rice is very nutritious, it gives the person a lot ofenergy. And at the same time it is low in calories, does not contain fat, sodium and cholesterol. One glass of plain white rice contains only one hundred and sixty kilocalories.

So it turns out that the popularity of rice dietIt is not accidental, because this product is consumed by more than half of humanity's population of our planet. And the rapid decrease in weight with such a diet is explained by the fact that the properties of this herb make it possible to remove from the body slags, salts and toxins, restore the normal work of the digestive organs, and accelerate the metabolism. And besides, that rice is useful, it is still very delicious! So any diet on it and nourishing, and useful.

Varieties of rice are many - choose the taste

Deciding to sit down on a rice diet, the first thing thatYou have to do it - buy the rice itself. And right in the store, standing in front of the shelf with all sorts of rice, the question arises: which one, in fact, to choose? Will not the effect of weight loss be stronger if instead of the usual Krasnodar rice choose an exotic red or brown variety? Indeed, any large supermarket can please the customers with a wide choice of rice - sometimes a dozen completely unknown to us sorts. Of course, you can find time and meticulously study the characteristics of each variety of rice, but this idea is more suitable for connoisseurs of cooking, and we have a completely different task with you. All we need to know is whether there is a special kind of rice that helps to lose weight more effectively. And the doctors-nutritionists believe that there is. If you notice brown rice on the store shelf, take it without hesitation. It is in it the increased content of various nutrients, its membrane and the embryonic layer are rich in folic acid, fiber, and vitamins of group B. Still in this rice there are many useful minerals: copper, iodine, phosphorus and zinc. But do not be discouraged if, where you live, brown rice can not be found: and the usual white variety is quite suitable for a diet. Moreover, it is much cheaper than an exotic analogue, so you will lose weight and save a little money. In addition, do not forget the wisdom of our grandmothers: you need to be treated by growing on your land. It is possible that this proverb also applies to rice for a diet. three-day rice diet

Raznosoly: for three days you forget about me

Express diets have always been very popular. Here and to a three-day rice diet those who in short term wish to dump a couple of superfluous kgs address. The reasons for such a rush is enough: someone in a few days need to get into a new dress, and someone wants to impress a new acquaintance with a thin waist. Moreover, such an inexpensive diet is also very convenient: a small amount of rice can always be taken for study or for work, and the diet will not be violated. There are two most popular types of a three-day rice diet. One of them is elementary - only rice can be eaten with water and green tea. The second - more sparing, includes a menu for all three days. Which one to choose is up to you, do not forget only about the following: rice can not be salted in any case, fizzy and sweet drinks are also taboo. So, the children themselves:

  • The secret of a strict three-day rice diet infractional nutrition. You need to cook one glass of rice and eat it during the day only in small portions. Due to the fact that the rice grains are very nutritious, and there you will be with a certain periodicity, you will not feel hungry. You can drink green tea without sugar and still mineral water. You can not sit on such a diet more than once a month, you can lose three kilograms during this time. However, if you need to lose weight a little more, then you can extend the diet to seven days. Just do not forget to include in the diet of two hundred to three hundred grams of stewed vegetables and fresh fruits every day, otherwise you will seriously harm your body. In general, you need to well very much love rice, to voluntarily prolong the diet after three days.
  • The next rice diet is also three-day, but itmuch softer than the previous version. With it you can lose two - two and a half kilograms. Just like in a mono-diet, you can not salt rice during cooking. In general, it is best to cook it for a couple - so it stores much more useful substances. So, the diet itself:
    • First day

    Breakfast: 100 grams of rice with lemon zest added. Lunch: fresh vegetable broth (all vegetables except potatoes allowed), vegetable salad - 150 gr, rice with fresh herbs, season with one teaspoon of olive oil - 100 gr. Dinner: fresh vegetable broth, rice with boiled carrots, fill it with one teaspoon of sour cream - 100 gr

    • Second day

    Breakfast: rice with fresh herbs, seasoned with one teaspoon of sour cream - 100 gr, orange Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled rice portion - 100 gr. Supper: 100g portion of boiled rice, fresh steamed vegetables

    • The third day

    Breakfast: a portion of boiled rice sprinkled with cinnamon, one grapefruit Lunch: a broth of vegetables, a salad of fresh cucumbers dressed with one teaspoon of olive oil - 100 grams, a portion of boiled rice with 150 g of stewed mushrooms Supper: a portion of boiled rice - 100 grams, broccoli, steamed - 150 g. Taking up rice diet, do not get carried away too much: in everything you need to know the measure. No matter how healthy and nutritious the diet may be, for most of us any starvation is a great stress for the nervous system. Agree that it is very difficult to maintain a good mood during the next diet - around everything is annoying and unnerving. So, in order not to endanger your mental state, and the whole body as a whole, do not be too strict towards your figure and do not sit on diets longer than prescribed. After all, a woman must be beautiful, happy and beloved - she no longer owes anything to anyone. We advise you to read: