1 In summer, in a hot sunny day, our skinmost susceptible to the impact of merciless ultraviolet rays, leaving unpleasant traces on the bodies of people in the form of spots, burns and cracks. To avoid this and enjoy a pleasant languor, it is necessary to use protective means: it is necessary to adhere to not only the standard warnings (the time of the day for sunburn, covering sensitive skin areas), but also active sunscreen methods and means.


The last years of the mass media are increasingly recalledus that tanning is not only an excellent healing process, but also the ability to give your body an attractive piquancy. Regular fashion shows are a vivid confirmation: the radiant swarthy models easily convince us that golden skin is today the most correct choice. So, please, sunbathe - for joy and health! A modern high-quality sunscreen cosmetics will help you do it correctly and aesthetically. Note that when buying a cream to protect against sunlight should pay attention to the indicator on the tube. Figures 2 to 30 are a factor indicating the degree of protection. So, a dozen gives us to understand that the use of the cream prolongs the possibility of painless lying under the sun up to ten times. Do not forget that cosmetic products are improved day by day. Today, for example, there are no creams that leave unpleasant wet marks on swimsuits. Therefore, it makes sense to regularly review its "arsenal" for relevance and quality. Recently, the standard steel is easily sprayed, instantly absorbed. Ingredients in their composition moisturize the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles. Also, modern miraculous sprays and creams bear a cooling and refreshing effect, giving the skin a beautiful shiny shade. In addition to the already familiar functions, today's sunscreen products have some other features: they are able not to pollute the pores, and usually even nourish and moisturize the skin. Many sprays now have thin diffusers, allowing you to apply liquid even to the most difficult places. They are able not only to accelerate the tanning process, but also to strengthen the protective properties of the body. Another remarkable property of modern means of protection from the sun is a water repellent function. If there is a corresponding inscription on the tube (the English version is "Waterproof"), then you will easily be able to spend time on the shore or in water without pain. However, despite the fact that you have used even the strongest means, you should always wipe thoroughly and reapply the protective fluid. More and more in the range of cosmetic companies there is an unusual new sunscreen. This is sunny foam, and emulsions and napkins for tanning, which are usually used to treat the face and neck. They differ from traditional creams, gels and sprays with a special texture that allows long and safe to lie on the beach under the scorching sun, spending a minimum of effort and movement for prevention. For particularly sensitive areas of the body (tip of the nose, lips, ears) special protective equipment is developed: pencils, lipsticks, etc. Usually they are applied over the main cream, which makes it possible to strengthen its effect and avoid burns.


In addition to the spectrum of a variety of sunscreensnovelties, it is necessary to study and methods of their use. Let's consider in more detail the basic requirements to their application. Since sunscreen filters of any kind are only effective after 100% absorption into the skin, it is best to apply the liquid half an hour before you begin to sunbathe. For the product to be absorbed well, it should be applied in small amounts. With the right treatment on the whole body should be enough for 6 teaspoons "defender". This is approximately 4 times for a 125-mL vial. Do not rub the cream heavily into the skin, because of this, its effectiveness can be reduced by 25%. In addition, rubbing threatens unnecessary wear of the skin. It is important to remember that even high-protection creams should be applied at least once every 2-3 hours. And only after obtaining the desired skin tone can you begin to lower the index of protection used by you means.


Finally we give some useful tips for good tanning:

  • it is better to use means with protection from both ultraviolet rays B and rays A, to avoid both skin diseases and premature aging;
  • it is not recommended to use the funds, six months after the purchase, especially if they have changed the texture, color or smell;
  • To increase the expiration date of the "defender", it is best to keep it in a cool place;
  • For oily skin, use only products marked "oil free" - defatted and therefore more effective;
  • SPF index for the body should always be less than the same index of face cream;
  • Allergy sufferers must necessarily test the drug ahead of time, and, preferably several times.

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