CN Tower in Toronto Canada is a unique countrya picturesque natural wealth, consisting of numerous protected and park territories. The geography of this huge country is diverse and vast. Canada covers almost the entire north of the continent and is washed by the waters of three oceans. The main natural beauty: Mount Robson National Park, Fort Ann and the Plis River waterfalls. Sights of Canada, for example, the island of Campobello (FDR Roosevelt Historical Park) and the island of Cape Breton (Fort Louisburg), the village of Kings Landing will amaze even the sophisticated tourist.

Ontario and his big horseshoe

Ontario is the province of Canada with the largestdensity of population, famous for its excellent vineyards and the "Great Horseshoe" Niagara Falls. Glory to this region brought more than 30 national reserves, wild territories, about 50 thousand crystal clear lakes and many rivers with a total distance of 55 thousand km. All this adjoins the area, which is the economic leader of the country, the "Ontario peninsula", surrounded by the lakes of Ontario, Huron and Erie. Here is located Ottawa - the capital of Canada. Toronto is the center of the English-speaking population of the country, in which, however, many other ethnic groups can be found. Very attractive for visiting the handsome Kingston, who regularly hosts the Irish festival, the Pukasuke Preserve, Fort Henry, the lovely town of Sainte-Marie with the museum of history in the old house of the Hermitage, the popular Thousand Islands on Lake Ontario, the striking zone of the Agave canyons and, of course , the Niagara Falls itself. British Columbia Parliament

Quebec is beautiful

The largest and, as many believe, the most beautifulProvince of Canada - Quebec. This is the region of the most picturesque places in the country: the region of mountains and lakes of Lavrentid, Charlevoix and Estri, the coastal Gaspezi and Sagene, Laurentia, surrounded by beautiful forests and plains, the land of fishermen and sailors - the island of Madlena and finally, the oldest Canadian cities - Montreal and Quebec City. It is in Quebec that you will find the oldest Laval University. A huge number of tourists come to the waterfalls of Montmorency and the spurs of the Appalachian mountains. Here you will find hundreds of magnificent tourist centers, mountain-skiing bases, nature reserves, sandy beaches. The nature of southern Quebec is a combination of fascinating beauty and diversity. For all of these advantages, Quebec was nicknamed the "Perfect Province". Located near Montreal, the Lavrentida and Laurentian Plateaus feature an excellent ski resort and a beautiful garden in Bronmonte. Nice ski slopes in both Saint-Adele and Saint-Sauer. In the Oka region, you can visit the Indian settlements, in Saint-Eustache - the "reptilian farm". The beautiful Cathedral of Saint-Anne-De-Beaupré, which is the property of world culture and a popular place of pilgrimage, will not leave any traveler indifferent. It is worth to pay attention to the cascade of waterfalls named after St. Anne, the city park of Saint-Jerome, the water park of Mont-Sère-Sauveur, the warm resorts of the Notre-Dame du Portage, the canyon "Gates of Hell", the island of Bic, the famous "Meti gardens" in the spirit of the English style near the Gran Mete, Lake Temiskoita, excellent beaches on the shores of the lakes of St. Jean and Sable, the picturesque landscapes of Charlevuk, Sherbrooke, Estri (part of it is recognized by UNESCO as a world-wide reserve), the center for studying the sea of ​​the Fjord Sagenė and the center, studying mammals of the marine environment in Tadusaka, "pass the wildlife of the whales », the unique landscapes, the nature reserve in the Shik-Shok mountains in Gaspezi and the Foriynon Park, the special paleontological park of Miguas, the indescribable landscapes of the capes of Eternity and the Trinity, the" eighth wonder of the world "- the huge rock of Perse, Canada's highest lighthouse at Cape Rosier and much more . Château Frontenac Castle in Quebec

Manitoba Museum

Varied and colorful Manitoba - forests, prairies,lakes, rivers, tundra. The capital of Winnipeg is a godsend for museums. Among the historical and natural attractions of Canada, it takes a worthy place. Fort Garry (the important point of trade in furs on the Red River), Razvilka (a place of historic importance where leaders gathered together in former times), Churchill (the famous house of polar bears, the habitat of the southernmost population of these animals), Princes' Park and Carran in Brandon . There are many protected areas and lakes here, the largest of which is Winnipeg, the fifth largest lake in the country.

Special Beauty Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a granary of Canada with a harsh climate,where the steppe and the lake cover the living space. Only in this province the composition of the population is not traditional for Canada, here live Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Scandinavians and Germans. This fact naturally affected the architecture and much more, transferring the share of the identity of the peoples living here. Saskatoon and Regina are the two largest cities of Saskatchewan. The capital of Saskatchewan is Reijan. It is a quiet city with hospitable inhabitants, which are revitalized only towards the end of the working week, filling local shops, restaurants and pubs. Reijana is the starting point for trekking to a beautiful lake site in the area of ​​Lake Athabasca. In the city there are two interesting museums, including the Museum of the Royal Equestrian Police, which first appeared in these parts. The natural values ​​of Saskatchewan are collected in the museum of natural history in the form of a very large collection. Interior of Notre-Dame de Montreal

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a beautiful provincea country surrounded on three sides by the ocean. Worthy visits to places in the province are great beaches and fishing settlements along the "Road of the Rising Sun", the reservation of the Wikokomag Indians, Yarmouth yacht center, the Otter national reserve on the island of Cape Breton, the Kedzhimkujik reserve zone and many good beaches. Here, lovers of fishing can experience all the delights of fishing, for Nova Scotia stands among the best places for sea fishing in the northern hemisphere. Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, is notable for its temples. Saint-Pierre (the oldest Baptist church in the country), the Chapel of Notre-Dame de Saint-Duler in 1874, Old Dutch Church (the first Lutheran church in Canada), and others. Museums of Nova Scotia, the Museum of Fine Arts, The Citadel, the Gallery of Arts "The Legacy of Mikmakov", etc. It is worth to pay attention to the fortress of Louisburg, located on the island of Cape Breton, Fort Ann in Annapolis, the historical park of Roosevelt, a settlement with the historical antiquity of Kings Landing in New Brunswick, a museum named after Samuel de Champlain in the open air, located on the island of St. Croix, Museum th house scientist AG Bellan, located on the island of Cape Breton, and many other attractions. Niagara Falls

Alberta - shopping paradise

Alberta is Canada's main oil region and landbeautiful landscapes. The rocky west and the steppe east create a favorable combination for a tourist trip. The capital of the province is the city of Edmonton - one of the largest shopping centers of North America, therefore all the tourist flow flows to the West Edmonton-Mel district, which has 800 shops and a solid amusement park. In Calgary you will find the summer Rodeo, the Glenbow Museum with its impressive collection of weapons, Canada's largest zoo, the Olympic Park, and of course the symbol of the city - the Calgary Tower Tower. In Portage-la-Prairie you can visit the historic village of the Indians and the Museum of Development of Canada in the old fort, and in Halle - the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Near the city there are numerous winter resorts. A great find for lovers of wildlife - the Canadian Cordillera. Here the Yellowhead Pass, the Fraser Canyon, the highest point of the rocky mountains of Canada - Mount Robson, whose height is 3954 m., The famous Columbia ice fields - the perfect place for outdoor activities. But Canada's main attractions in this glorious province are the national reserves of Banff (the first nature reserve in the country), Jasper (the largest reserve in the mountains with an area of ​​10,800 sq km), Waterton Lakes and Wood Buffalo, Lake Medsin (the largest lake in the Jasper Nature Reserve, dry once a year), the Athabasca waterfalls, Lake Meilin, the Colombia glacier with an area of ​​325 square meters. km, the Upper Falls and Lower waterfalls, Mount Victoria, Lake Louise and a large number of resorts with a very high level of service next to the reserves. In Alberta, the largest accumulation of dinosaur remains was found, and the fishing rating of the local rivers is among the highest in the world. Banff National Park

The Yukon remembers the gold!

Yukon is the region of the "gold rush" of the beginning of the century. Wild places Yukon occupy 500 thousand square meters. km north of British Columbia, between the Northwest Lands of Canada and Alaska. The Yukon is dominated by the Cordilleras, and in the north by the Arctic coast and the tundra. The capital of the Yukon, Whitehorse, in addition to the function of administrative management, functions as a tourist center. Annually in February "meetings of prospectors" are held, during which there is an opportunity to ride on a steamer "Klondike" and imagine yourself a contemporary of the "gold rush". It is worth paying attention to such famous landmarks of Canada in the Yukon as the McBride Museum in Whitehorse, the Yukon River, which are an excellent place for fishing, the Miles Canyon, and finally, the popular attribute of many western Dawson.

British Columbia

The West and the continuous mountains are British Columbia. This is the territory of mountains, rivers, lakes, green valleys, coniferous forests and seascapes. Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the country, it is surrounded by forests and majestic mountains. These beauties inevitably guide the tourist route through the picturesque places of the city and its environs. Very noteworthy is the ski center Whistler, Skoumisch at the giant cliff of Stavamus-Chif, the city of Nanaimo on the ocean coast, the Shannon Falls waterfall, the Queen Charlotte archipelago, and the old railway linking the wonderful places around the city. Victoria is the capital of the province, which is worth a look at the Automobile Classics Museum, Batchart Gardens Recreation Park, British Columbia Museum, Maritime Museum, Emily Carr Art Gallery, Parliament and Fort Rodd's History Park. Part of the culture of local Indians can be found in Thunderbird Park in the form of objects of worship and life. It is a city of the English spirit of the Victorian era with its sheared squares, beautiful gardens, architecture and sculpture. From Victoria you can get to the popular nature reserves of Yoho (under the protection of UNESCO), Pacific Rome, Kutney and go on a boat trip along the ocean and river routes.