Ávila - the church of St. Peter Spain is a country that once owned halfof the world. In the past, a powerful empire, now it is a country with a rich history and traditions. For many, it is now filled with unforgettable guitar chords, passionate flamenco, tapping castanets. But Spain - it's also the oldest memorials and architectural structures, some of the best museums in the world, roads built by ancient Romans ... The sights of Spain are colorful, multifaceted and presented in the widest numbers, the map of Spain with sights is full of diversity. After all, not every modern country has such a number of features that reflect its essence, way of life and history. There is something to see, for every taste and purse. The sights of Spain can be divided into 3 main groups:

  • the main historical architectural structures,
  • museums,
  • resort areas of the coast.

segovia - cathedral

The main attractions of Spain

Even following the map, where the mainthe sights of this picturesque country, it is impossible to see everything. Therefore, it will be much more correct to study the most interesting "objects", and, having previously marked them on the map, start on the road. The Roman conquerors actively supported the development of Spanish cities, encouraged architects and created roads and communications. So, Barcelona has kept the chess order of buildings from those times. On the buildings still mosaic and frescoes of Roman painters. But, of course, the masterpiece of landscape design is, undoubtedly, created by Gaudi's own Park of Guel. Gaudí's hand belongs to the project of the Sagrada Familia. In addition to the Romans, the Arabs took part in the creation of the architecture of Spain. Well it is noticeable in the famous Granada. A small cozy town that displays a map of Spain with sights, preserves the color of the Moors-conquerors. Here is located an unparalleled Red Palace, the walls of which change their shade within a day depending on the lighting. The interior of the castle suits the luxury and chic of the East. If a travel map leads to a small town of Toledo with its many sights, then it must certainly visit. The whole city is listed on the UNESCO list for good. The capital of Madrid unites in itself such a lot of remarkable features that it is impossible even to choose its business card. If the card is in hand, then you need to hurry to inspect this wonderful city as quickly as possible, without losing a minute. The center of the city is considered to be the Puerta del Sol, a square with three statues and an ancient Postal House, on which the watch with four dials is adorned, which usually ring on New Year's Eve, informing the Spaniards about the coming of the New Year. On the square with the same name is a monument to the goddess Cibeles, one of the many symbols of the Spanish capital. This square with its unique architectural ensemble deservedly is the best on the map of the world's squares. There is also the Communications Palace, the Maritime Museum with interesting documents of the structure of the ships and the fleet of Spain and the famous gate of the Puerta de Alcala not far, on Independence Square. Barcelona as the center of Catalonia has retained almost all of its architectural Gothic style. The main attraction here is the Cathedral of St. Eulalia. This is a Gothic building, which unites in a single ensemble three more buildings - Casa del Canones, Degas and Casa de L'Ardiaka. Segovia - Roman aqueduct

Museums of Spain - the dream of an intelligent tourist

If you put all the museums on the map of the country, thento visit them or at least inspect, there will not be enough vacations for 10 years. They are so diverse and unusual, full of beautiful architecture and rich interior decoration. Visit at least some of them is even for those who do not usually spend time on museums. Here are some of the most remarkable and beautiful museums that are offered to visit the map of Spain with sights: the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. The most extensive collection of paintings of this famous and revered artist is here. The museum is located in the ancient Spanish quarter in five medieval castles and has at its disposal 3,5 thousand works of the famous genius. The Prado Museum. This is an old park with a lock inside. More than 5 thousand paintings from the personal collection of the royal family gradually settled here. The building itself, as well as those exhibits that it exhibited, indisputably, are masterpiece. The Museum of Santa Cruz. From an architectural point of view is of great importance, since it was built in the 16th century as a monastic hospital. National Art Museum of Catalonia Located in the building of the National Palace, he combined the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Art of Catalonia. The building was restored in 1992 before the Summer Olympics. Then fountains are arranged in order that are located in front of the building. Now every 15 minutes there is an unusual show of fountains, accompanied by classical music. The sight of a truly indescribable beauty. Thyssen-Bormennis Museum. Baron Hans Heinrich Thiessen-Bormis managed to collect an extraordinary collection of works of art of the Impressionists and Expressionists, European and American paintings of the second half of the 20th century. In 1993, the Spanish royal family managed to redeem the collection from the relatives of the late Baron. The Queen Sofia Art Center. It was created like the London gallery Tate and the French center Georges Pompidou. This museum mainly specializes in sculpture. However, here is exhibited the famous painting by Pablo Picasso "Guernica". Toledo - the gate of the Puerta de Bisagra

Resorts in Spain - a seductive tourist attraction

As can be seen on the map, Spain,being on the Iberian peninsula, has a long coastal curve. that provides her with a crowd of lazy tourists who prefer a sedentary vacation on the beach under the bright sun. Costa Brava (the so-called wild coast) starts near Barcelona and stretches along the whole province. This one of the best resorts of the country is famous for its clear water, beautiful scenery, alternating with cozy bays with rocky shores. The resort of Playa de Aro is famous for its golden beach and folk festivals, in which foreign tourists dive with pleasure. Costa Dorado-Salou - the golden coast in the south of Spain. Here you can create unique conditions for water sports. The main attraction of Salou - a monument to the fisherman - reminds the cheerful Spaniards of the hard work of their ancestors. Noteworthy here is the stylized Catalan village of Mazia Catalana with recreated interior of everyday life and tools of agricultural labor. The original cultural center and historical landmark of Salou is the fortress of Torre Velha, built in ancient times to protect the population from pirates threatening from the sea. All the coast of the Costa del Sol, stretching around Malaga - the largest tourist area in the country. All the main resorts are located here.