for one hour turn into a beauty In winter, every woman wants to look irresistible. What if there is absolutely no time for yourself? Today we will tell you how to restore the glitter to the eyes, lightness of the feet and freshness to the skin with the help of folk remedies, without resorting to cosmetics. The main thing, remember that you do not have much time and do not stretch the procedures, but do everything at the same time. Mask for the face: mix the yolk and a few drops of olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey, carefully pound. Then apply the mask for 20 minutes on the neck and face, wash with warm water. Bath for the feet: add 2 lemons to the hot water. Keep your feet to the full cooling water, then, massaging, rub your legs. Tea on the eyes or ice cubes from frozen herbal decoctions will help get rid of bags under the eyes and relieve fatigue. We advise you to read: