diet for 3 days The modern rhythm of life and the constant shortagetime for full-fledged meals led many to what we eat "on the run" and what is not always good for our health. "Sedentary" lifestyle also adversely affects our health and contributes to the recruitment of extra pounds. Often we think about what would be good to lose weight, only when there is very little time left before the "important day." Many girls are wondering how to lose weight in 3 days, is this really, what recommendations should be adhered to? If you take yourself in hand and set a clear goal, then lose weight in three days is absolutely real. So, the first and most important step on the way to rapid weight loss is a clearly defined goal. You have to promise yourself that even if you find it hard to restrict yourself to eating, you will not give up! Very effective is the next method - find photos of girls with the ideal figure, the one you are aiming for, and hang them around the apartment. So you will always have your goal in front of your eyes, and you will be less willing to eat. Another important rule is - do not starve! Full refusal of food is a stress for your body, instead of quickly losing weight, the body reacts with a protective reaction, and you will not lose weight, in addition, harm your health! We offer you a plan of behavior, tips and recommendations for a three-day diet with a set of exercises and cosmetic procedures to achieve maximum effect. second day of diet

Day one (the most difficult)

As soon as you wake up, go to the kitchen and drinka glass of cold water with lemon juice (three teaspoons). you will get a big charge of vivacity and a bunch of useful vitamins! After half an hour, do a set of exercises, pay special attention to problem areas, usually a stomach and hips. The most effective will be the following exercises: jumping rope, slanting to the sides, a mill, rocking the press, twisting and squats. Spend 20 minutes on exercise, after which you can have a salad of fresh cabbage with butter (without salt!) And go about your business. It will be very good if during the diet you load yourself with work, try to take every minute of your free time, so you just will not have any thoughts about food. At lunch, eat light chicken soup. After dinner, do not sit still, try to move as much as possible. For a mid-morning snack it will be very useful to eat grapefruit, he is a fat burner. In the evening, when you come home, drink a glass of kefir, if you think that it is not enough, think about what you need to lose weight in 3 days and more you can not afford. Before going to bed, take a warm bath (~ 38 ° C) and add a half-batch of baking soda and 500 g of sea salt, turn on the relaxing music and lie in it for 20-25 minutes. This bath is very effective, it will not only help you lose weight quickly, but also relax after a busy day. To sleep it is desirable to lie not later than 22.00, after all a healthy dream too favorably will affect your health!

Day two (middle of the way)

Your morning, as on the first day of the diet, shouldstart with a glass of cold water with lemon juice and a set of exercises. The main thing is not to overdo it with sports, so that the next day you do not have muscle aches. For breakfast, eat oatmeal on the water, it can add a small handful of dried fruits. If you have the opportunity, it would be good to go for a relaxing massage, it will help to distract from the thoughts that you need to lose weight in 3 days, and relax your muscles. Try not to use public transport and a car, if you need to go a little and time allows, do not be lazy, spend a day on the move! Another important rule for rapid weight loss - drink at least 2 liters of clean water a day (juice, tea, coffee and soup - does not count!). Water helps to accelerate metabolism and quench thirst, which is often confused with hunger. At lunch, eat a small portion of fish or breast with vegetables for a couple, drink a cup of green tea without sugar. For a snack is perfect three pieces of fresh pineapple, it helps burn fat and helps to lose weight quickly. In the evening, drink a glass of yogurt. Before going to bed, take a hot shower using a scrub to steam out the skin, and make a mustard wrap. To do this, mix 5 tablespoons of dry mustard and 2 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl. Dilute this mixture with hot water to a consistency of thick sour cream and add three tablespoons of honey. Apply a thick layer of mustard to the problem areas, wrap it tightly in a food film and go to the sofa, under a warm winter blanket, turn on the TV and lie like this for 20 minutes to an hour, depending on your feelings. If the stove is unbearable, then immediately wash it off so as not to burn the skin, and next time add less sugar. After this procedure, it is desirable to apply a nourishing cream to the skin, the result will be noticeable at once - the skin is tight, at the waist - minus 1 cm. This wrap is necessary, if you need to lose weight in 3 days. three-day diet

Day Three (final)

Start the last day of losing weight with a glassfresh orange juice, it will charge you with energy for the whole day, besides it has many useful vitamins, which are simply necessary during weight loss. Make an easy charge, 100 jumping rope and go on business. At lunch, bite a vegetable salad and chicken breast for a couple, portions should not be more than 250 g. If during the day you will have an insurmountable feeling of hunger, drink a glass of kefir or tomato juice. In the evening, you can afford either 200 g of cottage cheese or 250 g of baked fish. Before going to bed, make a clay wrap, for this, in a glass dish, dilute with a hot decoction of chamomile 200 g of clay (best of all blue), add to it three teaspoons of olive oil. Clay evenly put on the body, wrapped in a food film and lie down for 1 hour on the sofa or do household chores. After an hour, take a contrast shower and apply a nourishing cream on the body. results of a diet

Quitting the diet

This diet is very effective for fastlosing weight, its advantage is that you do not feel constantly hungry, but it should be noted that this is an "urgent" diet for an emergency case, and you should not resort to it often. After its completion, try to limit yourself in large portions of food, eat often, but little by little. Try to give up alcohol, as it is a high-calorie product and, in addition, increases appetite. Harmful to the body is all fried and smoked, you will not get anything useful from such food, and the weight will grow like leaps and bounds. Very important component of any diet are sports, do not be lazy and regularly perform the above set of exercises, gradually increasing the number of approaches, so your body will not only be slim, but also tightened. Try to think less about the fact that you are on a diet and limiting yourself in everything, do not feel sorry for yourself, such thoughts can lead to depression, and you yourself will not notice how to start eating a lot. Psychological factor is of great importance, so load yourself with work and communicate with pleasant people, often think about your future beautiful figure. A great role is played also by cosmetic procedures for weight loss, such as baths with soda and sea salt, wraps, infrared sauna, massage with essential oils. Many of these procedures you can do at home yourself, the effect will not be worse than in the salon. If you are thinking about how to lose weight in 3 days, then your figure is running, and time for a diet is small. Next time try to eat competently, so as not to resort to such urgent and emergency methods. After three days of dieting you will notice that your figure has become tight and more slim, and in weight you will lose from three to six kg.