how to grow a brow Eyebrows "nitochki" surrender their positions, giving way tonaturalness. Modern fashion trends are persistently advised to give up the weekly pulling of hairs for the sake of wide, thick eyebrows of regular shape. However, the need to grow eyebrows can arise not only for this reason. Perhaps the master in the cabin did you an unsuccessful correction or you got excited, standing with tweezers in front of the mirror ... The main thing that now you are interested in the answer to the question - how to grow eyebrows?

General recommendations for strengthening hair growth

  • Adhere to a special diet and drink vitamin-mineral complexes

Eat foods that contain vitamins A,E and B12. They stimulate hair growth and help strengthen the follicles. They are contained in fish, wheat germ, milk, fresh beef, mango, apples, carrots, sunflower and olive oil. If you can not wait to become the owner of thick eyebrows as quickly as possible, buy in the pharmacy oil extract of vitamins E and A and drink one capsule three times a day on an empty stomach. In the evening, after you have washed yourself, crush one capsule and apply oil to the area of ​​growth of eyebrows with massaging movements. Rub 2-3 minutes, then pat the skin and hair with a paper towel.

  • Make sure to rinse your makeup before going to bed

Remains of make-up on the face clog pores, causethe appearance of acne, ulcers, blackheads and black spots. But, if you and this is not enough to wash before going to sleep, remember: makeup, left overnight on the face, destroys the hair bulb, makes the hairs brittle and adversely affects their growth. To grow eyebrows, to remove the remnants of cosmetics, use a two-phase product with oils for sensitive skin. Only in this way you can remove waterproof mascara, wax-based pencil and eyeliner without side effects in the form of tingling and irritation.

  • Daily brush your eyebrows and do cosmetic massage

"The more often you comb your hair, the sooner theygrow and become thicker "- have you ever heard this statement? Then know: it is true in relation not only to the hair on the head, but also to the eyebrows. Get a special comb and comb the hairs 2-3 times a day, then do a special stimulating massage. Pinch your skin, lightly stretch the hairs and twist them. Continue for 3-4 minutes until a slight redness appears.

  • To trust extravagant ways of growing or not - it's up to you

Almost every Internet forum,devoted to this subject, you can find ambiguous advice on accelerating the growth of the eyebrows. Say, it is necessary to completely shave off all the hairs that are available, so that they grow back faster. In the same place you will find a lot of positive feedback about the method, thanks to which many girls eyebrows became thick and broad. But, before you grab a razor, think about the consequences. First, do you have the spirit to appear in this form on the street? Grow eyebrows will be about two to three weeks. Of course, if you have a fringe, you can simply "hide" the absence of eyebrows on your face. And if not? Secondly, overgrown hairs will be stiff and thick. In the first months after this "growing" without the help of a master you can not do - you have to cut and adjust them. Every evening, the eyebrows will need to be lubricated with an emollient cream to make them more docile and silky.

  • While you grow your eyebrows, forget about the wax and tweezers

No matter how great was the temptation to get rid of smallprotruding hairs, knocking out of the common row, do not give in. Often eyebrows strongly thin after hair follicles are damaged due to hair removal with wax strips and thread. Tweezers, too, can accidentally tear out a whole bunch. Therefore, "forget" about him for a month or two. If necessary, the shape of the eyebrows can be slightly adjusted using a special pencil and comb. Make a few easy strokes of the slate along the hair growth line, then shake with your fingers or a cotton pad.

  • Tattooing - a temporary solution to the problem

If you have incorrectly pulled eyebrows, permanentmakeup is the best way to hide an unsuccessful correction. The tattoo "will cover" the fuzzy line or the absence of hairs until they grow back. During the procedure, using a tattoo machine, the dye of the desired shade is applied to the skin. Tumescence and blue will disappear after about two to three days. The paint will not wash for several months, so you can safely grow your eyebrows. how to grow eyebrows quickly

Cosmetic products that promote the growth of eyebrows

  • Hormonal cosmetic products

Pharmaceutical means for the growth of eyebrows usuallyare made on the basis of hormones. Synthesized estrogen, prednisolone and cortisol stimulate the accelerated growth of eyebrows and eyelashes. The agent is usually issued in the form of a bottle with a comb inside. Apply the hormonal drug to the previously cleaned skin no more than 1-2 times a day. Take care that the liquid does not get on the cornea of ​​the eye.

  • Carcasses to stimulate the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows

The big plus of these carcasses is theirmultifunctionality. Tinted eyebrows eyebrows, you not only give them the right shade, but also supply hair follicles with useful substances. Typically, these agents include phytohormones and moisturizers.

  • Serums for activating the follicle activity

Serum is a cosmetic preparation of intensiveactions. Usually it contains proteins, vitamins and soybean extract. In the evening before going to bed, put a little money on your eyebrows, rub with your fingertips and leave overnight. In the morning, rinse with warm water and a gel for washing. how to quickly grow eyebrows

Folk recipes for the rapid growth of eyebrows

  • Vegetable oils

In order for the eyebrows to grow quickly, you canuse oils - olive, burdock, pumpkin, castor. Squeeze out one capsule of vitamin A, add 2 drops of pumpkin oil, 3 drops of castor and 1 drop of essential oil of orange. Heat the mixture on an aroma lamp or water bath. Apply on eyelashes before going to bed every day. You can also use warm linseed oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  • "Fiery" tinctures

To stimulate hair growth on the head successfullyApply garlic, onion and red pepper. They warm and irritate the hair follicles, activating the growth of new hairs and strengthening the already existing ones. The head of garlic, grate on a large grater, wrap in gauze and squeeze into a small jar or flakonchik from under the carcass. Onion juice can be obtained in the same way, and alcoholic tincture of red pepper in general can be bought at any pharmacy. Apply to the hair growth line, avoiding contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes.

  • Warm compresses

Two to three times a week it is useful to make compresses fromalmond oil or calendula decoction. Preheat the almond oil over low heat, soak small pieces of cloth and place on the eyebrows for 5-8 minutes. You can replace the butter with a decoction of marigold prepared from 1 tbsp. petals and leaves of marigold and 200 g. boiling water. Infusion can be stored in the refrigerator and used repeatedly. Quickly to achieve the set goal can be, only if you use the above funds in the complex. Restoring the density of hairs, do not forget to take care of them carefully. They need the right selection of decorative and cosmetics cosmetics, as well as salon procedures, not less than lips, nose and forehead. We advise you to read: