paint for gray hair Most women by 35-40 years already know thatis a paint for gray hair. But sometimes it happens that gray hair appears and at a younger age. Do not panic about this. First, you need to identify the causes of premature graying. Our hair has a certain color because of the pigment contained in them - melanin, which produces hair bulbs. One kind of this pigment - eumelanin - is responsible for coloring the hair: from brown to black. Another - pheomelanin - dyes the hair in light yellow tones and all shades of red. The more melanin the bulbs are allocated, the brighter and more saturated will be the natural hair color of a person.

Why we are graying

Gray hair appears when the amount ofmelanin begins to decrease and, accordingly, the hair gradually lose its former color. The development of color pigment stops for several reasons:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • stress, strong feelings;
  • poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle.

Often the appearance of "silver" hairis caused by health problems: disruption of the thyroid gland, anemia, transferred viral diseases, inflammation, kidney disease, hormonal disorders. Bad ecology also affects the appearance of gray hair. Under the influence of external negative factors, hair ceases to produce melanin and from this quickly turn gray. And, of course, gray hair can appear as a result of the transferred stress. Science knows a lot of facts, when a person sits in one day or night, after experiencing some huge shock. The fact is that under stressful situations, human nerve cells produce neuropeptides. These are compounds that can penetrate the inside of the hair shaft and disrupt the chemical bond of melanin and protein. As a result of such interference, the pigment is destroyed and the hair becomes gray. The appearance of gray hair can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. A person who abusers alcoholic beverages, suffering from chronic fatigue, constant lack of sleep, also risks early graying. An important role is played by proper nutrition. If in your diet there is a lack of vegetables, fruits and fish, this also leads to the appearance of early gray hair. When there is a shortage of melanin, you need to consume large amounts of pod beans, bananas, nuts, pumpkin seeds, apples, parsley and liver. Finding the appearance of the first hairs with gray hair, you should not panic or despond. Early gray hair is not a sign of aging. And, besides, the process of complete transformation of hair into gray, can take many years, as the production of follicles melanin decreases very slowly. The best paint for gray hair

How to choose a paint for gray hair

Staining of gray hair, to which early orlate forced to resort to almost all women, it is not easy. The first question that arises is: which paint should I prefer - natural or chemical? And this is not an idle question. To choose the right paint for gray hair, you need to understand what is gray. If in a nutshell, it's hair, devoid of natural pigment. The hardest to give color to hard gray hair, the so-called vitreous gray, differing dense adjacency of hair scales to each other, through which the dye pigment hardly penetrates inside. Accordingly, in order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to make the surface of the hair cuticle more loose. And only aggressive enough paints with a high content of ammonia and oxidizer, which, in turn, do not have the best effect on hair, can cope with this. Briefly, to paint the gray hair you need a persistent paint. Now the market offers a wide range of bezammia paints from world brands, as well as cream paints. Manufacturers position their products as absolutely harmless to the hair and at the same time promise a complete shading of the gray hair. How true are these statements? Paints are actually quite good, but with 100% gray hair they will not solve your problem. Such dyes can be recommended to those women who do not have a lot of gray hair. Often ladies find it difficult to choose a tone. Experts believe that it is necessary to focus on its natural color. And, of course, do not buy too bright colors and very dark colors. With a high percentage of gray hair, shading and balm can come to the rescue: silvery, pearl, platinum. This is a very good solution, since the use of gentle means allows you to keep your hair healthy. If you want to cardinally paint over the gray hair, then bear in mind that the tone on the gray hair can present a surprise. You, for example, decided to paint yourself in a dark chocolate color, but turned out fair-haired. Why? Yes, because on gray hair the pigment always looks much lighter. To avoid disappointment and not to subject the hair to extra stress, try painting the gray strand in the desired color, this will help to choose a suitable paint. In case you can not cope with the problem on your own, you should contact a good master who will choose the right ingredients for staining, considering all your individual characteristics: the type of hair, their structure, the percentage of gray hair, its nature, etc. Appealing to a professional will save you from many troubles, in particular, from brittle, burnt hair, yellow shade of gray hair, damage to the scalp.

Natural hair dyes and gray

The most famous natural dyes arewell-known to everyone henna and basma. Henna in its pure form gives red and copper shades, in a mixture with basma you can achieve all shades of chestnut (from light to saturated) and even dye your hair in a radical black color. And although the coloring of these natural dyes can not be called very simple and convenient, and the color palette is limited, to put it mildly, many women give them preference. The main advantage is a beneficial effect on the hair. Henna and basma make them healthier and stronger, stop loss, give shine. In this case, it must be taken into account that natural dyes can not completely color the gray hair, do not differ in durability and are quickly washed off. Stable hair color for gray hair

Helpful Tips

If you dye your hair at home, I think some of our advice will definitely help you.

  • Before dyeing hair with new paint,test for an allergic reaction: apply a small amount of the coloring agent to the skin behind the ear and leave it for a few hours. If no negative sensations appear, you can proceed with staining.
  • At the first appearance of gray hair is enoughuse a shade of shade in the tone of your natural color. To paint the gray hair, the remedy should be kept a little longer than with normal toning.
  • In case of using cream paint or other types of bezammia paints, the exposure time should also be increased.
  • Avoid red and violet shades when painting graying.
  • Apply paint from the temporal zone, there are most of the gray hair, then go to the parietal zone and, finally, to the occipital.
  • In order to make the gray hair look attractive, you need not only to properly paint them, but also to find suitable means for caring for them.
  • The appearance of gray hair is not at all an occasion fordisorder. Timely staining, permanent high-quality paint, proper care will make your hair healthy, shiny, well-groomed. A stylish haircut will add charm and make you even younger and more attractive. We advise you to read: