diet on fat Children and faint-hearted, please leave: something unimaginable happened! Pals are absolutely all the laws of dietetics, doctors-consultants on proper nutrition tear hair on their head ... And all because a certain Polish nutritionist Jan Kwasniewski said that the best diet for slimming is a diet on fat! Yes, yes, on regular pork fat, as well as a variety of other fatty foods. But the fruit, vegetables and grains pan Kwasniewski calls almost not to use, as they, in his opinion, lead to weight gain. Just imagine: in order to lose weight, you do not need to depress a round-the-clock chewing cabbage with broccoli, enough to eat fat, meat and other animal fats!

Polish genius or just ignorant?

You can consider this article a draw or takePolish dietician for a charlatan, but the facts are facts: Jan Kwasniewski's sefed diet is gaining popularity every day. Only in Poland has a famous nutritionist more than two million followers. A lot of people from all over the world write a letter of thanks to the doctor, telling how many kilos they managed to lose in a month. And if there are positive results, then why not assume that there is a rational grain in this system? The problem of healthy nutrition the original Pole has devoted more than 30 years. Jan Krasnovsky is not only a nutritionist, but also a practicing physician-therapist. The system developed by him is called "Optimal nutrition", which he successfully uses to treat patients with diabetes mellitus, with cardiovascular, renal and other diseases. The doctor claims that his diet helps both lose weight and gain the necessary weight. And there are moments in his system that absolutely all nutritionists of the world support: you need to start eating in a calm environment, chew food carefully, do not get distracted while eating to read and TV, etc. But only the composition of the diet itself terrifies not only dieticians, but also ordinary mortals, who are accustomed to losing weight with carrots and oatmeal.

What is the essence of an incredible diet?

Yan Kwasniewski is sure that a person shoulduse that food that will not only be easily absorbed, but will give the body maximum energy. And such food is just animal fats, lard and meat. And all the food should be not just fat, but very fat! For example, if you want to drink milk - so add cream to it (and better replace with the latter), decided to fry potatoes - it's only with cracklings that everything swims and hissed! And if you miss the testicles - then less than 6-8 pieces a day is not allowed! As for the use of fiber for the body, Kvasnevsky considers it a myth and a mistake of nutritionists: bread, bran and cereals do not feed the body at all, but only take up space in the stomach. Equally little is the dietitian fruit and vegetables: if all of them consist of practically the same liquid, is it not easier to drink an empty glass of pure water on an empty stomach? And if you decide to object to the Polish Council and recall the beneficial vitamins, then immediately get the answer: in the same fat and meat, there are enough vitamins for normal human activity. There are especially many of them, the pan-dietician believes, in by-products, which we pay so little attention to - the heart, kidneys, lungs. Here they are desirable to eat more often and in large quantities, and do not waste your time and health on all sorts of useless vegetables and cereals. Even to vegetable oil, Jan Kwasniewski treats without proper respect, encouraging patients to fry and fill food with animal fats. And you can eat potatoes and pasta, but not more than 300 grams a day. And contrary to logic, this greasy diet works! A lot of people who lose weight are helped by the transition from raw carrots to a piece of appetizing lard with garlic. Moreover, no "smooth transition" is required, a fat diet can be started at any time, without prior preparation. Such a glorious menu Kvasnevsky offers for his followers:

  • Breakfast. For the preparation of eggs or omelets it will take at least 3 eggs. Fry, of course, with cracklings. Further - tea without sugar with a small piece of bread, richly greased or covered with a thick layer of butter.
  • Dinner. 150grams of bold carbonate (so that together with the fat was meat) dip in batter from eggs and breadcrumbs, fry in butter. On the side dish - a little potatoes with fat, left from the frying of carbonate, a small pickled cucumber.
  • Dinner. And it simply does not exist! The food taken at breakfast and lunch is enough to satiate the body and not want to eat until the next morning. However, if you really want, then you can still have a snack. Jan Kwasniewski allows you to satisfy hunger at any time of the day - even at night! Is not this the dream of any person who is dieting?

diet and fat

Step march to the store for bacon? Or even think about it?

It turns out that fat in the diet works wonders and finallyfound a panacea for all the problems associated with the deficiencies of the figure? It is not that simple. Of course, bacon for our compatriots is not just a useful product, but a real national idea, the hero of anecdotes and the passion of millions. And already to stay Emelya and to find the desired figure without exhausting diets and terrible mood - holy cause. However, it is not at all a fact that, having sat down on a fat diet, you will fall into the number of lucky ones losing weight by leaps and bounds. After all, someone and health can have problems. Animal fat is cholesterol, and although it is proved that it is necessary for the health of the human body, its excess is a rather unpleasant thing. Let's discuss the pros and cons of this unusual diet. Let's start, perhaps, with a good one:

  • This diet really helps both to lose weight and gain the necessary weight. This is proved by people who successfully passed a two-month diet on fat (this period is quite enough).
  • The cells of the human brain are 60% fat. Using animal fats, rich in calories, people support it in good shape.
  • Sitting on such a diet is not only not burdensome,but even pleasant. If kefir or vegetable diet drives a person into the real depression, then the abundance of meat and fat in the diet will never spoil the mood of a woman.
  • You do not need to cook separately for yourself and for yourhousehold members. After all, only the strongest of women (or just super skilled cooks) are able to brew borscht to her husband, never having tasted it. And if it was even possible, then sitting at a common table and drooling from the sight of delicious food - a real torture! And with a sebaceous diet you can not even tell that you lose weight.

But not everything is so smooth, there are a few cons, so think:

  • Dietology as a science, there are more than a dozenyears. And all this time doctors and scientists did not sit idly by: they searched, examined, tested the possibilities of the human body. And those diets that were developed by them, have undoubtedly benefited their followers. But the content of such diets was exactly the opposite of what Yan Kwasniewski proposes. So maybe it's too early to consider a 100% greasy diet to be correct, rejecting all previous knowledge?
  • Sowing on the diet of Pan Kwasniewski, it is quite possibleto earn a gastritis, a pancreatitis and set of other diseases. And what does the dietician say? "They themselves are to blame! There was nothing to sit on the oats with carrots all my life! "
  • For many people who want to lose weight, the very idea offat or just fat in the mouth - is disgusting. If you are not a gourmet and do not have a passion for everything that's fat, then you better guard against a sharp change in the diet.
  • The fact that you can lose weight by eating fat -shocking thought for most people. Many of them are simply afraid to sit on such a diet: what if it does not help, and instead of losing weight, a few extra pounds will be typed ?! Suddenly, chasing them then will be oh how not easy?

Well, times change. If a few years ago the combination of the words "diet and fat" seemed absurd, now hundreds of people lose weight in this way. And if such diets appear, it means that someone needs it! Decide for yourself whether it is worth trying a fashionable diet on fat, or better continue experiments with kefir and vegetables. After all, someone enjoys the process of overcoming difficulties, the desire to be proud of the result obtained at a high price. And someone on the contrary, thinks rationally and is looking for easier ways to solve the problem. At least, a dream has come true for a satisfying calorie diet and simultaneous weight loss. Let's say to Mr. Kwasniewski for this! We advise you to read: