hairstyles for wavy hair of medium length Owners of wavy hair - this is the mosthappy women in the world! The world of hairstyles for such women is simply boundless, you can improvise in any direction, and the flight of fantasy is unlimited here. This is especially true for medium length hair. After all, you can create any image - from a strict teacher to a sexy minx. Hair allows you to play with your structure, pin high on the back of the neck and lower graceful curls ... The most interesting is that it is the average length of the hair that allows you to wear different hairstyles at any time of the day. Knowing even the elementary rules of laying wavy hair of medium length will become a kind of magic wand - one stroke, and you will become a beautiful stranger, another - and a hooligan girl appears. A slight mess on your head will attract the attention of men, but strict directed waves can make you take it more seriously. Using modern hair care products, including fixing ones, you can perform miracles and transform yourself literally "in front of" - in the morning a strict boss, in the evening - a sexy beauty who intrigues and fascinates. And before work, after a passionate and romantic night, you can quickly put your hair in order and again appear before everyone in the familiar shape. Agree that not everyone is given the opportunity to change during the day, change to their mood and experience real pleasure from compliments and surprised looks. But before you learn how to style your hair, you need a haircut - this is the basis of your beauty and uniqueness. hairstyles of medium length on wavy hair

Fashionable haircuts for wavy hair of medium length

Graduated haircut This is a squeak of fashion, the mostversatile and practical haircut. With it you can "play" with the help of varnishes and mousses. Do not be afraid of experiments and bright decisions - only so you can stand out from the crowd. Avant-garde and decisive, spectacular and eye-popping - that's how you can characterize graded hairstyles. Haircut "Bob" The constant hit of many years. But, if before such a haircut was made mainly on straight hair, now more and more often to this style resort owners of wavy hair of medium length. A little fluffy, a little sloppy, original and refined - such a haircut will be noticeable! And if you play a little with the color of your hair and make it combined, you can expect a shock effect. Asymmetry Current trend. It would seem - the average length, waves ... What kind of asymmetry can there be? Nevertheless, it is this haircut that can make you a lot of different images. Feminity and beauty can be seen in everything - in flying tips, in falling waves, in an oblique bang. And the shocking can be given asymmetry quite simply - you have to ruffle your hair with careless gestures and fix it with wax - that's all! Cascade The most popular and simple haircut is a cascade - easy to care for, easy to keep in shape, and hair, as if they themselves take the right form. However, you should pay attention to one nuance - if you have thin hair in its structure, then the cascade can lead to the effect of a poodle. Kare It would seem, absolutely unacceptable haircut for wavy hair, but it is often offered by hairdressers. The strictness and restraint of the classic square is gently changed by waves, and bangs for such a haircut can be done at all - straight or slanting, thick or thin. Owners of wavy hair can make themselves a ladder - one of the permanent and unchanging hairstyles. It looks fine on thin, medium-length hair, giving them an even larger volume, lifting them up, making them light and airy. haircuts for wavy hair of medium length

How to create the right image

Going to the celebration, lay your hair ina strict hairstyle. Here curly locks will not do, but the large waves that flow and shimmer will be quite appropriate. Tight and simultaneously long waves can be done with forceps and styling aids. Decided to go to a party or visit the embankment? Then create a real miracle with you - unruly strands will give you naturalness and lightness. This refers to the youth style and will help to feel fashionable and stylish. Do you prefer naturalness in style? Do not like complicated manipulations? Then just dry your waves with a hair dryer, previously applying a fixing foam or mousse on them - negligence and fantastic naturalness is guaranteed. And drying is required to be carried out not to the full result - it is better to leave your curly hair a little wet. Love small waves? That's right, especially when you want to change your appearance and become more fervent and "spoiled" - take the forceps and turn your curls into small curls. The people around will turn around, and sigh, envying you. Haircuts for wavy ringlets of medium length are many-sided and diverse, hairdressers and stylists like to work with this type of hair - there is where to fool your fantasies! Do not be afraid to experiment, give yourself to your master and, perhaps, the result will exceed all your expectations. Do not forget the folk proverb - "Hair - not teeth, grow back", boldly go to the stylist, and you will have the opportunity to change the image and life with several scissors movements! We advise you to read: