Dance to your health! Even in ancient times, doctors recognized thatdance is a companion of human health. And even then they tried to not only treat dances, but also prevent illnesses. Modern research shows that when moving to music, the physical and spiritual forces of both healthy and sick people are mobilized. People prone to irritability and anger, with the help of such medication calm down, begin to feel good. Fearful people go through fear, Uncertain people begin to feel their strength ... Some dances lower pressure and protect against heart diseases. Therefore, if you have at least one of these symptoms, we recommend that you go to the dance. Many are embarrassed to go to the dance because of the fact that only professionals dance there. This is not true! Accepts both children and adults,wishing to learn how to dance. Dances help to develop musicality, grace, coordination of movements. Improves metabolism, strengthens bones (prevention of osteoporosis) and muscle. During the dance, there is a huge energy expenditure, up to 750 kcal / h. This is useful for people who want to lose weight. For obese people, dances are simply irreplaceable. When performing fast dance moves a person spends about the same amount of energy as a mountaineer while conquering mountains or a boxer during a fight. And two or three minutes of waltzing on energy costs are equal to a run for 800-meter distance. Constant dance classes will help you avoid cardiovascular diseases, lung diseases, gastrointestinal tract ... Rhythmic dance movements will increase blood circulation. Blood is more filled with oxygen and this vital elixir comes in sufficient quantity to the heart, to the tissues of all organs of the body. Thanks to this organism, the slag is removed faster and better. Thin dances help to replenish, full - to lose weight. Sleep becomes better than when taking any sleeping pills. Dance and be healthy!