Where to spend the weekend in Moscow Closer Friday evening, and how we are waitingthe long-awaited weekend! You think about them all five working days, plan where you can go to relax and unwind after hard working days. Therefore, before the residents and guests of the capital the question arises: where to spend the weekend in Moscow?

Quiet rest

Moscow is a huge metropolis, so the problems withleisure activities simply can not be. If you are a lover of a calm, contemplative vacation, you should go to one of the many parks where it is so pleasant to wander along the paths and breathe the clean, forest-smelling air. The most popular among Muscovites parks Kolomenskoye, Tsaritsyno and the Arkhangelskoye estate, located twenty kilometers from Moscow, in the Krasnogorsky district. In the summer, it is so nice to be on the shore and have a picnic, admiring the leisurely flow of the Moscow River. There you try to relax your soul and recharge yourself with positive energy for the future. Another remarkable and popular place in Moscow is the Gorky Park of Culture. Recently the park has been reconstructed in a new way, cozy jazz cafes are located on its territory, in which live music is played on Fridays and Saturdays. This place will always be one of the first places you want to come to spend your weekends with your family or with your loved one. Moscow is so unique city, with a lot of nice and cozy squares, it is difficult to immediately navigate in a variety of places for a relaxing holiday. Someone likes quiet lanes of the Patriarch's Ponds, where everything is imbued with Bulgakov's spirit and tea is tasted deliciously on the verandas of summer cafes, and someone prefers the intimacy of Zamoskvorechye. In a word, if you just want to enjoy beautiful Moscow views and a lot of walking, you need to go for impressions to the center of the capital. where to spend New Year's weekend in Moscow

Cognitive rest

Recently Muscovites have taken the rulespend your weekends in cinemas and entertainment centers, of which there are a lot of people in the city. Almost every district of the capital has a cinema, where you can see the latest news of the world cinema distribution. Cult cinema is Cinema Center at Krasnaya Presnya, which show not only high-profile blockbusters, but also the author's cinema, which is able to evaluate not everyone. Also this place attracts lovers of old films, which nowhere else you look, except at home on the couch in front of the TV. Moscow amazes with an abundance of museums and art galleries, here you can find an exhibition for every taste. Recently, all creative Moscow public attends the exhibition at the winery, fans of photography go to the Manege. A huge selection of theaters will satisfy the taste of the most demanding audience. In order to navigate in all variants for leisure weekend, enough to buy a magazine poster and choose the program of activities, or see announcements of cultural events on the Internet. By the way, with the approach of the New Year holidays, the question of where to spend New Year's weekends in Moscow is becoming topical. It all depends on your budget and wishes. For those who can not linger long at the banquet table and craves movement, there is a great opportunity to go skating on Red Square or any other rink. But the services of skiers and snowboard open their doors to the best ski resorts, ranging from Snezhkoma to the ski slope in Novo-Peredelkino. You can also move in any nightclub, in which New Year's holidays are arranged entertainment programs. where to spend the weekend in the city of Moscow

What does Moscow offer for recreation with children?

It is understandable that leisure activities foradults are not always suitable for children. Therefore, it is desirable for parents to think in advance about the question of where to spend the weekend with a child in Moscow. First of all, the child should be fun and informative, because childhood is a time of wonderful discoveries and new impressions! The most suitable places for active recreation are skating rinks and rollerdromes, some of which can be hired by an experienced instructor. In most entertainment centers with children engaged in animators, there is an opportunity to play on the playgrounds, which like a magnet attract children of a different age. And if you want in such centers you can watch the whole family wonderful cartoons in 3D. Nothing attracts children like circus performances. The circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard has long become a cult place for many generations of Muscovites. In childhood, I would like to see different animals, but where else can I do it, if not in the circus? However, the zoo is also one of the favorite places for visiting children. After the trip there, the child will be long in awe to tell what kind of animals and birds he met there. Do not forget about the numerous museums, in which you just need to periodically bring out the children. For the youngest, museums of fairy tales are suitable, and for older children it is better to choose a study tour. After visiting the museum there is a great opportunity to take your child to a cozy cafe to eat, the benefit of almost every one of them has a children's menu, and sometimes even provides a whole entertainment program. Many parents know special cafes in Moscow, in which real masterclasses for cooking various dishes are arranged for children. For example, children with pleasure sculpts from the test animal figurines, which then turn into cookies. To bring up in the child aesthetic feelings, take him to the Botanical Garden! There, with great pleasure, he will admire the wonderful flowers, for a sense of beauty must be instilled in children from an early age. In general, we need to take out children as often as possible to nature, to the forest or to the park, in many of them wonderful playgrounds have been built, which will allow the child to actively spend time and socialize with other children. But why do we have to leave the house somewhere? After all, a house is a place where children spend a lot of time, so it is so important to make it cozy and interesting for your child. You can come up with various and very exciting games for the whole family, for example, to play in the Mafia or Monopoly. And if the child is very small, you can read him a book or even play a real performance at home! After all, children absorb all emotions like a sponge, so the more often you spend family evenings, the more chances your child will grow up as an intelligent, kind and open-hearted person. We advise you to read: