hair styling products Hair - this is one of the main componentsfemale beauty. Beautiful hair always adds to the woman's self-confidence. The beauty of hair largely depends on the lifestyle we live in, from hereditary predisposition, from caring for them. A whole arsenal of technology and cosmetics for hair can help us change their color and texture. But the most effective and "high-speed" are all kinds of hair styling products. Modern styling hair cosmetics can not only curl or straighten hair, give them shine and radiance, but also protect the hair from the harmful effects of the environment, from cold and frost, from the scorching sun. Moreover, using special appliances for styling, special cosmetics will help protect the hair from heat and drying. The styling products can be divided into two main categories: mechanical and chemical. mechanical means for styling hair

Mechanical means for styling hair

This category includes various devicesand electrical engineering, such as hairdryers, curling irons and tongs, hair ironers, curlers and the like. When you create the desired stacking, you can not do without them. Moreover, modern appliances are so sophisticated that they do not harm your hair in any way. Hair dryer The most common device for drying and styling hair, appeared in the early 20th century. The hair dryer is at home for each of us, it still keeps the position of the most popular hair styling device, both at home and in the professional salon. Hairdryers for home use, as a rule, do not differ high power (from 400 to 1000 W), because they are not used every day. Typically, these hair dryers have two modes of hot air supply power, and cold air mode. No nozzles for household hair dryers are provided. Industrial types of hair dryers, i.e. hairdryers for hairdressers, designed for use for a long time, and even a whole day. They are large in size and high power (1200 to 1900 W), better performance of the body of heat-resistant plastic, which can withstand the long-term effect of hot air. Also professional hairdryers have different modes of operation and different attachments. The nozzle-concentrator directs a stream of air strictly in the given direction, it is used usually for stacking strands of hair on a hairbrush. The nozzle-diffuser makes on hair effect of wet curls, increases volume. The fen-brush has the smallest power, it will help to lay strands directly during drying. The function of cold air fixes the laid hairstyle, gives the strands a shine. Plait Pleyki are designed for curling hair. They can give the locks large or small curls, and also make spiral curls. Classic curlers have a round rod with a flat element that presses a strand wound on it. There are also curling spiral, conical, triangular. Double and triple ploys give the hair a wave effect, the technology of laying on such ploys is different from stacking on a traditional curling bar. Irons Irons and hair curlers are now widely used. With their help, you can quickly and easily straighten even the strongest curls of curly hair. The iron consists of two panels with a flat surface, which presses a strand of hair and straightens it under the influence of heat. This surface can be made of metal, ceramic, or isolate the steam when straightening. Some irons are equipped with denticles on the principle of a comb, which combs the strand before carrying out a rectifying element along it. Irons also can have different tips for giving curly effect to hair. This can be the effect of corrugation, shallow waves and others. Irons also have different capacities and adjustable temperature regimes. If you have curly hair by nature, hard to straighten, it is worth buying more powerful forceps for their straightening. And for thin and straight hair suitable ironing, on which you can adjust the minimum temperature. Curlers and curlers Hair curlers - this is probably the oldest kind of hair styling products. They were used for curling hair by our mothers and grandmothers. Each strand of damp hair was wound on curlers and left for a long time. For a longer wave of hair, for example, chemical hair, the hair was treated with a special composition, permanently fixing the effect. Thermobigi are a kind of cylindrical curlers that are heated in a special appliance, after which strands of hair are wound on them. Heat dries the hair, fixing the effect of the curls, after which the curlers are removed. Use them requires special care: do not contact with water, keep the curlers strictly over the ends, so as not to burn yourself, do not touch the delivery when heated. chemical hair styling products

Chemicals for styling hair

Chemical products for styling our hair, infirst of all, are designed to fix the effect created by mechanical devices. They give strands a volume, help to curl them or, on the contrary, straighten them. In addition, modern cosmetic means for styling hair have a thermal protection factor, protection from frost or sun, nourish and moisturize your hair. Their diversity is growing every day, consider the most common. Lacquer and hair spray This is the remedy for the finishing phase of the styling. When the hair is laid with a hairdryer or a curling iron, it remains to fix it with a varnish, which is sprayed evenly over the entire hairstyle. It creates an invisible film that keeps the hair in the right position and retains the proper effect. In this case, the varnish can give the hair extra shine or even contain sparkling microparticles. In addition, the lacquer can contain colorants that can give your hair the right shade. Varnishes for hair contain substances that strengthen hair, moisturize and nourish them, protect them from weather, UV radiation, and the like. Such substances are: panthenol, glycerin, betaine, benzophenone, plant extracts. Varnishes differ in the degree of fixation (weak, medium, strong), which depends on the amount of polymer substances in the lacquer. Special hair sprays can be used for a variety of purposes: giving volume, protecting the thermal seal, feeding and moisturizing the hair, giving an anti-static effect. Usually sprays have a lesser degree of fixation than varnishes, and are used in the laying process itself, and not to complete it. Foam and mousse for hair These tools are used during the styling process. They are applied to slightly dried, but still quite wet hair, distributed along the entire length, and then give the hair the desired effect. Mousses and foams give an extra volume, make it possible to lay hair with a hair dryer as needed. Some of the disadvantages of these products for styling is that they make your hair heavier. In the process of laying, you should use the minimum amount of the product, and the owners of rapidly fading hair should abandon it altogether. Wax and hair gel Wax is designed for styling short hair. With it, you can give the styling effect of separately selected strands, which will create a visual extra volume. Wax is made from natural ingredients, contains fat, and therefore it nourishes the hair well. For oily hair is also not recommended to use a large amount of a product, it is better to apply it for dry, curly hair. Gel well fixes the hair, drying on the hair. It gives the desired effect to short hair and keeps it for a very long time. A long hair gel can help when stacking waves, curls and curls. Gels are well used for smoothing hair and fixing them during weaving braids and laying patterns on the hair. For greasy hair, gels with a water base, light texture are used. Lotion, tonic, emulsion Lotion is used, basically, when stacking the hair dryer on a round comb and curlers. Provides hair nutrition, gives volume and strength, does not have a strong fixation. Tonic is an easy remedy, applied to damp thin hair, does not require flushing. Gives additional volume and splendor when laying the hair dryer. The emulsion has the effect of an air conditioner, which does not require flushing. Gives the splendor and volume, helps the hair not to get confused when drying, almost does not have the degree of fixation.

Hair styling rules

So, now you know almost everything about the means forhair styling. But in order to perform the styling qualitatively and without harm to the hair, to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to comply with the basic rules of hair styling.

  • The most important rule of good styling is clean hair. This is the basis for achieving the desired effect.
  • Before drying the hair with a hairdryer, it is good to get wet and wipe them with a towel. It is not recommended to dry excessively wet hair, from which water flows.
  • If you put your hair every day, it's worth it.Regular use of the means for thermal protection of strands. It is applied to damp hair, distributed over the entire length, after which the hair is dried with a hair dryer.
  • If you have long and thin hair thatexcessively confused after washing, you should buy a spray or emulsion to unravel the hair. It is also applied to damp hair, you need to let it soak in, then dry your hair and comb them with a comb.
  • Any means for styling, whether it's foam, mousse,gel or wax, should be applied in a small volume. Do not overdo it with the amount of the remedy, otherwise the hair may look even worse after laying than before.
  • For hair styling should choose only one tool. That is, if you have already used mousse or foam during drying, it is not necessary to complete the laying by fixing with varnish or applying a gel.
  • The degree of fixation of the styling agent should bechoose depending not on the requirements for the hair, but on the type of your hair. If the hair is thin and straight and easy to fit, then you will need a remedy with a low or medium degree of fixation, and vice versa.
  • In order not to overdry the hair, you should avoid using too hot air dryer and keep it at a distance of at least 30 cm from the hair.
  • Irons and curlers must have a temperature regulator. The maximum temperature should be set only if you have strongly curly hair that is difficult to lay and straighten.

Any modern means for styling hairis designed to facilitate our efforts to look great, and achieve the desired effect. All of them will help us to find the hair of our dreams, which always, regardless of the type of packing, should look healthy and shiny. We advise you to read: