exercises for the elasticity of the chest The desire to lose weight is inherent in almost everywoman. Exhausting yourself with diets and sports activities, we look forward to the results and, in the end, get them. But then we come across an unpleasant fact - once beautiful and elastic breasts also lost weight and drooped. What to do in this situation? First, be sure to take care of buying special cosmetics for the breast. Algal or mud wraps, aromatherapy and sauna are also good in this situation. There are also special exercises for the elasticity of the chest, they will help restore its former beauty in a short time.

The first thing is warm-up

Before you proceed directly to the complex of exercises, perform a small gymnastics for 5-7 minutes:

  • Folding your hands in front of your face, squeeze them together, as if in prayer;
  • Step back from the wall for half a meter and lean on it with the help of the palms. Then, pulling your hands off the wall, fall again on her.

Having warmed the muscles in this way, you can start to practice. Remember, the main positive attitude! Turn on the pleasant music and proceed. exercises for elastic breasts

Breast in order - thanks to charging

  • The first exercise is in ordinarypush-ups from the floor. There is a little secret: the first three or four presses must be done slowly, then 10-15, accelerating, and on the last bench press it is recommended to stop and freeze on elongated hands for a couple of seconds;
  • Then again push-ups. Do the same as in the first case, with only one difference: hands should be placed wider than shoulders, and turn the palms away from you;
  • For the next exercise the hands needmove as close as possible to the trunk and squeeze out the same way as in the two previous cases. These exercises, although similar, work on different muscles, which is very important in our case;
  • Now take two dumbbells. Lay down on the floor, legs bent at the knees, the pelvis and back pressed to the floor. Take dumbbells in your arms, bent at the elbows. On exhalation, raise and straighten your arms, and on inhalation return them to the previous position;
  • The following actions are similar to the previous ones. But only now the hands with dumbbells need to be planted in the sides, and then lifted up. Hands in elbows can not be bent;
  • Lying on the back, we are pressed to the floor and bend our legs, and hands are stretched up and we are closing in the lock. Now we drop the straight arms behind the head, then we return them to the previous position;
  • Lying, press the pelvis and back to the floor, bend your legs inknees, and hands with dumbbells lift up. They must be parallel to each other. Then lower the straightened arms to the legs and lift them, returning them to their original position;
  • In order to perform this exercise, youyou will need a special gymnastic stick. Laying on his back on a flat surface, his legs are bent at the knees. Wide grip take a special stick for gymnastics, lift it up and lower it back to the chest;
  • Do not change the situation. We take a gymnastic stick so that our hands are 10-15 centimeters apart. Pull up the straightened arms with a gymnastic stick, then lower them by the head and again lift them over the trunk;
  • In the next exercise, you need to do everything according to the same pattern. The difference is only in the position of the hands. They are not shifted to each other, but are on the width of the shoulders.

Each of the above exercises you needperform in three sets of 10-12 repetitions. If you constantly give this complex a little time, you can achieve your cherished goal - an elastic, tight and beautiful breasts. After completing the whole complex, make sure to stretch. It is necessary to ensure that the next day you do not feel pain in the muscles. Divide your arms diagonally, namely: the right hand at the top, the left at the bottom. Then take them back with choppy movements, now change your hands and repeat this exercise. After 8-10 repetitions, pull the back forward, as if rounding it. exercise for the elasticity of the chest

Additional methods will never be superfluous

Now the complex is fully completed, and you can get acquainted with several secrets that will help you achieve the desired result.

  • A contrast shower is an excellent remedy. Just remember - start and finish the procedure with warm water;
  • The bra, not only sporty, but also everyday, should be comfortable. It is necessary that it closely adjoins the body, while leaving no traces on your skin and does not constrain movements;
  • Good help wiping with a damp towel,moistened in salt water (per liter of water 4 tablespoons of salt). Wiping should be done clockwise, after washing the breast with clean water and apply olive oil. By the way, this secret shared with women Sophia Loren;
  • It is possible to increase the elasticity of the breast with the help ofwraps on the basis of hop cones. It is necessary to take 40 grams of cones, pour them with boiling water, cover and insist for about half an hour. When the infusion is ready, moisten it with gauze and wrap the chest. Hold for 10-15 minutes, then grease with a thick cream;
  • And, finally, the last secret lies in the directposture. Pull in your stomach, straighten your back and straighten your shoulders. Approach the mirror. Notice how these simple movements lifted the bust? Posture should be monitored everywhere: at work, in the car, in the subway, at home and even at home.

These simple tips will definitely help youachieve the desired result. Never hurry to take cardinal measures and agree to a surgery to lift. Surgical intervention is not the only way out of this situation. It all depends on you, not on the plastic surgeon! We advise you to read: