rest on bali If you collect the epithets that reward thisisland travelers, they will be typed on a good brochure. The most interesting is that each of them is truthful and accurate. Without exaggeration - only here you can really feel what is called the harmony of body and soul. And how else, if not paradise on earth, you can call an island, where everyone will find exactly what he dreamed of? I dreamed before I decided to spend my holiday in Bali! Here come a variety of people: a surfer in pursuit of his only wave, and a glamorous beauty, accustomed to spend their holidays at the best spa-resorts; newlyweds dreaming to spend a honeymoon in a romantic setting, and a gourmet seeking new gastronomic discoveries; designer, drawing inspiration in the exquisite grace of pagodas and ancient temples, and a married couple with children. Relaxation in Bali will justify the expectation of each guest and will not just justify, but, perhaps, in some ways surpass them. Of course, it can not be said that Bali is "at hand". It was a joke - a nine-hour flight to Bangkok from Moscow and another four hours to the island itself. But the opportunity to plunge into the breathtaking rest, to feel the real harmony of waves and wind, jungles and waterfalls, wonders and routine, will help to "overpower" a comfortable flight.

Miracle Island

Anyone who has the luck to see Bali from a heightbird flight, will understand the title of the subtitle. The island really seems like a miraculous creation of some crazy artist who decided to experiment with color, and with daring strokes he outlined the outlines of the island: on the one hand black - the volcanic sand of the beaches is black, on the other - almost white, you can tell endlessly about the white beaches of Bali. Then he mixed all shades of green, applying various vegetation to his canvas, and diluted this green with terracotta-black blobs of volcanoes and mountain ranges. But their aesthetic decorated with greenery, and, inspired by the color of the water in the ocean, blue veins of numerous rivers. Despite the fact that the climate on the island is equatorial-monsoon, that is, from June to October here is a "dry" season, and from November to May "wet", rest on Bali does not become a permanent attempt to adapt to an unusual climate. Acclimatization is quite quick and painless, even if you just arrived straight from the thirty-degree frosts. And especially for women it should be noted that the climate in Bali has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. reviews about rest on bali

Resorts, beaches and SPA for every taste

On a relatively small territory of the island,only five and a half thousand square meters, there are so many different resorts and beaches that at first it is difficult to decide what you need. Each of them is worth a visit and a separate mention. But if you know exactly why you came to Bali, then this article will help you to choose a resort place. If for you rest - this is solitude, tranquility, beauty of nature, if you like fine fish dishes worthy to be tested by the most picky gourmets, then the resort of Jimbaran is exactly the place where you can realize any of the listed needs. The rocky slopes, smoothly passing into the sandy islands of the beaches of this resort, shimmer with all sorts of shades in the rays of the rising and setting sun. It is believed that the most beautiful sunsets in Bali can be seen only here. This place is perfect for those who are fond of diving. Easy accessible and uncomplicated coral reefs, the remains of sunken ships and a rich underwater world can all be found at the Jimbaran resort. The only thing that can somewhat cool your desire to relax on the resort pearl of Bali is high prices. A six-kilometer strip of snow-white Kuta beaches has long been admired by the beginning conquerors of "steep" waves - surfers, clubbers and shopaholics. It is said that it is in Kut that the whole night life of Bali is concentrated. And if you are not burdened with any worries or just arrived in Bali in a cheerful company of friends, here you will be able to implement all of your wildest fantasies. In the morning - surfing and massage (right on the beach and only for five dollars), in the afternoon - hiking through numerous shops, and at night - dancing non-stop and deafening club life. By the way, the best clubs are located on the main street of Kuta - Legian Street. Confirming rave reviews about the rest in Bali, a landmark for surfers around the world are the famous bays on the southern coast of Uluwatu. Desperate guys and girls come to the coast and "saddle" the high tidal waves, competing with each other in the skill and beauty of conquering the unpredictable elements. It is impossible not to mention the famous SPA-center of Talasso-Bali. And if you like bath and massage, then it is here that you will feel the beneficial effect that SPA procedures have on the body and soul. It is worth saying that massage in Bali is considered a general hobby. All kinds of algal, flower, salt and mud wraps, hot stone massage - all this is worth trying, being in Bali. But even by local standards, in this SPA-center the cost of procedures is very high. Twenty-minute exotic procedure will cost you about sixty dollars. rest on bali reviews

Holidays with children in Bali

In Bali, you can come and the whole family, together withchildren. The oldest resort on the island of Sanur is perfect for a family holiday. All hotels located in this resort are distinguished by their unique aristocratism and restraint, and the "price-quality" indicator, important for a family trip, is the most attractive. At relatively low prices for accommodation, the quality of service is considered the best in Bali. An adult part of the family can enjoy with pleasure the SPA-procedures, playing golf or walking in beautiful parks. And for children there are interesting excursions. The park of birds and reptiles, where the sightseeing bus goes every day, is inhabited by peacocks with snow-white tails, prehistoric cassowary birds reaching the height of a low man, and various kinds of parrots. The most complete collection of birds in Asia has about two hundred and fifty species. And almost all of them can be fed. Zoo of the island of Bali is more a reserve and an amusement park at the same time. The Sumatra tigers are the smallest on earth, terrible lizards, white tigers and many other animals that you can hardly see anywhere else. Under the watchful eye of experienced caretakers, children are allowed to pet lions, feed crocodiles and tigers, and hold hands at the terrible reptiles. In the entertainment zone, children will have the opportunity to feel like real Tarzans, climbing the rope ladder, swaying on branches and pacing the shaky bridges. Safari Park is a huge territory where several hundred animals live in natural conditions. On a special bus you can go round it, getting close to the animals so close that, sticking out your hand from the window, it is quite possible to feed the "hungry" zebra. And the journey on horseback on the most real elephant can delight any child! A real adventure for children can be called an underwater walk. Inventors of this attraction gathered on the underwater coral reef "heroes" of the best Disney cartoons - "Underwater Brotherhood", "Little Mermaid" and "In Search of Nemo". Dressed in real underwater spacesuits, children walk around, strolling among the stacks of various fish, along the ocean floor. rest at the balls with the whole family

Island of a thousand temples

Rest on Bali is not only endless beaches andresorts. The island is a place with a rich cultural heritage. What are the temples, admire the tourists and pilgrims from around the world. The main temple ensemble of the island is the Temple of Besakikh. It is built on the highest mountain and it is called the "Mother of the Temples". Frozen at an altitude of thousands of meters above sea level, the composition of twenty-two churches looks grand. It's not just a temple, it's a real city for monks. Many buildings are completely overgrown with greenery and this gives the impression that all this beauty is born by the mountain itself. The temple of Tanah Lot stands on a rock in the middle of the ocean, as if some designer on his own whim placed him on top of the rock, giving to tearing tidal waves. According to ancient beliefs, the purpose of this temple is to protect the island from evil demons of the ocean. Indonesians are very anxious about religion, in Bali, Hinduism and all sorts of occult beliefs coexist peacefully. The temple of Uluwatu also belongs to the category of "sentry", designed to protect the earth from the evil spirits of the sea. To visit this temple you need to thoroughly prepare: to remove all bright and bright from yourself and put on the national sarong. Completely unmoving monkeys bother with their close attention to tourists who decided to visit its ancient walls. But the most beautiful and unusual is the temple of Ulun-Danu. The main water temple of the island makes us stop in amazement, contemplating an unusual, harmonious structure. This place is a real shrine, and only pilgrims are allowed inside the temple. Tourists also have to look only at the roof of the water temple, consisting of eleven tiers. The temple of the dead in Ubud is considered the place of the center of magic power. In order to reach its walls, it is necessary to pass through the most beautiful forest, the real realm of monkeys. Curious monkeys have long been accustomed to the increased attention from tourists and quite indifferently react to bright flashes of cameras and loud voices of tourists. Some of them, especially charismatic creatures, are ready to even pose. Naturally, for a small fee in the form of bananas or sweets. But if the monkey is not in the mood, you run the risk of losing something really valuable - sunglasses or the same camera. Do not try to return your property, it's your entrance fee, given to the spirits. reviews about the rest on the island of bali While relaxing in Bali, you can not visitintellectual and cultural capital of the island - a small, inconspicuous town of Ubud. Surrounded by greenery rice plantations, the city became a Mecca for tourists after the release of the film "Eat, Pray, Love", the third part of which was filmed in Ubud. It is here that you can get a full, capacious idea of ​​the national color of the island. That there is a famous dance ketchak, which is able to enter into the trance of not only the performers, but also the spectators. And pieces of furniture by local craftsmen are real works of art! Jewelry made of natural pearls, silver and mother-of-pearl, dishes, national musical instruments - it seems that every thing is imbued with the love of the master who created it. In local markets, you can and even need to bargain, reducing the price of just three or even four. By the way, immediately it is worth buying tea, the varieties of which will satisfy aesthetes even with the most demanding taste, and coffee lyubov - the dream of every coffeeman. And all sorts of spices, cocoa and vanilla can be bought for future use. Another undeniable advantage of this city is the SPA-salons. Traditional Balinese massage of the whole body will cost you twenty dollars. Rest in Bali - reviews, impressions, enthusiastic stories of everyone, ever stepping on the land of this island, do not do without mentioning the goodwill of local residents. Here you rarely see a grimly wandering person. Maybe the whole thing is in a special air, saturated with the smell of exotic plants, or maybe that intelligent Balinese even sleep their heads in the direction of the abode of the gods. Their sly sight is unlikely to reveal the secret of the harmony of body and soul. In order to know these secrets, you need at least a few days to become one with this truly magical island, albeit temporarily, even for a little while.