professional straighteners for different types of hair Household and professional hair straighteners- is a styling device that allows you to provide a smooth surface of the strands by heating special plates, between which a curl is clamped. Today, manufacturers offer a variety of types of ironing. The coating of a professional rectifier must be ceramic

What should be the coating of the rectifier plates?

Plating the plates of the fuse-plate is called today by manufacturers in completely different ways, but their purpose remains the same:

  • prevention of overheating, uniform heating of strands without overheating points;
  • Reduce friction when laying between hair andplates. The best instruments have a high smoothness, which makes it possible to make the piling as stable as possible in the shortened time of contact between the hot surface and strands;
  • The material of the linings must be such that whenthe use of special cosmetics for thermo-lining did not adhere to their surface. This will protect the strands from overheating, negative heat effects. Do not forget that quality ploys have an easily cleanable surface, unlike cheap ones;
  • it is desirable to have an ionized coating.

The styling plates themselves can be:

  • Metal - this is the most common material formaking ploek now is used less and less, as it has several disadvantages: cosmetic means to the surface adhere, they heat up and cool down more slowly, it is much more difficult to regulate the temperature. It is not recommended to use similar fuse.
  • Ceramic plate differs more sparingexposure to the hair. Typically, these pads have special impregnations from tourmaline or nano-diamonds, which ensures the presence of the ionization function, and this is necessary to preserve the health and shine of the hair.
  • Titanium plates for ironing are also of high quality, they quickly heat up to the chosen temperature, do not have such negative effects as conventional metal ones.
  • Teflon coating provides excellentslip, that is, the time of contact with the strands is minimized, but with the use of cosmetics for laying the plates can get very dirty.
  • Mixed variants are now used in most devices. These are ceramic-teflon, ceramic-tourmaline, ceramic-titanium materials.
  • Antibacterial coating is a relativenovelty. It consists in the fact that a special nano-silver spraying is used or a special circuit is made, under the influence of high temperatures, the activating function of conditioning.
  • What should be the dimensions of the plates? All straightening devices can have different plates, the width of which is different. There are very narrow, with a width of only 2.5 cm, and there are wider ones. Choosing a curling bar is necessary on the basis of what strands will fit. For thin fit narrow plates, for thicker hair - broad. Narrow ploys are recommended for laying curls, with wide it is simply impossible. But wide give the chance to reduce time for creation of a hairdress. Also, wide patches (ceramic or metal) can be corrugated, that is, the hairdo will come from unusual strands of corrugation. Why do I need ionization? Some professional fuses have a special ionization function. Why is it needed? The essence of ionization is that all plates of the device are covered with a special ionic layer (for example, from tourmaline), which when heated releases a stream of negatively charged ions. They envelop each hair, quickly restore the water balance inside it. Not all devices today have such a function that allows you to keep your hair smooth, docile, shiny. Of the additional positive bonuses from the use of the ionization function, it should be noted that the hair ceases to be electrified, that is, the hairstyle remains unchanged, always looks very attractive and neat. curls with a rectifier

    How to choose a hair straightener?

    In order to choose a professional rectifier, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of factors, among which:

    • class of the device. Produced not only professional, but also household ploys, which do not have the proper functions and so precise temperature control;
    • heating time. For professional it is only a couple of seconds, but domestic heat is much longer, although their price is much lower;
    • the presence of a temperature regulator is no less important, since failure to comply with the proper temperature level adversely affects the condition of the hair;
    • the ability to choose a mode according to the type of hair;
    • material coating plaque plates (ceramics are best, it does not have such a negative effect on the condition of the hair);
    • form and width of plates. It is best to take curls with rounded ends, this will enable you to wind the strands in different directions. A flat ceramic plate is suitable for this, but you can also use corrugated plates that create a very attractive effect;
    • the presence of additional attachments allows you to create a variety of styling.

    When buying, you should give preference onlyThe brand will be tested, even if their cost is higher. This will provide an opportunity to preserve the health and shine of hair, their excellent condition when styling. The effect of the hair straightener on the hair The level of exposure to the hair on the hair depends on whether you use the appliance correctly. Some people have to iron their hair every day, and the condition of the hair does not change at all, for others it is enough once to make the hair dull and brittle. The fact is that using a curd bar with high temperatures dries the hair, depriving it of the necessary moisture. If it does not provide additional moisturizing and care, then your hair will become unattractive, dry, brittle, lose its natural beauty. Therefore, laying with ironing is recommended not to be done very often, without fail, using for this purpose cosmetic special means intended for thermo-laying. perfectly straight hair styling with a straightener

    We make stylish hairstyles with the help of a rectifier

    Straight hair is so beautiful! A brilliant, luxurious wave that flows in the wind or between the fingers, can conquer anyone. But, strange as it may seem, straight hair was rarely popular. Not so long ago, the sign of stylish hair was lush "chemical hats" on the head, and in the ancient world, straight hair was worn only as a sign of mourning. Everything has changed in recent years, in our days styling with straight hair is a sign of style and excellent taste. But today the use of a curling bar allows you to create the most unusual and attractive hairstyles. So how can you make the styling with ironing? It's very simple, you need to prepare for this:

    • selected ployka (better that the edges of the plates were slightly rounded);
    • Foam or gel for thermal bonding;
    • varnish for fixation. It is also suitable for hot styling, it allows you to not only fix your hair, but also protect your hair.

    Before you start laying, you need tocarefully wash and dry hair, then apply a special thermal protective agent, gel or foam for styling. The strands of hair are divided into separate small parts, each is wound from the root, it must be held vertically. Circular motion rectifier is sent to the tips of the string, if the result does not satisfy you, then the process should be repeated. Do not delay the ironing for a long time, as the hair can be severely damaged. After laying the hair should be sprinkled with lacquer for thermal bonding, but only when the hair is cold. This will allow your hair to stay all day. Doing your hair, do not forget that the temperature of the plates is higher than that of the forceps, that is, it must be set according to the type of hair. For damaged ringlets, it is better to put the regulator at 110-150 degrees, for normal ones - at 160, for hard and thick ones - at 220. It is not recommended that the plaque stayed on one site for more than five seconds.

    Useful tips for beginners

    So that your hair is not damaged by using a curling iron, you need to follow several helpful tips:

  • Before you start straightening curls whenhelp the curling iron, it is necessary to apply special thermal protection agents to the hair. To this end, special cosmetic preparations are produced today: balsams, sprays, mousses, which differ in a special formula that is activated by heating. This allows you to maintain the beauty of hair, shine, and density. Such products contain vitamins, extracts from plants, proteins and other natural components that do not allow moisture to evaporate, that is, effectively protect their strands from overdrying.
  • It should be ensured that the hair before the styling is slightly moist or completely dry.
  • It is recommended to start using a curling ironroots, strands should be carefully separated from each other. Their size should correspond to the width of the working surface, one place should not be delayed, the passage should be smooth.
  • After washing, wash after washing should be using oils or special masks that have a restoring effect.
  • Choose a hair iron follows verycarefully, because it depends on it, whether you keep your hair healthy. It is necessary to pay attention to many factors, among which is the material for making straightening plates, the presence of a thermostat and many others. The choice of plaques and cosmetics for hair care will preserve their excellent condition.