mono-diet There is something that I like and lose weight ... I think,this is the dream of many women. And, at first glance, the mono-diet is very similar to this dream. You eat only a few days that you love and, as a result, you get - from two to four "dropped" kilograms, as well as a sense of legitimate pride and deep satisfaction. The most interesting is that the products can be, practically, any. Adore cereals? Excellent. Potatoes? Perfectly. Can not you live without chocolate for a day? Well, it is not necessary! What can we say about such traditional dietary products as cottage cheese, kefir, fruits and vegetables? Agree, all this sounds too good ... So I want to ask, what is the catch? Let's understand, are such effective mono-diets ?. "Mono" in Latin is "one". Therefore, as you might guess, the basis of this system is the use of a single product for two to three days. At least, it was originally. At the moment the situation has changed a little. In addition to traditional mono diets, nutritionists have developed many different variations. Now some of them include two or three basic products, alternating them. Due to this, it became possible not to limit oneself to three days, but to increase the duration of the course. It's good or bad - judge for yourself. In any case, mono-diets belong to the category of hard, and any of them have a lot of contraindications. Therefore, if you still decided on such an experiment, then always consult with your doctor first. Otherwise, instead of the desired result, you can get serious complications and health problems. People suffering from any chronic diseases, vegetovascular dystonia, diabetes or anemia, to adhere to this diet is contraindicated. And, of course, a mono-diet for pregnant and lactating women will not work. With great care should be taken and the choice of a suitable product. Naturally, in the first place, he should like you. And then these days will be a hard test for you. But this is not all. The main thing is that the state of health allows you to consume it in sufficient quantity. For example, almost everyone likes oranges and chocolate - but many cause allergies. Or those who have problems with the kidneys, it is hardly suitable protein diet. And one more thing - during the diet you must carefully monitor your health. If you notice that it has begun to deteriorate, then the course should be discontinued. Simply put, in order not to hurt yourself, you need to approach everything very seriously and reasonably.

"Pros" and "cons" mono-kits

A mono-diet has its advantages and disadvantages. And before you rush "into the pool with a head", you must carefully weigh everything. Let's start with the good. The main advantage of this method is that it really helps to lose weight by 2-4 kilograms in just a few days. Effective mono diets allow you to lose pounds actually in front of your eyes. The second undoubted advantage is that you choose your favorite product. And it can be almost anything - from meat and eggs to sausage and chocolate. The third important advantage - in these days you will be spared from prolonged and tedious preparation of dietary dishes. Especially it should please working women. Well, now - a fly in the ointment. Unfortunately, there are a lot of disadvantages to this system too. The first and most important is that for a few days you strongly "cut" and impoverish your diet. So, your body will not get all the vitamins and micronutrients it needs. Therefore, if cheerfulness and energy begin to disappear along with the hated pounds these days, and they will be replaced by weakness, fatigue and a bad mood - do not be surprised. The state of hair, nails and skin often deteriorates. And problems with the digestive system - not uncommon. The second drawback. After such a strict restriction very few people manage to "keep oneself in hand" and do not attack the contents of the refrigerator as soon as the time allotted for the diet ends. Especially since the result of your efforts is on your face. Do not you deserve a little holiday? So, or almost so, the overwhelming majority argues. The result is known - the "expelled" kilograms joyfully return to their rightful place. Therefore, if you want to keep your achievements, no matter how difficult, you should gradually step out of the mono-diet. Well, the third - even the most favorite product, if it is three days in a row, will start to disgust. On the other hand, it's better than there are six times a day that you can not stand ... monodiet alternating days

What are Mono Chips?

To date, there is a hugenumber of a wide variety of diets. It seems that any person, if desired, will be able to choose a mono-diet "to taste." However, before describing in detail about some of them, it is necessary to recall one more important condition. Doctors, nutritionists believe absolutely unacceptable a sharp reduction in diet. This can cause serious damage to your body. Therefore, before you "sit down" on any of the selected mono-diets, you should carry out preliminary training within two to three days. These days, you should gradually reduce the amount of calories consumed. Well. And now a few different mono diets. Perhaps the most popular is the rice diet. And this is quite understandable. In addition to the fact that rice contains a lot of useful microelements and vitamins, it has the ability to remove slags, salts and other substances that are completely useless. So, from such a diet, you can expect a double effect - getting rid of excess kilos and purifying the body. The best option for a diet is brown rice. Duration of the diet - no more than three days. You can repeat the course no sooner than two months later. Such restrictions are due to the fact that along with others, the body also releases potassium salts, necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular system. The principle of rice diet is very simple. In the morning, cook a glass of rice and eat it throughout the day, divided into six portions. You can drink with apple juice. If you can not sustain such a diet, then you can use two or three small green apples.

  • Protein diet This option is suitable for those who do notrepresents his life without meat or fish. The problem is that you have to stop your choice on a single product. The ideal way to cook is boil without salt. You can add greens. Calculate the daily ration in such a way that the daily norm does not exceed 1500 kilocalories. The diet is designed for three days. These days it is necessary to drink as much liquid as possible. Fine non-carbonated mineral water, green or herbal tea. Coffee is contraindicated. It must be remembered that a protein diet is not suitable for those who have too much excess weight. At certain stages of obesity, such a diet increases the likelihood of blood clots.
  • Chocolate diet Duration - three days. For it, a bitter chocolate without sugar is suitable. This, as you know, is a very high-calorie product. Therefore, the daily rate is low. It is allowed to eat just one tile. It will have to be stretched for several meals. However, most likely, it will not spoil your mood - in fact chocolate promotes the development of endorphins. Instead of tile you can use chocolate bars. You should know that such food is not recommended for gastritis and some other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. In general, this diet is far from the best - doctors consider it one of the most harmful. And this - despite the fact that it allows you to effectively get rid of extra pounds.
  • Watermelon mono-diet This option is very good forautumn. Watermelon normalizes the metabolism and removes from the body slag, toxins and salts. The diet is designed for five days. You can eat at any time of the day or night, but at least six times a day. For 10 kilograms of your body weight should be one kilogram of watermelon flesh. If you really want to eat, then in the daily diet you can include two slices of black bread.
  • Coffee mono-diet It should be immediately said that thisthe diet is quite "aggressive" and has many contraindications. So it is not suitable for everyone. At the same time, it is quite effective. Coffee has a diuretic effect, speeds up metabolism in the body and reduces appetite. The duration of the course is three days. It is allowed to drink one cup of black coffee without sugar, no more often than once in two hours. Also, a small amount of black bitter chocolate is allowed. Mineral water without gas - at any time and as long as you want.
  • Winter diet Unlike the previous ones, thismono-diet for a week. And it is built a little differently. Every day you will use a single product. The first day - boiled potatoes. You can eat five large tubers. The second is one kilogram of raw carrots or boiled beets. It is recommended to grate it. The third is a liter of kefir or curdled milk. If desired, you can use drinking yogurt, but then its amount should be reduced to 500 ml. The fourth day - two plates of vegetable soup without salt. The fifth - half cooked chicken or 300 grams of boiled lean meat. If you choose a chicken - do not forget to take off her skin. The sixth is one liter of freshly squeezed juice. Better than apple. The seventh, final, day - 500 grams of any porridge. It should be boiled on water, without sugar and salt. Yes, the pearl barrel will not do.

About this method of combating obesity, you cantell a very, very long time. Quite simple mono diets win more and more fans all over the world. And, if health allows, and "on the nose" is some important event, where you have to appear in all glory - why not try effective mono-diet? We advise you to read: