regenerating hair mask Very soon, spring will come, which means it's timethink about your hair. We remove the cap and what do we see? Correctly, dull and lifeless strands. A sad sight. ... But you still have enough time to correct this situation. In fact, the dullness of the hair is a normal state after the winter period. But if you notice problems in the form of dandruff and breaking hairs, active hair loss began, and the tips began to be cut off, you need to turn to a specialist for help. The fact is that the earlier treatment is started, the easier it is to achieve a good result. One more thing - if you plan to make a haircut by spring, then before you start to treat and restore your hair, visit the hairdresser. At a hairstyle unsuccessful tips, dry and fragile prjadki just will leave "in nonexistence". And to look after the cut hair will be much easier. After visiting the hairdresser, you can proceed to restorative procedures. And they can be done at home.

Folk methods of hair restoration

Restoring hair masks are differentsimplicity and accessibility - no exotic products and complex receivers. You can see for yourself. Mask with honey and egg Mix these two products and apply to the hair along the entire length. Do not rub the mixture into the scalp, this composition is designed to return the curls only their former shine. Mask with burdock root Shredded root of burdock, a spoon of honey and egg yolk turn into a thick mush. This composition should be rubbed into the skin - it will promote hair growth; Kefir Mask Here everything is simple! Buy fatty yogurt (ideal - 2, 5%) and just brush your hair. Mask with sea buckthorn and white clay Take two tablespoons of sea-buckthorn, 100 grams of milk, 15-20 grams of white clay in a powdery state. The berries must be crushed, add clay powder there and gradually pour in a little warm milk, stirring the mixture continuously. Now massaging movements rub the mass into the roots and distribute along the length. This mask well restores greasy hair. Mask from different oils It will take castor and burdock oil (on a tablespoon) and as much lemon juice. All should be well stirred and slightly warmed. Apply the mixture, starting with the roots and ending with the tips. The only disadvantage of this mask is that it is not suitable for colored hair, since oils wash out the pigment. Mask of avocado Prepare the pulp of avocado, before grinding it to mashed potatoes. Add the mass of a spoonful of liquid honey and a little olive oil. Slightly warmed up the mask on dry hair. Here these most popular and effective masks can create a real miracle - your hair will become fluffy and shiny. Just remember a few simple rules:

  • Masks should work on the principle of compress: put on a shower cap and wrap everything with a towel;
  • The duration of the procedure is not more than 60 minutes;
  • To wash off masks follows warm water with shampoo;
  • Do these procedures can be 3-4 times a week without any damage to the head of hear.

By the way, hair restoration is not fastprocess, and you need to do these masks for 2-3 months. Only after that it will be possible to see the effect. No, you immediately feel how soft and obedient your hair has become. But the regularity will fix the result - this is important. hair restoration masks

Sour-milk products to help your hair

Of popular means is still very popularand the use of fermented milk products. For example, sour cream is not only a delicious addition to borscht and pancakes, but also an unmatched mask for weakened hair. After all, we in the winter make chemical perm, staining and styling with a hair dryer and ironing. And then more and caps, and then more and temperature drops .... In general, it is worth a little to energize the hair with useful substances - sour cream will be a real salvation! Just apply it on the entire length of the hair and create a compress effect, relax half an hour on the couch and all! You will immediately feel the effect - the hair will become lush, light and very docile.

We go to the pharmacy

You can restore your curls and curls notonly by popular means. After all, doctors do not in vain work and conduct scientific research! So, go to the pharmacy and consult a pharmacist - he will definitely advise you on effective means. First, it's keratin. It is sold in capsules and just have to lubricate their hair. Strengthens growth, strengthens and prevents hair loss, gives shine and silky. Pluses a lot, no one has yet noticed cons: it is not allergic, does not cause addiction and dependence. Secondly, buy fish oil! Yes, yes, hateful and nasty fish oil. But, taking it inward, you can restore metabolism, nourish the body with vitamin D and bring your hair in order. Third, buy yourself a vitamin and mineral complex. Very good in this case multivitamins - for example, "Duovit", "Revit", "Calcium D3 Nycomed". All these drugs contribute to the growth and strengthening of hair. And along the way, and fix your nails, and the skin of the face will acquire a natural color, and the smile will become more beautiful and the eyes will shine. useful hair restoration mask

General Tips for Hair Care

Yes, you will have to work hard forrestoration of beauty and irresistibility of hair. Believe me, all your efforts will not be wasted. And if you also start to eat rationally, then the figure will be in perfect order! The doctors have long proven that the appearance of hair and nutrition have a certain connection. Therefore, remember: masks from natural ingredients, vitamin-mineral complexes and diet. These are the three points that you must control. By the way, if you have skin diseases, accompanied by rashes on your head, focal alopecia or psoriasis, then you can not do without consulting a doctor. With such specific diseases and treatment should be special. Then the initiative is of no use! Love yourself, always watch your appearance and take all the necessary measures to restore and maintain beauty and irresistibility. Only with the right approach and the competent application of all methods (even popular and most verified) will it be possible to achieve a good result. Do not lose zeal, do not interrupt your treatment, choose the right shampoo and rinse balm, and you will definitely succeed! We advise you to read: