dandruff Probably, everyone at least once came acrossa natural disaster called "dandruff." When you spend hours at the mirror, choose a dress, shoes, apply makeup, as if you are going to an appointment with the Queen of England, and small treacherous grains spoil the whole image. Still would! It's because of dandruff that you stop being perfect. Such as she wanted to stay for at least the next two hours. On the one hand, you can choose a dress lighter, so that white flakes are less noticeable. And it is advisable not to shake your head strongly, otherwise you will resemble a glass sphere with decorative snowflakes inside. On the other hand, madly sorry for the black outfit, which you have been saving for the last few months and which is so slim. What to do? What sacrifices should I make? We advise not to take away your evening dress, but for now it's easy to understand what dandruff comes from and how to get rid of it. But before you start to understand intricate medical terms and replenish the cash register of nearby pharmacies, let's find out what dandruff is. Seborrhea is nothing but horny scales that periodically slough off the scalp. But if in normal condition the skin is renewed once a month and the flakes are practically invisible, then under certain circumstances this process occurs more often and intensively, "rewarding" the person with white flakes on the hair.

Causes of dandruff

So, with the wording sorted out. It remains to find out, due to which we are forced to wear light clothing instead of dark clothes and 10 times a day to listen to "good" advice on getting rid of seborrhea. The causes of dandruff:

  • Stress;
  • Humid climate;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Deficiency in the body of vitamin B;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Drying the scalp;
  • Insufficient blood circulation.

dandruff causes

Species of seborrhea

As it turned out, ordinary dandruff has three varieties. It:

  • oily seborrhea;
  • dry seborrhea;
  • mixed seborrhea.

But that's not all. Each of the species is also divided by physicians into subspecies. Doctors do this for the convenience of diagnosis and treatment, we will understand the situation in order to better understand the reasons for which dandruff has appeared. Oily seborrhea is divided into a thick and liquid form. Signs of dense oily seborrhea are as follows:

  • Seal the skin;
  • Brownish-gray skin color;
  • Low elasticity of the skin;
  • The widened mouth of the sebaceous glands;
  • Cysts of the sebaceous glands;
  • Pustular skin diseases;
  • Hair fat, thick, hard.

The liquid form of seborrhea is indicated by the following factors:

  • The scalp looks like an orange peel;
  • Hair shines, as if they were smeared with sunflower oil;
  • The skin is shiny;
  • From the expanded pores, sebum is secreted;
  • Development of alopecia;
  • Itching of the skin;
  • Gnoynichkovye skin diseases are more pronounced (than in case of thick oily seborrhea);

Now let's talk about the symptoms of dry dandruff. Here it is worth noting such signs as:

  • Cutaneous fat differs in viscosity;
  • The superficial layers of the epidermis seem superfluous;
  • The scalp is easily irritated and very sensitive;
  • Dandruff is easily crumbled and completely covers the hair and scalp;
  • Dandruff dandruff with formation of a yellowish-gray crust on the head;
  • Hair thin, dry, brittle with marked tips;
  • Very often dry dandruff causes the fungus Pityrosporum ovale.

Treatment of dandruff

Agree that the definition of varietyThe dandruff that has settled in your hair is not as important as treating this scourge. Because the terms of dandruff do not save. So let's figure out how to treat seborrhea. For a start, it is worth advising people whose hair has fallen asleep dandruff, seek help from a dermatologist or better trichologist. Do not be afraid of the terrible name. These doctors will help you assess the condition of the skin and identify the exact causes of dandruff (our guesses do not count, they can not be entered into the medical map). And while you are enrolled to a doctor, perform general restorative treatment. Walk more in the fresh air, give up fatty, sweet and smoked food, sleep longer, play sports. Very often the cause of dandruff is just an unhealthy lifestyle. So change your habits. If, after all of the above, dandruff still manages in your hair, you will have to undergo local treatment. No, no, do not torment the omniscient Google (remember, who tells him from the back of the desk - yesterday's schnapps, who, I suppose, did not see dandruff in the eye), march to the doctor. We are sure that he will be able to understand what is the reason for your dandruff.

Varieties of medical shampoos

Very often, the cause of dandruff can be a compositionshampoo, which you use. Therefore, do not trust and widely advertised funds from seborrhea, which are sold in every supermarket. Remember: the medicine must be bought only in the pharmacy. You're not looking for woolen socks at the grocery store, are you? And meanwhile shampoo shampoo different. Even if it cures dandruff. And if you think that now we say that the medicine is picked up by the attending physician, you will be absolutely right. Moreover, there are so many types of therapeutic shampoos that it's just right for a normal person to get confused. And the producers do not lag behind. Every day, new shampoos appear on the shelves, which, if you believe in advertising, will help get rid of everything. But we need to cure only dandruff. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to 4 types of therapeutic shampoos (you also remember that they are bought only in the pharmacy?):

  • Antibacterial shampoo (contains zirconite pyrite, octoprirox);
  • Shampoo with tar (it removes excess fat from the scalp);
  • Antifungal shampoo (contains nizoral or ketoconazole);
  • Exfoliating shampoo (composed of sulfur and salicylic acid).

from which there is dandruff

Folk methods of treatment of dandruff

Our grandmothers treated dandruff without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Recipes of folk remedies are carefully preserved by many of us. We are ready to share with you the best of these recipes.

  • Juice onions - 1 tablespoon; Vodka - 2 tablespoons. Ingredients to mix, rub into hair before washing your head.
  • Brew in a liter of boiling water 50 grams of onion husk. Leave to stand for half an hour. The resulting infusion rinse hair after washing.
  • A tablespoon of marigold inflorescence pour 500 mlboiling water, let stand for half an hour. Rub liquid into the scalp after washing hair. After that, put on a rubber cap and walk like 30-40 minutes with a tincture on your head. Repeat the procedure twice a week.
  • Burdock root; Inflorescence of calendula; Mix all the ingredients in a liter of boiling water, then boil the mixture for 20 minutes. The resulting mixture rinse the hair after washing and do not rinse for half an hour.
  • A tablespoon of burdock oil (can be replaced with castor oil) is mixed with 10 tablespoons of alcohol tincture of calendula. Twice a day rub into the scalp.
  • Leaves of mother-and-stepmother - 30 grams; Leaves of nettle- 30 grams; Rhizome rhizome is 20 grams. Mix these ingredients in a liter of hot water, boil for 10 minutes. Cool it down. Rub into the scalp.
  • Wishes to readers

    Lovely ladies, whatever the reasons for the appearancedandruff (whether it's stress, upset stomach or frequent hairdrier stowage), you do not need to treat hair, namely the reason why seborrhea has occurred. That is, even if you cook broths all day and force all the shelves in the bathroom with shampoos from seborrhea, but at the same time continue to be nervous, dandruff simply can not not appear again. You will destroy the old stock of dead cells from your head, and your body will immediately prepare a new portion of dandruff. Therefore, treat the cause. Go to the therapist, sort out the general state of your health. Perhaps seborrhea is just a signal that nature sends you. And you need a more detailed examination. We advise you to read: